Teen Titans, The Beginning: pt. II, The Wings of a Raven

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Chapter Eight: The End

Raven arrived at the foot of the tower. A horde of flying demons swooped down in attempt to stop her from entering. With the wave of a hand the demons became dust. Now with the pests out of the way Raven went to work on the huge door to the tower, "Azarath, Metrion, Zynthose!". The door burst inward. When Raven got inside there was a gang of minions waiting for her. They hissed as they lunged at the intruder. Raven flew swiftly and evaded their attacks. The servents of evil only kept coming. "There's too many". As Raven became surrounded, she noticed the demons wouldn't attack. A man with a long black beard and some sort of scepter stepped out from the crowd of evil minions.

"Raven. Your father wishes to speak with you", The man said.

Raven looked at him, "Who are you?"

"I am Psylose your, Lord Trigon's most trusted follower", He answered as he approached her.

"Your with him? Then I'll just destroy you now", Raven launched a blast at Psylose. He raised his sceptar and reversed the attack. Raven was hit hard and knocked down by her own power.

"I suggest you come with me, lest you want to die", He tapped his scepter on the ground twice, and the minions tried to shackle Raven. She released an energy that knocked half of the servents across the tower. Then she charged at Psylose, who had his back turned. He waved the scepter and Raven stopped in mid air. "You are a fiesty little one aren't you?"

Raven was paralyzed, she could'nt move a muscle. The minions took advantage of this and put the shackles on her. Psylose released his hold on her, but the shackles somehow prevented her from using her powers. The dark servents led by Psylose escourted her up the stairway. "Where are you taking me?", Raven asked.

"As, I told you before my dear; Your father wishes to speak with you", Psylose answered while walking.

Raven looked at the minions, "What does he want?"

Psylose grinned, "Oh, you shall see in due time. For now, just enjoy the lovely braclets we've given you"

"What are these? Why can't I use my powers?", Raven asked. She thought that if she learned more about them, maybe she could find a way to destroy them.

"Those are locks from Beniden. As you know the people of Beniden fear those of Azarath. They made these locks to capture Azarathian criminals", Psylose explained the retraint device to her.

Raven suddenly tackled Psylose, knocking him down. She then picked up his scepter. Psylose got up to attack her. Raven raised the scepter at him, "I wouldn't do that. Make one move and I'll fry you".

Psylose laughed, "Ha! Foolish girl, you don't even know how to use that scepter".

"My master was a great man. He taught me in all area's of magic. Including the weapons of magic. I think I'll take your Derthican scepter", Raven kept the weapon pointed at her enemies.

Psylose got closer, "You can't do that!"

"I warned you. Now, make another move and your dead", Raven grinned, "You know what? I think I'll just kill you now". Raven released the scepter's power upon the Psylose and the minions. Next she broke the scepter against the wall, and began walking up the stairway, behind her a mass of flames and screaming men dieing again by fire.

Raven reached the end of the stairway. There was only one door on this floor, and it was surrounded by flames, "Azarath, Metrion, Zynthose!". The door broke in half. "Trigon!", Raven called upon her enemy.

In this encounter, Trigon had taken human form, but his evil could be felt from a far. The lord of demons turned to face his daughter, "My dear, you've come home to join daddy?"

"Save it", Raven was walking fast toward her father, "I'm here to kill you for what you've done to my people, to my family".

Trigon made a sad face, "I'm truly sorry about that, but Raven I am your family".

Raven was inraged by this statement, "No! Your no family of mine. The last of my family died at your hands! And now you will die at mine!". Raven launched a blast that Trigon easily absorbed with his right hand.

"Listen to me, my daughter. If you join me we can rule the entire universe", Trigon tried to pull Raven over to his side.

"How could you ask me to do that! After all you've done to me! How can you ask me to join you! I'll never join you! Your a monster", Raven launched two blasts, one of which hit Trigon right in the chest.

Trigon slaped Raven, knocking her against the hard ground, "Join me now or suffer the pain of being my enemy".

"I'd die a thousand deaths before I ever joined you! Azarath, Metrion, Zynthose!", Raven used all the power she could in this attack. Trigon held the power back the best he could. Both of them were in a crucial struggle. The walls of the tower began to shake around them, it was going to collapse. Raven rolled to the side and launched a burst of power at the floor, she then flew up and comminced a furious attack at the Trigon and the collapsing tower. Blasts of energy pummled the tower to the ground.

Raven observed the wreckage. Trigon was nowhere to be seen. "Could this be it? Could I have defeated him?", Raven thought to herself. She moved the debris with her powers. Her search came up negitive. No results, no body, no anything. She knew he was alive, "He escaped, she thought". Raven heard the whisper of the words your destiny in the wind. "He's gone, but he will return", She thought.

Raven returned to Earth to live with her new friends. They rejoiced at the sight of her return. Beastboy hugged her tightly, "Raven! Don't ever leave us again!".

"Get off me!", Raven blasted BB.

Cyborg scratched his head, "I guess she'll have to warm up to you".

Beastboy got up holding his hurt arm, "Yeah, I guess your right".

:Unknown Area, about a year later:
"Yes my lord...She will join you", said a voice surrounded by darkness. "I've planted the seed of doubt in her. She is the key. She can't deny her destiny. I will use the powers you've given me to destroy the Teen Titans".

A familier demonic voice replied, "Good work...Slade".

The End