Teen Titans, The Beginning: pt. II, The Wings of a Raven

MattAttack X

MadLab Studios

Note: To the fans of the original Teen Titans Comic; I have taken the information from the comic and revamped it to better accommodate the television series. Some of the events that originally occurred may be different in this fan-fiction.

Chapter One: Birth of a Raven

Many years before the Teen Titans, an adolescent young woman named Arella was forced to mate the the demon Trigon. Trigon deceived the young woman by comforting her and helping to forget of her troubled life. Once he was satisfied with Arella he cast her aside, leaving her to die. She was accepted by the people of the interdimensional planet, Azarath. With their keen sense of observation the Azarathians predicted that Arella would bear a child. Little did they know that this child would change the fate of the universe.

Upon birth Arella named her newborn daughter Rachel. Arella finally found her devotion in life, her one reason to live, the beautiful baby girl. As she grew Rachel displayed extraordinary abilities. This caught the eye of the high magistrate, Comer. Comer took Rachel in as his apprentice along with a young boy named Dameon. Rachel and Dameon spent years developing their powers as well as a close relationship. By the age of eleven, Rachel had manifested amazing powers as did Dameon.

"Practicing again Ms. Rachel?" asked her devoted nursemaid.

Rachel smiled and answered back "Practice makes perfect Gayla"

"By Azar, you spend a lot of time training", Gayla added "You should be focused on other things"

"...what exactly do you mean?", Rachel asked confused.

Gayla sighed, "Well it's just that your a young girl and maybe you should worry about young girl things like...young boys"

Rachel smirked "Ridiculous, this is much more important. I'll actually NEED these powers"

The two women giggled.

Rachel walked over to her window. Only to see an admiring Dameon waving his arms in the air. She opened the window to ask about the matter. "Dameon, what are you doing?"

He stopped waving and spoke to the girl, "I...well I just...I just wanted to show you something" he choked out his words, "You wouldn't mind taking a walk would you?"

Rachel got her over-cloak and went outside to join Dameon. They walked through the Azarathinan fields, talking along the way.

"So what is it you wanted to show me?", Rachel asked curiously.

Dameon grinned "Calm down Raven, you'll see soon enough". Dameon had called her Raven ever since they met.

Dameon stopped walking, "We're here."

"What is it? I don't see anything special", Rachel looked around observingly.

"Look at the sky Raven", Dameon replied with a soft tone.

She looked up to find that where mostly the sky was a dark and dreary purple, this sky was bright and blue. "Wow, it's beautiful", she awed.

They both spent hours lying on the grass looking at the blue sky. No words were needed for this moment, it felt to her like peace or happiness. "I want to stay here forever" Rachel closed her eyes.



"Do you like anyone?"

"Like who?"

"Anybody special?"

"hmmm...Maybe" She smiled and sat up now face to face with Dameon. "How about you? Anyone special?" Rachel lent closer to Dameon.

Dameon began to panic"uhh... well..."

She lent even closer, now they were inches apart.

"...Raven..." Rachel brought her lips to Dameon's. They remained for a moment transfixed in the pure emotion of the event. Afterwards, after both of their eyes were open."It's you...your the one".

"Me...really...that's kind", Rachel thought for a moment, "Your the one for me as well"


End of Chapter One