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Don't Mess With the Animal

By: wrestlinggal

Dave scanned the crowd locking eyes with a young woman who was holding an RKO sign and sneering at him like she was better than he was. His temper flaring he glared at her determined to make her pay for upsetting him.

After the match—Julia's POV

Julia laughed with her friends discussing how Randy had kicked Triple H's ass just minutes before when a backstage hand came up to her.

"Ummm…ma'am Dave wants to talk to you." The young man stumbled over words. "I…uhh mean backstage that is."

Julia looked at him curiously. "Uhh ok." She said. Following the man who was clearly afraid of the man he was delivering her to. Knocking on the door the young man told her to go on in. Before she could thank him he was gone. Taking a deep breath Julia opened the door only to encounter Dave Batista in nothing but a towel glaring at her with the most smoldering sexuality coming out of him.

Deciding to be the one who breaks the silence Julia asked, "So what up? I am assuming that you brought me here for a reason?" she asked giving him a superior look.

Dave barely kept him temper down. "Yes, actually." With that he walked toward her slowly locking the door behind her and turning around to go sit back down at the couch where he lazily examined her. "Turn." He ordered leaning back.

Not sure she had heared him correctly she asked. "Excuse me?"

Dave gestured impatiently. "Turn."

Julia let out an deep breath. "Fine." She turned slowly to give him a good look at every angle. "How was that?" she asked.

Dave cocked his head and crooking his finger said, "Come here."

Julia looked at him surprised. Slowly she went to him.

Dave jerked her to his lap silencing her protest with his mouth he angled her head to where he wanted it. Pinning her flaying wrists together. Twisting her around he got her so that she was on all fours.

He ripped the jeans she had been wearing clean off. "This is for chanting RKO." He hissed in her ear. With that he plunged himself deep inside her making her give out a muffled scream. Bending slightly he caught her ear in his teeth nibbling and sucking gently while one hand cupped a weighty breast making her breathing turn rapid. He began to plunge almost violently in and out making her squirm with the pleasure/pain of it. She came a few seconds before he did letting out a soundless scream. She crumpled at the violence of the orgasm. Dave slipped out of her looking at her coolly.

"Don't ever mess with the Animal."