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Chap. 1 First Day

Hermione went home with her parents, after tea at the Malfoy Manor. She stayed with her parents for a week, then she packed clothing for three weeks, the amount of time her parents and Narcissa agreed she'd stay at the manor. Hermione was so excited to spend real, quality time with Draco and Narcissa, with NO FEAR of Lucius.

June 5

Hermione was welcomed into the manor by a butler, but not Wadsworth.

'They have so many servants.' Hermione thought to herself as she walked in.

Two butlers then went to the carriage Hermione rode in on, and brought in her luggage, which was a lot of bags.

As Hermione walked into the main hall, Narcissa appeared at the top of the stairs, beaming. She looked quite exquisite.

'All this time away from her abusive husband as really helped her.' Hermione thought as she smiled at the mother waving to her.

Narcissa then cried, 'Draco! Hermione's here!' down the hall.

Narcissa was wearing a white silk dress, and as she glided down the red carpet staircase, the dress flowed gracefully behind her. Hermione was simply captivated, Narcissa was quite pretty, she looked as young as she did in her wedding picture. Her platinum blonde hair was silky and cascading down her back.

Hermione soon felt soft arms around her.

'I'm so glad you are staying with us for a few weeks! We're going to have so much to do and talk about!' Narcissa exclaimed as she hugged Hermione.

'I am, too.' Hermione said, as Narcissa pulled away.

Then Draco appeared at the top of the stairs. He was smiling brightly, white teeth shining. He was wearing a white button-up dress shirt and light khakis...yes...khakis...okay here we go again one more time, DRACO MALFOY IS WEARING A WHITE SHIRT AND KHAKIS! Not black finally. His father is gone, so he's got a new wardrobe going on I suppose, but don't worry Draco fans, he hasn't abandoned his sexy dark blackness. He saw Hermione and jogged down the stairs.

He kissed her softly, nothing to serious, his mother was there of course.

'Hey baby. You look great.' He said. Hermione did look very pretty. It was June, so she was wearing a short summer dress, white and pink, and pink flip-flops. Her hair was scrunched and half pulled up, the rest hanging gently on her bare shoulders.

'Thanks, you, too,' Hermione replied. 'Khakis? That's different.'

'I know...my mother-' He said emphasising mother and shooting a 'look' at the smiling mom, '-wanted me to switch it up a bit, instead of black or dark blue, she told me to go light. Is it a good different? Or bad?'

'Good, you look very nice.' Hermione smiled.

'See Draco! Hermione likes it too, and you should impress her!' Narcissa said grinning.

'Yeah...yeah...' Draco muttered.

Narcissa then turned to the butlers.

'Take Hermione's things up to the Fuchsia Room.' She said wafting her hand up the stairs.

Then men nodded and took her things up.

'Fuchsia room?' Hermione asked curiously.

'The one I showed you that I said was my mother's.' Draco responded.

'No, no, I can't sleep in that one! That's yours!' Hermione said turning to Narcissa, 'You decorated it yourself didn't you?'

Hermione remembered that Draco had said it was the ONLY room Narcissa was allowed to decorate.

'Mother re-decorated the master bedroom.' Draco said.

'Really?' Hermione asked.

'Yes! Come see it!' Narcissa said excitedly, 'I just finished two days ago!'

'It's actually nice, not may taste though.' Draco added.

They all then went up the red carpeted stairs and down the red carpeted hall, to the last door Hermione remembered as the 'sex room'. The dark crimson one where Lucius would take his many women.

Narcissa opened the door and Hermione's jaw dropped. There was no crimson, no black, no silver...no dark whatsoever. It was stunning. It was cream and white everywhere. It looked like a completely different room. The bed was still massive, but it was silky cream, with tons of white and cream fur pillows. The wooden four post bed had silk drapes, so did the windows. There was a wooden desk, armoire, and wardrobe. White fur rugs. There were a few lamps with crystals hanging from them.

'It's breath taking! You did a fabulous job!' Hermione squealed.

'Do you think so? Good! I think it's lovely too!' Narcissa smiled.

Hermione turned to Draco.

'How do you not like this?'

'I do, it's just too "heavenly" for my taste.' he replied sharply.

'Mmhm...too "heavenly"?' Hermione asked, 'How do you this is what heaven looks like?'

'I don't. I'm assuming.' He smirked. 'My mother did a great job, but just too much white I think, definitely an improvement from the bloody chamber before though.'

'Bloody chamber?' Hermione asked.

'The crimson.' Narcissa replied, 'When Draco was little he was afraid to come in because the color reminded him of blood.'

'I wasn't afraid.' Draco snapped, blushing a tinge, 'I just didn't want to disturb you or Father ever.'

'Suuuure.' Hermione said sarcastically, grinning at him.

'Draco, it's okay, you were only five when you gave it that nickname, it was okay to be scared at five.' Narcissa said.

'Yes, it would be fine if I was, but I wasn't so it doesn't matter. Can we just drop this subject?'

'I guess if it's upsetting you.' Narcissa said toying with him.

'It's not upsetting me.' Draco grit through his teeth...obvious to all that he was mad.

'Well, i'm going to the conservatory and go see Estella about my plants.' Narcissa said, 'Draco, make sure Hermione is comfortable in her room.'

'Of course.' Draco replied.

Narcissa hugged Hermione again quickly before leaving.

'I'm so glad your here.' She said just before leaving.

Hermione nodded in agreement, then Narcissa was gone.

'Your mother looks so beautiful, and happy.' Hermione said to Draco.

'She's been like that all week.' Draco said a smile forming on his face.

'You look brighter, too.' Hermione smiled.

'I have reasons to be now. My father is gone, my mother is happy and you're here.' He said taking her hand.

'C'mon, show me my room.' She said after kissing his cheek softly.

They walked into the "Fuchsia Room". It was the same beautiful room she saw the week before.

Her bags were sitting on a bench against the end of her big bed.

'Oh it just looks so comfortable...' Hermione sighed.

'You know, you are right next to me.' Draco smiled, brushing her thigh with his fore finger. 'And you wanna know somethin' else?'

She nodded.

He walked over to a large painting of an old, mystic looking unicorn.

'This.' He stated simply.

'This?' She reiterated, 'What's so 'this' about the painting. It is beautiful but--'

Then Draco pushed the side of the painting, and it turned over. The painting was now of a rich castle scene with a blue/green field.

'Oh, it changes!' Hermione squealed.

'You can also step inside it. C'mere.'

She went over to him, he turned the picture so it was in-between both, leaving spaces between both sides of the picture and the wall. They stepped in and he closed the painting. There was a small, compartment of some sort, just big enough of her and Draco. Then she saw more coming through the other side of the compartment, Draco was pushing something open. Then another room was revealed. It was silver, green and black.

'Oh! This is your room!' Hermione cried as they stepped into the next room. 'Well, that's fascinating!'

She turned to see what she stepped through. It was of course a painting, but this painting was of a large silver snake, wrapped around a bloody heart.

'Oh my god, that's horrible! How do you sleep?'

'As I told you before, the Fuchsia Room was the only one my mother decorated, this one my Father did.'

'Why haven't you changed it?'

'Because I really don't give a shit about what my room looks like. As long as it's not a dungeon theme like my father's room.'

'Good call, why did your Father make this little secret passageway thing?'

'He didn't. My mother did. He doesn't know about it. Now only myself, my mother, and you know. She put it in when I was nine, a year after my Father went psycho. It was so, if I ever got...scared or what not, I could easily come into her room without getting caught.'

'Oh wow. That's so sad that you had to make a secret entrance just to see your mother.'

'Yeah, well, as you know, my Father was sick.' Draco said. 'But on a brighter, more happier note, this means I can sneak into your room at night--' And then he put his arms around his fiancée and breathed down her neck, '--and take advantage of you.'

Chills ran up and down Hermione's spine as his fingers roamed her backside.

'And visa versa.' Hermione added.

'Ooh...tempting...' Draco sighed. 'I'm so glad your here.' He then started to kiss her neck, nipping at it softly.

She placed her arms around his neck, turning her neck to the side, allowing him to kiss more.

'Ahem...' A little voice made.

Draco put his head disappointingly down on Hermione's shoulder. Hermione jumped when she heard the sound. They both looked over to see a little female house elf.

'Madam wishes you both to come down and talk to Madam.' she said softly.

'What does my mother want?' Draco asked, lifting his head.

'Daisy doesn't know, sir, me thinks she wants to go somewhere with Miss Granger.'

Hermione smiled.

'Really? C'mon Draco let's go downstairs.'

Hermione and Draco walked hand in hand out the room and down the stairs. Narcissa was in a lounge room talking to a maid. Narcissa shooed the girl away when she saw Hermione and Draco enter.

'Is the room okay?' Narcissa asked.

'Better, it's perfect.' Hermione replied thankfully.

'Good. I was just wondering if you wanted to go get some lunch and do a bit of shopping with me, Hermione darling. Have you eaten?'

'Just breakfast this morning.'

'Good, shall we go out?'

'I'd like that.' Hermione responded.

'Good, the carriage is pulling up. Draco, we'll be back just before dinner.'

'Your taking me fiancée away the day she arrives?' Draco asked, arms crossed against his chest.

'Yes. You've had her all year, I don't even know my daughter-in-law, stop pestering me and go hang out with Blaise or something.' Narcissa snapped, but not harshly.

'Zabini, eh? Well, the little pissant did want me to call him this week.'

'Draco, don't swear!' Narcissa said, a bit stunned actually.

'What?' Draco asked.

'Pissant is not a word I want to hear come from your mouth.' Narcissa scolded.

Hermione started to giggle quietly.

'What's so amusing dear?' Narcissa asked curiously.

'Nothing really.'

'Pissant is a fowl word, is it not?' Narcissa asked.

'Yes, but...never mind. I don't like when he curses either.' Hermione said.

'He's sworn in front of you before?' Narcissa asked, eyes wide.

'Ummm...' Hermione saw the guilty look on Draco's face and unconvincingly said, 'No?'

'Draco Julian (A/N: it's Lucius, right? But I decided I wanted it different! Lol) Malfoy! Are you swearing at school?' Narcissa exclaimed.

'Umm...no?' Draco said, also unconvincingly.

'Draco, you picked up that dirty habit from your Father, didn't you? I know I didn't teach you those horrible words. We'll have a talk after I come back from shopping.' Narcissa said,

'Hermione, I'm going to go get my purse, i'll be right back.'

Narcissa quickly left the room.

'Hermione...' Draco whispered angrily.

'I didn't want to lie to your mother openly, but when I tried, it came out unconvincingly, i'm sorry, Draco...Julian.' Hermione smiled, 'I didn't know your middle name was Julian.'

'It means 'Prepared to Fight' in Greek.' Draco responded.

'Yeah, that suits you.' Hermione chuckled.

'Funny, eh? What's your middle name then precious?' He asked mockingly.

'Umm...Catarina.' (A/N: Yes yes I know it's Anne but I wanted her middle name to mean something else)

'Hermione Catarina Granger? What's Catarina?'

'It's Italian.' Hermione answered.

'Yes, but what's it mean?'

'Umm...pure...' Hermione said under her breath.

'Pure? As in virgin?' Draco asked laughing, 'Well, well, I ruined a perfectly good name now didn't I?'

'You didn't ruin a thing you dwit.' Hermione replied annoyed at his cocky attitude.

'Well, no one else unpurified you.' He responded proudly.

'Shut up. I'm innocent.' She said sweetly.

'Ha! Innocent...that's a joke.'

'Being smart Draco Malfoy? Keep it up and i'll be innocent the whole time I stay here.'

His eyes widened in fear.

'I'll drop it.' He responded quickly.

Hermione smiled greatly.

'Ooh...now I know whenever you piss me off I can hold sex against you.'

'That's not healthy, not for either of us. We need to work off our hormones regularly or else we teenagers get all moody. Kind of the shitty way you girls get when you get all PMS-y.'

Hermione hit Draco.

'I don't get moody.' She sneered.

'Mmhm...yeah, I agree.' He said sarcastically.

'Innocent, here I come...' Hermione sighed.

'No, i'm just messing with you, 'Mione.'

'No thats... it im innocent'

'Hermione Granger, dont you want to see me naked'

'No, i told you in innocent'

'Hermione, remember how sexy i am naked, you want to see how sexy i am naked again dont you?'


Narcissa then walked in.

'Alright, let's go.' She then turned to Draco, 'You'll be okay on your own?'

'Of course. I'm not eight.' Draco snapped, annoyed with his mother's overprotectiveness.

'Well, alright.' She kissed his cheek.

'Mother...' Draco growled, 'Do I look five or something today? I'm going to be married and off in

France soon, you can't do this to me anymore.'

'I have you until September...I'm taking all the opportunities I can for my little boy.' Narcissa said sadly.

Draco nodded.

'Have a nice afternoon.'

'Bye Draco dear.' Narcissa said, gliding over to the door.

'Bye, see you tonight.' Hermione said, following Narcissa.

'Tonight,' Draco said as she walked away, 'Will be nice.'

'Better be, g'bye.' Hermione said before closing the door.