Disclaimer: I hold absolute zero ownership to Pretear. Copyright 2001,Kaori Naruse & Junichi Satou.

Prétear - A First Kiss Fairy Tale

Genre: Fantasy/Romance/Action

Rating: PG13

Summary: Himeno is a daughter of the most prestigious family in Leafeania. On her 16th birthday, she discovers that she is the Pretear, the Maiden of Life, a young girl who can grant celestial beings with great power with just one kiss. The Angel Knights have been sent to protect Himeno's kiss from the Prince of Darkness, Haidhis. However, the Angel Knights also need her power to seal him. But Himeno can avoid her one year fate as a Maiden of Life if she gives her first kiss to a mortal being she loves. Thus, her fairy tale begins and does she have the strength to endure all the sadness before reaching her happy ending.

Extra Notes: The whole knight cast is back with same powers and new positions. One giant fairytale like story with twists like the original story. Lots of parallels to Pretear. It's like watching Pretear all over again, only that it's a little different this time.

KeyQuis: I've been itching to write this story for a long time already. Most of the plot is complete and I think fans will enjoy it. This definitely will be the best piece of Pretear fanfic I'll ever write. Combined aspects from the manga and anime.

Foreword: Author's Note contains more details regarding the knights. Some interesting variations on everyone. Some roles have been rotated XD.


Chapter 1: Feathers of Fate

A kiss.
An intimate moment of breathless words shared by lovers.
When pure hearts come together, only then can love truly exist.
And a new life is born.

The angel saw the sign. After 16 years of divine sealing, it's trail of death made its way back unto Leafeania once more. He knew the dark spirit would first drain the life of small land creatures before taking form and stealing the life of humans. It was inevitable that the rusted gears of time would forcefully move into motion. After all, it was time. The angel took one last glimpse at the broken seal before walking away. This time was going to be different.

"It broke out didn't it, Kei?" an angel with long elegant flowing blonde hair asked.

The angel nodded sadly. "It was only a matter of time, Shin. We have to get the other knights immediately."

An angel with hair of the colour ice appeared behind the small angel and patted his head. "Way ahead of you, Kei." He grinned as two more knights appeared. "I thought it was about time that creep showed up. The dead never like staying dead."

"Mannen, this is serious. Our mission awaits us once more," Shin spoke out.

Kei addressed the other two knights. "Go, Hajime. The Prince of Darkness has set foot on Leafeania. The both of you will accompany Mannen and track his movements. Make all attempts to find him. No doubt he will have taken a human form by now."

"What about you and Shin?" Go asked his leader. "Won't you come with us as well?"

Kei answered with hidden sadness. "No. Shin and I will go to his place and wake him up. We will need him for this battle if things should go wrong."

Mannen intervened. "But he doesn't want to be a part of this anymore! He's -"

"Kei is right. We need him and he can't disobey his sworn duty. No matter what the circumstances are, he must fight alongside with us again," Shin interjected. His stern voice held authority.

The three knights obeyed their leader and Mannen opened a gate to the other world. They left knowing their duty.

"I hope they find him before he finds her," Shin told Kei, confiding his fears into his leader.

"That's why we need him. He'll find the Pretear if we can't stop the disaster. Hayate will find the Maiden of Life. Let's go, Shin."

The two angel knights went to the subheavens to awake the sleeping knight.

"There you go. Drink it all up every one of you. Must grow up to be healthy and strong if you want to be beautiful," a young girl with dark rosy pink hair and matching eyes called out to her garden of tulips as she watered them. "Spring is the time when you must be looking your best." She smiled widely while watching the droplets of water glisten in the sunlight.

"Miss Himeno, breakfast awaits you."

The girl turned around and looked up at her butler. "Thank you. Tell my parents I will be there soon."

"I'm sorry miss, your parents have asked me to retrieve you. Yesterday you never showed up until noon and worried your father deeply. I must make sure you are safe and well. After all, you are Awayuki's only daughter." The butler walked up to his young mistress and offered his hand. "Let's go Miss Himeno."

Himeno frowned. She had plenty of good reasons to ditch breakfast yesterday...and the day before yesterday...and the day before that day. Her father hired her a personal servant to be her watcher. She looked into the soft brown eyes of her servant. They reflected sincerity and kindness.

"Alright, Makoto. I'll go to breakfast today. Father is too demanding. He worries for nothing." Himeno grinned and walked past her servant. "Thank you for being so courteous, but I refuse to take the hand of any man."

Makoto smiled. "I understand, but I must be a gentleman." He quietly followed his mistress into the dining room.

A small cottage house nestled with vines and thorns lay silent in the subheavens, a place where angels rarely visited. It was a place of solitude and peace for those who sought it, a place of retreat. Two angels approached the house. An atmosphere of grieving sadness loomed over it, reflecting the heart lying within. The air was crisp and cold, almost death-like. Shin commanded the plant life to retreat and Kei cast a reviving light to bring back warmth to the lingering soul. They opened the door, walked in and followed wind leading to him.

If only I didn't exist, then you would still be alive. I'm sorry...

Himeno could only irk at the sight of her father's face. His wide smile bluntly said that he was up to no good. She proceeded to take a seat.

"Himenooooooo. You finally decided to join your family for breakfast," her father pouted. "I'm soooooo happy."

"Shut it, dad," Himeno replied sharply, instantly breaking the smile on her father's face.

"Himeno! That is no way to speak to your father like that," her stepmother Natsue scolded. "Apologize at once."

"I'm sorry, father, mother," Himeno said monotonously.

Her father instantly regained his happy mood. "Ah, now to important matters my youngest daughter. As you know, your 16th birthday is arriving and you know what time that is."

Himeno chewed on her bread and responded in muffles. "No fadar, ae ave joo ijea werht youro sauking arout."

"Himeno, do not talk with food in your mouth. Your father and I have no idea what you're talking about," Natsue scolded again.

Himeno roughly chewed her bread, swallowed it and washed it all down with milk. "I said, no father, I have no idea what you're talking about." She began chomping down on a slice of toast with strawberry jam.

Her father, Kaoru Awayuki, beamed with happiness as he announced to his daughter the wonders of her upcoming birthday. "You will be of the age when girls find true love and live happily ever after. Your mother and I have planned a large ball dance and invited the finest young men from around the country and beyond to attend your birthday. With so many, one must be your prospective husband." His ranting was shortened as his daughter threw a bread roll into his mouth.

Himeno nearly had a heart attack when she heard those words. She might as well have died from choking her toast at the same time. She finally knew why her father was so anxious to get her to have breakfast with him. Now she felt like a fool for skipping lunch and dinner with them as well for the past few days. If she didn't, then her father wouldn't have hired Makoto to keep an eagle's eye on her. There was no running away anymore.

"Kaoru!" Natsue shrieked in horror.

"No! I don't agree! I don't want this!" Himeno stood up from her seat and pounded the table once with her iron fists. "I don't want to find true love!"

Kaoru removed the bread roll from his mouth. "Himeno. This is for your own good. Mayune and Mawata are already happily married. They were both 16 as well. I just don't want you to fall behind."

Himeno crossed her arms. "I refuse."

Natsue tried to reason with her step-daughter. "Your father and I just want to see you happy."

Kaoru stood up as well and took out a frog from his pocket. "Himeno, fairy tales do come true. You just have to trust in miracles. Here, give it a kiss."

Himeno felt the veins popping up all over her forehead and fists. She aggressively swiped the frog from her father's hand and pitched it out the window. The shattered glass on the floor clearly indicated that the frog was never going to hop ever again.

"Himeno! Look what you did!" her father cried in disbelief.

"Damnit, dad. That's the eleventh frog you brought to me since I turned 15! And I sure as hell won't be giving my first kiss to a slimy creature. Princes don't come from frogs, dad!" Himeno retorted.

Her father gloomed and poked his index fingers together. "I just thought that..."

Himeno answered, "Just because Mayune's prince was a beast and Mawata's prince was a merman DOESN'T mean mine is going to be a frog! My true love isn't going to be an animal of any sort. The ball better be filled with human men or there will be blood on my 16th birthday and it won't be my own."

"Himeno...why are you so violent?" her father whimpered in defeat. His wife placed a soothing hand on his shoulder to comfort him.

"Hey, you were the one who told me that I had to grow up to be a strong woman. You were the one who sent me to all those martial art classes. So why wouldn't I be violent?" Himeno replied smugly. "Heh, I'm so strong that there's not a single guy out there who can take me on in a fight. I'm never going to be a princess in distress who needs to be saved. I can take care of myself. I don't need a man."

"You need true love, Himeno." Natsue looked at her softly. "It's not about physical strength. It's not about being saved from a dragon. It's about being complete."

"Meh," Himeno snorted in defiance. "Dad writes too many fairy tales with happy endings. Romances that come out of thin air. I don't want any part of it." Himeno balled up her fists. "If you'll excuse me now, I have my private tutoring session to attend to."

She left with a blazing aura of anger and frustration. Makoto escorted her to the study room.

"She's just young, Kaoru. Don't worry, the ball will work out."

Kaoru sighed. "For all of our sakes. It pains me to see her so bitter towards the existence of true love. It really does." He looked at the shattered pieces of glass. "It's like she doesn't even want to give love a chance."

"Himeno is special, dear. A frog won't do. She needs someone special to change her heart. I don't know if we can find that person for her. He might come without us ever knowing." Natsue notified a maid to get the window replaced and the broken glass cleaned up.

"You're probably right, Natsue. Maybe I'm pushing her too hard." Kaoru sighed. "Maybe we should just cancel the ball."

"No, the invitations are sent out. It's next week. To cancel it would be disrespectful and rude. I'm sure there are many young princes and noblemen eager to see our precious daughter."

"Where would I be without you, my wonderful wife? You understand me so well." Kaoru walked his wife out to the balcony to catch some sunlight. "This land is so filled with life. And I'm so happy that you're by my side to share it."

Long dark blue hair draped throughout the chamber room. Nothing aged while it grew long. He was still vibrant in his beauty. Angelic features bestowed the sleeping knight. His body was adorned with white robes that hung off the bedside. Small rays of light seeped through the tiny cracks of the sealed window. The room was dark and quiet, but not void of life.

"From the great gift of the Father and His majesty, I command forth the light of life unto thee. Awake and be restored of vigor and spirit. Open thy eyes, Angel Knight of Eternal Motion, Hayate!" Kei recanted out, stirring the slumbering figure.

Shin watched the body move subtly. Fingers bent and curled lightly before grasping the bed sheets. The chest inflated itself and a strong heartbeat could be heard. The wind picked itself up and the body sat up. Closed eyes slowly opened; the sky cleared itself after 16 years of stormy sorrow.

Himeno mindlessly went through her lessons. She stared absently out the window, at the birds perched on the tree. Their chirps sounded a melody of life in the springtime.

I hate this mother. Father is pressuring me to get married. It's been almost 10 years since your death and 6 years since he married Natsue, a widowed women with two daughters. Mom, I just feel so sad. I don't understand why they're making a big deal out of my 16th birthday. I want to experience more of life before finding love. I want to know more about myself first. Mom, I miss you so much.

"Miss Himeno, I brought you some snacks."

Himeno broke away from her thoughts. Makoto held out a tray of cookies and a cup of sweet milk tea.

"Oh...thank you." Himeno took a cookie and nipped the edge of it. Being depressed took away her appetite.

"May I take a seat next to you?"

"Go ahead."

"Miss Himeno, I hope you don't mind me intruding, but why are you feeling so upset?" Makoto asked, careful to not offend his mistress.

"I don't mind." Himeno took a deep breath and slumped in her arms, crossed on top of the table. "My parents are pushing for me to get married. I'm not ready for something like that. I used to get excited about these sort of things, but when my mother passed away, I didn't want it anymore. Natsue is a wonderful and really kind person, but...she's not my real mom." She turned her head and gazed at Makoto. "I don't believe in the fairy tales I once listened to as a young girl. I don't believe in true love...not anymore." Himeno closed her eyes and felt a sense of comfort in sharing her thoughts.

Makoto listened intently. "Everyone must believe in something, miss. I believe that's a fundamental in existing or reason to be. There are times when it seems hopeless and life doesn't matter, but believing in that one thing will keep you strong and give you a reason to carry on living." His mistress looked at him with confused eyes. "I'm so sorry! I didn't mean to force my opinions on you. Please forgive me."

Himeno laughed. Her smile returned. "You're so funny, Makoto. Your manners are too overly gentleman. Where'd you learn to be so...good?" She chuckled in amusement. "And I've told you a billion times to stop calling me miss. Himeno is just fine."

Makoto's cheek slightly rosened with embarrassment. "Sorry, miss."

"Ah forget it. That's just who you are." Himeno grinned happily. "Hmm...thanks for listening to me. You're a good servant."

"Thank you."

"So Makoto...what do you believe in?"

"That's my treasured secret. Maybe I will share it with you when you find something to believe in." Makoto winked boyishly.

"Fine. It's a deal." Himeno picked up her books. "Tell my parents I won't be joining them for lunch this afternoon. I have other plans."

"Yes, miss."

"And I don't want you to follow me. This is a very private matter."

Hayate looked at the two angels, then the room. His unkempt hair lay everywhere.

"It's been 16 years, Hayate. How are you feeling?" Shin asked.

Hayate's eyes narrowed in on the younger and smaller angel, Kei.

"You...what happened to you?" Hayate hoarsely asked.

Kei placed his hands on his hip. "This form requires less spirit to maintain. Never mind me, Hayate. You have to get out of bed and find her."

Hayate's eyes darkened. He knew what Kei meant by 'her'. "It's time...again?"

"Yes, Hayate. We need your help. The seal broke, he's in Leafeania already," Shin pleaded.

Hayate moved off the bed and stood up. A few slices from his wind blades cut his hair back to proper length. His uniform hung from its stand. His wind brushed off the dust, revealing its glory.

"Alright, I'll go find the Pretear. Please leave the room, I'm going to change." Hayate motioned the winds to direct the two angels out his room.

Shin and Kei walked out of the house and waited for him to appear.

Hayate unrobed himself. The soft white fabric left his body and he noticed that there were no markings left from the last battle. Time never could heal all wounds; it just made them look better. His heart was scarred despite his flawless body. Hayate donned his uniform and it fit him perfectly. He cleaned up the strewn hair with a few simple brushes of wind. They disappeared as he removed the spirit from it. Destiny was about to begin again.

Hajime felt disgusted. All the life from the river was drained. Even with his command over water, his spiritual energy wasn't large enough to bring it back to life. Go gave the river a proper burial with his fire, Blazing Justice.

"With all that life gone, he must be in human form now. We're never going to find him." Mannen cursed and kicked the ground. "How are we going to tell Kei that we were too late!"

"Calm down, Mannen." Go bit his lips. "Kei and Shin must have awaken the Eternal Motion by now. I'm sure Hayate's looking for her. As long as we find the Pretear before Haidhis does, we'll be ok. Remember, he can't do anything powerful in his human shell form."

"That's not true, Go!" Hajime replied bitterly. "He's going to steal more life in his shell form. More things are going to die." He restrained bitter tears.

Mannen looked at his fellow angel knight of Blessed Spring. "Angel knights must stay strong no matter what. We can grieve, but we must never waver from our duty." Mannen patted his comrade on the head. "Now let's find us some clues. There must be something we can use to find him."

Go put Mannen in a playful headlock. "Don't start acting like the leader now. That's Kei's job."

"Finally, lost him." Himeno slumped her back against a tree and sat under its shade. "Why did dad have to hire such a good watcher? If I didn't lie about taking a bath, his eyes would have never left me."

Himeno took a few deep breaths before running deeper into the forest in her backyard. Sunlight and shade loomed on her, creating balance on her trip. Twigs crunched softly underneath each footstep. Himeno sprinted faster when she saw her special fountain pond. She was almost at her mother's grave.

This is perfect. The angel knights won't even recognize me. And there she is, with her life spirit so strong. It was so easy to find her too...such a pity they won't be able to save her. She's mine for the taking. The Prétear's life will be mine.

"I ask the four governing winds to heed my call. Seek the path of greatest life and eternal rhythm. Let not the darkness stop thee in your findings. Open forth the road of peace and righteousness. Seek the one whose heart will guide the way."

Hayate waited for the wind's response. No matter how vast the world was, the winds would find her. He found the good news soon after. A feather was carried to him, radiating with life. The winds spoke her name. Hayate took its spirit into his own before flying off to see her.

I won't make the same mistake this time.

"Yeah, dad wants to do something like that mom. I'm serious." Himeno said, sitting next to the gravestone. "Don't you think he's crazy?" She let out a small laugh. "What's so special about love? It's way too overrated in those fairy tales."

Himeno took a bite on a cupcake she brought with her. She went to visit her mother on the seventh day of each month. The cheerful sun shone its warm rays over the girl as she continued her one-sided conversation. A small sparrow landed by Himeno's side. Soon, more gathered around the young girl.

"Hello, help yourselves." Himeno broke some bread slices, especially brought for feeding the creatures, and spread it on the ground for them to eat. She watched with a smile.

"Next month, I'm going to bring my gardening tools and plant some flowers for you, mother." Himeno stood up and stretched out her arms, her hands reaching the sky. Her soft short hair and blue plaid skirt moved with the wind. Today was a wonderful day.

Suddenly, the sparrows took off without warning, making Himeno cry out in utter surprise. A pure white feather appeared in front of her for a quick moment before letting her eyes focus on where the birds gathered.

His arm was raised and the sparrows neatly perched on it. Himeno froze in her stand and stared at the stranger standing in the shadows. She waited for him to take a step into the light to reveal his presence. Her heart hammered in anticipation.

Hayate smiled faintly at the creatures on his arm. Animals of the wind always did like him very much. He whispered in the angelic tongue, bided grace to the birds and asked them to leave. He retreated his hands into the pockets of his long beige coat before taking a step into the light and greeting the Pretear. The search hadn't been difficult.

"I apologize for frightening you," Hayate said, intending to remove the sense of fear from her aura.

Himeno blushed when she saw the young man appear from underneath the tree. Shades of beautiful blue illuminated from his hair in the light and his eyes shared the same elegance. He appeared to be slightly older than her. There was something very angelic about his presence, but Himeno quickly brushed her wandering thoughts away and focused on the situation.

"What business do you have here? You are trespassing on the Awayuki's property. I ask that you leave immediately," Himeno said brashly when she regained her calm disposition. Anger began to boil inside of her because her routine visit was interrupted.

Hayate was instantly taken back by her rudeness. Her spirit was immensely strong, but her heart was different. This girl couldn't possibly be the Pretear, but the winds were never wrong in guiding him. No, this girl was a Pretear, just not a very good one in his eyes. He had his duty to fulfill regardless of what he thought.

"I am here for you, Himeno Awayuki." Hayate wore a solid silent expression on his face, showing little emotion in his speech.

He summoned forth his familiars, bats of darkness.

"Go and create chaos. Drain the life from as many females as you possibly can. Get me their spirits!"

Once I revive, you'll be next my dearest...my beloved princess.

Himeno dashed towards the stranger with a brutal intention balled up in her fists. The name of Awayuki was well known throughout the land and there was no way she was going to get kidnapped by some adolescent boy or worse. Himeno vowed to never become a victim at all cost, especially not in front of her mother's grave.

If not for his sharp reflexes, the precise punch would have met his face. Hayate easily dodged the attack and created distance between him and the girl. He could have used the wind to stop her movements, but there was no need to use his power against a girl.

I missed...he's fast. Himeno knew that she was in a slight disadvantage wearing her dress shoes; her speed was reduced enough to miss and Himeno never missed her target. Himeno prepared herself for another attack. It was unfortunate that a rocky path separated her from her enemy.

Hayate caught the girl when she tripped while running on the rocky path. Only the wind had the ability to make it there in time. Her body leaned against his when he stopped her nasty fall.

"Are you alright?" Hayate asked. "There was no need to-"

A fierce and brutal punch connected his face, causing him to stumble backwards and releasing her.

"Pervert!" Himeno hollered. "Get away from me!" She poised herself for a fight. Her shoulders tensed up and she glared at him.

"Why'd you do that for!" Hayate hollered back with equal intensity. "Is that how you treat someone who just helped you? Ungrateful brat!" He rubbed his cheek. This girl's punch hurt.

"But you were trying to kidnap me!" Himeno protested.

"When did I ever say that!" Hayate infuriatingly stood tall and shouted back. "My business is with talking to you! Who said anything about kidnapping!" He couldn't believe the nerve of the girl. She wasn't normal and her reaction to the situations was so violent and aggressive. He saw an ugly heart and hated it. There was no way she could be the Pretear. A strong spirit controlled by such a dark heart meant death.

"You should have just said that you wanted to talk, you stupid idiot!" Himeno answered in defense. "How was I supposed to know that you only wanted to talk?"

Stupid idiot. He had been insulted many times, but this was the worst. Nobody had ever called him stupid, let alone an idiot.

My my...looks like things are going to be easier that I thought. You'll never win using a maiden like that. Never.

"Mannen, there's too many!" Hajime exclaimed. "We can't stop them!"

"Damnit. Where is the Pretear when we need her? Hayate should have found her by now," Mannen grumbled. He hurled more ice lances towards the bats.

Go started a defensive firewall to buy time. He had ordered everyone to hide in their houses while Hajime enchanted the land with holy water to give them a better fighting chance.

"Guess I have no choice then, I'll use it to protect these humans," Mannen smirked. "Here goes nothing."

Hajime nodded firmly and started to fill the sky with water.

"Leave the enemies without mercy. Let their cold hearts be there downfall. I, Absolute Zero, call forth Ice Blizzard!"

All the familiars froze and shattered into back into emptiness. The local townsfolk were saved from death.

"Mannen!" Go and Hajime rushed to their commander. "Are you alright?"

"Yeah, I still got enough spirit to survive. I just have to get back and rest." Mannen collapsed to the ground. He had exhausted most of his strength to cast his strongest spell.

"I'll take him back home. Contact Kei about this. We have to let him know that Haidhis is much stronger this time," Hajime said to Go, while opening a gate. "And that we'll be needing to use the Prétear's spirit with our own.

Kei stared in disbelief. Shin just stood by him and worried over the situation. Eternal Motion apparently found the girl and was arguing with her. Not exactly the first impression they had been hoping for.

"Kei, should we intervene?" Shin asked. They were hidden in the treetops and had bird eye's view of the angel and the Pretear.

"No, let them be. Hayate will get over it. He's always been rather hot-tempered," Kei replied nonchalantly.

"But with a girl?" Shin pressed on.

"Everyone has a first time, Shin. Everything will work out fine according to my calculations.

"Idiot! You're the idiot!" Hayate blared out.

"Me the idiot! You're the one who scared me into attacking you!" Himeno hollered back.

Neither of them realized how close their faces gradually got during the argument. The sun continued to shine on the fated meeting.

"What person attacks a stranger?"

"What person catches a person who's trying to attack him?"

"Obviously an idiot!" They both shouted in unison.

The angry voices died down as both needed to regain their breaths. Himeno's face was flushed with a rosy pink and his face was shaded in several tones of red. Then their eyes met.

Himeno blushed and crossed her arms. "How do you know my name? Are you a suitor from some foreign country?"

No...her heart is just confused...strength amidst sorrow…and…

"The winds told me. My name is Hayate and I'm an angel from heaven." Hayate unleashed his wings and proved himself to her. "And you are the Pretear I was sent to find."

Himeno watched the endless white surround her. Warmth overcame her. She felt a soothing breeze brush against her skin and through her hair. It crept into her soul-the feeling of destiny.

Haidhis or Hades (Roman God of Death), a play on sounding like Saihi

Author's Notes: I tried to put out a strong introduction to the story and...it's not as good as I'd like it to be. This story will be alongside with 4m4e and it'll be a race to the finish XD (we'll see about that...). Well, it appears that I've got some minor stories to finish off before engaging on the major works p. And yeah, I'll be busy with finals for the next 2 weeks so don't expect much from me (unless I get pissed off from studying -).

Angels don't really have ages (not that I know...) since they exist outside of human time realm (time doesn't really pass since it's eternity in heaven...). To make things simple, this is a list of who's the 'oldest' to 'youngest' of the knights. I've even put numbers to make some sense of it all...if I had to give them a human age.

Kei (24), but looks like 12
Shin (20)
Mannen (19.7), Go(19.5), Hajime (19.2)
Hayate (17)

A change in age and appearance, but the character is still the same. Shin and Hajime will take on more active roles in the story. Go will still beat on Mannen. Kei is still the wise-cracker and Hayate is Hayate . Wait a sec, I'm missing someone aren't I?...

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