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"Finally! You missed one!" Kagome laughed and handed billiard pole to Sango, "Ok this is how you hold it-"

Lola looked up and saw Chico waving to her from the stairs, she turned to the girls, "Hey go ahead and take a couple turns, that way she can get the hang of it. I'll be right back."

"Hai." Kagome smiled in return.

Chico pulled her into the hallway, "Hey, I need to talk with you."

"What's up? Where's the guys?"
"Oh they're practicing, but there's something wrong."
"You getting warned?"

"Well yea I can't put my finger on it." he looked down the hall, making sure no one was nearby, "Do you know?"

"Yeah, and I'm actually glad that you're here, I was worried about this since Kagome started telling me about them."
"They aren't from this time."
"Not only are they not from this time, I have been attacked since I met them."

His voice went quiet, "Does Kagome know?"

"Unfortunately no, but how do you explain something like that to her? She really cares about them."
"Well sure, I may not know em, but I care too."
"Thanks Chico, so what can we do."
"Can't we just counter the attacks?"
"No, they grew up fighting, and they don't understand we aren't trying to attack Them."

There was silence as they both were submerged in thier own thoughts. Finally Lola started thinking out loud, "Knowing Inuyasha, he will expect us to attack since we are talking and he can smell our emotions..."

"But we Aren't trying to hurt him."
"Well, and if we act, and he takes it as an attack, than Miroku may pull out his wind tunnel.""
"His what?"
"He has a curse, basically a black hole in his hand."

"Thus the covering even in a swimsuit... but that can be healed." Chico said thoughtfully.

"Well and Kirara and Shippo... I'm not sure."
"They are-"
"Wow, no wonder your getting attacked, and why they didn't like me."

Lola ran a hand through her hair, "I don't wanna attack them, the rest can be healed, but..." she sighed, "There Has to be a solution, I care about them too."

"I don't know, but we need to leave this to Our king, cause there is no way we are gonna be able to handle the attacks, you especially."

"I know..." she paused in thought, closed her eyes, and took a calming breath, "I got it, but I'm going to need your help."

"Hey Kagome! Sango! I wanna show you something outside!" Lola yelled up into the attic. The girls shrugged and set down the billiard poles and headed down to meet her. Inuyasha and Miroku looked equally puzzled as they all stepped out into the pool area, Inuyasha was on edge, his ears were twitching under the hat, and his claws were ready. Chico and Lola motioned them to follow to the edge of the clearing around her home.

Lola was surprisingly serious, and Chico's face was a mix of sympathy, support, and worry. The group gathered together facing towards the house and the two Islanders. Lola seemed very unsure of herself, 'Lord give me the words', she thought to herself. She took a deep breath, "I want you all to understand that I am no threat to you, my goal is not to hurt you, and that this is going to make you very uncomfortable. I ask you, Please, don't attack."

Even Kagome's face was filled with confusion, Kirara growled and Shippo and Inuyasha took on a defensive stance. Lola looked back at the house, "Lord, activate the verses, and open thier eyes."

Suddenly buried all around the house and inside little patches began to glow, forming a web of light over her entire home. The group winced and suddenly Lola appeared to be in glowing white armor, along with Chico. Lola had tears in her eyes, "Had I done that while you were inside, Kirara and Shippo would have been trapped and destroyed, Inuyasha, your demon half would cease to exist. I may not pose a threat to you, but there are things in this world that you may not understand."

"What is all this?" Miroku went to a patch of glowing ground and reached towards it, touching the soft light, it filled him with searing pain and burning hope all at the same time.

"They are verses Miroku, I buried them around my home to protect me from being attacked. Unfortunately, demonic powers are a great threat to me and seek to destroy me."

"Keh, you dont have demons in this time."

Lola turned her gaze towards him and he suddenly felt as if he had a blade to his throat. "Wanna bet? Inuyasha, the fact that half of you is demonic means that whenever I hang out with you, I get attacked, and part of that affects me whether I can see it or not. You can see the protection, it's nearly blinding you. I Can't see it. It is invisible to me."

Kagome cocked her head, "I don't understand."

Chico put a hand on her shoulder, "Lola cares about you guys, like she said, Kirara and Shippo could be gone, and Inuyasha's human half would be all that was left if she had set up the protection while you were inside. She purposely pulled you guys off the property so you wouldn't get hurt."

Sango walked over to Lola and examined the armor, "What kind of metal is this? It's like nothing I have ever seen before."

Lola shook her head, "It's not metal. It's not even physical, look," she put her arm up, the one with the shining shield, "touch my arm."

Sango reached out and expected to feel cool metal but her hand kept moving until she was in contact with Lola's forearm. Her eyes went wide, "Where is the shield?"

Kirara growled and transformed, the taijya motioned her to stay where she was. Lola glanced her way, "Cant you see? I can't touch Kirara, the only way she can touch me is if she attacks. Again, it may or may not be a visual attack, but it's there."

She walked over to Miroku and took his hand, he looked at her in confusion. "Do you want this healed?" she placed her fingers exactly where the rosary was blocking the wind tunnel.

He looked at her in shock, "Only Naraku-"

"Naraku nothing, my Source is more powerful than any demon."

"Keh, what about Sesshomaru?" Inuyasha crossed his arms.

Chico smiled, "I don't know who Sechomaaroo is, but he's no match for our king."

Kagome cocked her head, "Your king? I thought Hawaii wasn't a monarchy."

To this, both Lola and Chico laughed, "Naw, it's like the armor, and the protection, we have a spiritual leader who takes care of us."

"Why would a leader who has all that power take care of puny humans?" Inuyasha scoffed.

"Because He loves us." Chico said quietly.

"He loves us so much He died so we could have this power." Lola whispered, "He died so I could live, so that I could have a place on this earth and be called His Child. A Child of the Light, a Daughter, a Princess to His throne."

"You HAVE no POWER little miscreant!", the group wheeled to the hissing voice. Lola and Chico were unaware, but wound around a nearby palm tree was a horrendous serpent dragon youkai.

Lola and Chico suddenly felt a tingle run up and down their spines, "There is something here, isn't there."

"WHAT!? You cant SEE that!?" Inuyasha pointed, claws bared.

Lola put a hand out, "Don't attack Inuyasha."

"Of COURSE 'don't attack', she wants you to be destroyed! She doesn't care about you she just wants to be rid of you."

"Inuyasha, I mean it, DONT attack!"

Kagome glanced between Lola, Inuyasha, and the Demon, "I think you should listen to her."

Miroku began to unwind his rosary, Inuyasha hissed and bared his claws, Kirara growled menacingly, but Lola was overcome with peace. She walked directly towards the tree, "You have no power Demon. Begone!"

It hissed and spread it's wings, "You have no authority Pibsqueak."

"I am a Child of the Light, and Daughter to the Most High God."

"Your God can't do anything."

"MY God is the Great I AM, HE is the one who gives me authority! BEGONE!"

It writhed and hissed, "NO! You have no power!"

"By the Blood and Power of Jesus Christ I tell you Begone!" Suddenly the friends could see the sword from her belt, it appeared to be on fire, brighter then Tetsuiga had ever been, it pulled itseld from the sheath and sliced the beast.

It cried such a horrible cry that it nearly deafened the group, quickly unraveling itself and taking injured flight away from the house and the group. The friends let out a sigh of relief, and amazement, Lola turned to them, "Is it gone?"

"You Couldn't See it!" the group asked in amazed unison.

"I am called to walk by faith, not by sight. I can only sense, and even then it is faint."...


Yeah, I don't know what else to say. I can't work it so that the characters can be made ok. I can't make it so Shippo and Kirara can survive, I can't change Inuyasha, being a demon is part of who he is. Miroku, yes, he could be healed, but according to the plot, he needs those abilities. But I can tell you that I was attacked when I was into this, I couldn't sleep at nights, and demons did attack me. I didn't understand it. But I was called away, and since then I have gained that armor, I have gained that ability. People like these characters because they have Super human abilities, I tell you the truth, I have been given that same authority.

Yeah, I'm gonna get flames again, I know. But the rewards have been far greater than anything I could have imagined. I won't be writing for Inuyasha any more, I am not bound by that addiction, those chains, or that group of demons.

I would like to be all religious and say, 'dont do it anymore', but that's your choice. All I can tell you is that I needed to fall so I could be healed. I needed to make that mistake so I could grow, but I guess that's the best way for me to explain it. My first version of my Retirement was far more direct, demons are demons, they hurt us whether we realize it or not. Playing with 'pretend demons' is no different, our minds and our hearts are thier battle field, they have been playing mind games since the beginning of time. I have found that Anime is full of demons, witchcraft, and darkness which seeks to hurt me. I am getting better at recognizing when I am attacked.

Sigh I don't know what else to say. I hope this makes sense and maybe hits the heart. The work with the verses is true, if you bury them and ask that He will activate them, it works (I've experienced the changes first hand), same with the demon, they have No power under His authority. Unfortunately many think it's a game, an escape. Stories can be, but the mind is a battle field, and I honestly ask you to be careful what you read and what you allow into your heart, cause 'garbage in- garbage out'.

Again I want to thank you for your support, and if I ever get published, perhaps I will let you guys know. I want to know that I care about each of you, and I am sorry for the frustration caused from not finishing the pieces.

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