Chap. 27 The Epilogue

After their little resolution in the closet, Draco and Hermione together walked back to Madame Maxime's office to take back his resignation and shred his resignation papers. Olympe was very pleased to hear this and even raised Draco and Hermione's pay. She was told by Ariana LaFrenaire, that Papillon has been concocting plans to ruin Hermione and Draco. Madame Maxime expelled Papillon, but not before writing to her parents about her promiscuity at school, which was confirmed by both Vardon Talbot and Jacques Lumiere. Papillon, by force from her parents, was sent to an all girls school, taught by men whatsoever.

Jacques, by persuasion from Ariana, apologized to Hermione for trying to seduce her and he apologized to Draco for making a move on his "hot temptress wife". Draco understood completely...laughed...and then threatened the little bastard.

Draco and Hermione's relationship was back to near perfection within the end of the week.

--End of the week--

'Oh Draco...Draco!' Hermione cried as Draco thrust into her.

He smirked as Hermione gripped onto the headboard of their bed. (And YES there are silencing charms on each section of their room...just to be safe). He loved that he could cause this upright, usually conservative woman to scream and cry out his name.

Draco began to slow down, just to take a better look at his wife lying underneath him. She looked gorgeous. Her hair was wet from perspiration and her body glistened in the in the dim lighting from sex, but he caused all that so it was beautiful.

Hermione, taking the advantage of him slowing down, released her tight grip on the board to search Draco's body. She reached up to his face and pulled him down and kissed him passionately. He smiled into the kiss and began to pump into her harder. She moaned in his mouth, just before pulling out of the kiss. Her legs encircled around his waist, grinding into him. He put his face into her neck and bit as she moved her body with his. His hands went from her sides, to her ass, lifting her upwards, onto his member more firmly. She pushed onto him harder, causing him to groan into her shoulder. They climaxed and he released into her, then collapsed gently onto her milky white body. He kissed her neck and then her lips.

'I love you so much, baby.' He whispered.

Hermione nodded in reply. She was breathing too quickly; her heartbeat was too rapid to form words. She ran her fingers through his moist hair and smiled.

-------------------9 MONTHS LATER--------------------

'You've got to push, Mrs. Malfoy,' A woman in a white uniform told Hermione.

Hermione gripped Draco's hand and screamed.

'Harder than that Hermione.' A doctor said.

'I am!' Hermione screamed back.

Hermione looked up at Draco. Draco was all smiles. He was looking down at her with pride.

'You can do it, baby. You can do it. I'm right here, I'm not going anywhere, baby, I love you.'

Hermione nodded as tears of pain and joy fell from her eyes. Hermione pushed with all her might, her voice cracking from pain. Hermione suddenly saw Draco's face move down her body and tears welled in his eyes instantly.

'It's a girl.' The doctor said smiling.

'Oh my god...oh my god...oh my god...' Draco repeated over and over to himself.

He grinned some more and then leaned down and kissed Hermione.

'I love you so much. You were so strong, I'm so proud of you, Hermione.' He said placing kisses all over her face.

Hermione was breathing rapidly.

'Can I hold her?' Hermione asked breathlessly.

A nurse handed Hermione a freshly cleaned small baby girl.

Hermione began to cry as she held the infant. Draco leaned down and kissed the baby on the forehead.

'She's perfect.' Draco sighed.

Hermione was beaming with motherly pride. She looked down at the healthy, crying baby.

'Shh...' Hermione said softly.

The baby soon quieted and fell asleep in her mother's arms.

'Would you like to hold your daughter, Draco?' Hermione asked turning to her husband.

He nodded hesitantly. He took his baby girl very gently from her mother's arms. Draco smiled brightly as he held her. He's never felt so wonderful. He looked at the baby, wondering how he could have had part in creating such a pure thing.

'She'll have blue eyes.' A nurse said.

'How do you know?' Draco asked curiously.

'I can tell you lots of things about her already. Our magic is advanced enough to do so.'

'But I thought this was a no magic procedure?' Hermione asked.

'You requested a no magic procedure while you gave birth, because you wanted to feel the normal birth giving practice, but we can still use magic to determine things about the child. We normally do this to make sure nothing is wrong with the baby.' The nurse explained.

'What color will her hair be?' Draco asked.

' her mother. Her eyes like her father.'

Hermione smiled when she heard that "like her father". She has always been in love with Draco's icy blue eyes. Draco smiled at the words " her mother." He's adores Hermione's soft chestnut hair. His daughter would be beautiful, just like his wife.

'You may ask one question about your daugthers life, if you wish, anything at all' the nurse said, Draco was thinking about asking if she would get married and be happy like Hermione and He, but then he thaught about what he and Hermione did to make them extra happy and this thaught put him off, thinking about his daughter having sex. Hermione too was thinking along the same lines, suddenly Draco asked

'Will she be healthy?'

the nurse smiled and said 'Yes she will be very healthy and just as powerful as her parents' and with that she walked out, Hermione and Draco was both happy that she would be healthy and powerful.

'She's so beautiful. So innocent.' Draco said softly.

The doctors told Hermione to get some rest soon and then left the family alone.

'We have a child.' Hermione sighed.

'She's perfect.' Draco added. 'How are you feeling?'

'Tired...sore...absolutely wonderful.' She said smiling.

'You were great ya know.' Draco said. 'How bad did it hurt?'

'Badly...but I've been through worse.'

Draco nodded, understanding she meant when she was tortured by Voldemort.

'Would you like to hold Danielle now?' Draco asked.

'Danielle?' Hermione asked.

'I threw that out there. I didn't hear you calling her anything, so I quickly chose a name I liked.'

'It's perfect. Danielle Narcissa Malfoy' Hermione said as Draco put the baby back into her mother's arms.

'Narcissa' he asked

'Well you chose one name, i chose the other' she smiled.

Draco smiled and then sat on the bed next to his wife and baby girl. He knew from then on that he was going to be okay, his family was perfect and he loved them more than life itself. He vowed then and there that nothing bad would happen to them. Ever.

5 years later

Extra Epilogue

Draco and Hermione were still working at Bauxbatons Academy, they still held their teaching positions, their room had to be expanded to acomodate for their family, Danielle was now 5, Cleo was 3 and Denvor was 10 months old.

Blaise and Destiny were married and lived in France, Blaise had decided that sex was better especially when Destiny told him all the places they could have sex and not get caught. They didnt have children because when you have children you have to stop sex for a while near the end of the pregnancy and neither Blaise or Destiny wanted to do that.

Harry and Ginny were married the summer Ginny left Hogwarts, whilst there Ginny and Harry seemed insepperable, Harry stayed over at Hogwarts on some weekends when the faculty was going to be mostly gone. Before they knew it Ginny was expecting, 8 1/2 months later Morgan and Margo were born, 2 idetical twin girls, less than a year later Ginny was again expecting and she gave birth to a boy named Vincent. Her and Harry also had another son named Roman.

Ron and Lavender now married after years of co-habitating, she gave birth to a little girl they named Lillac, they then had 4 more children, they had 3 boys and another girl, they boys were called Phillip, Ranger and Timothy and the girl was called Kimberly.