This is a short one-shot on Lupin's thoughts and feelings shortly before he transformed in PoA. :D Enjoy!

Lupin had never felt so happy for a long time. As he, Ron and Pettigrew clambered awkwardly out of the Shrieking Shack, he heard Harry and Sirius behind him, talking cheerfully.

After twelve, lonely, long years, the real truth was finally out, and all misunderstandings were cleared! For a long time, he had lived with the unhappy knowledge that everyone thought him the traitor. But now, everything was perfect. He had his best friend back. Pettigrew was going to Azkaban. He had a great job, which involved a bunch of extremely smart kids. He smiled slightly to himself. Pettigrew whimpered slightly, and Lupin glanced coldly at him.

"One wrong move, Peter," he said threateningly, his wand pointed at Pettigrew's chest.

And then –

An uncomfortable feeling rose in Lupin's chest. He looked up, and saw, to his horror, the cloud shifting slowly. He could see the moon – appearing – in slow motion…

Shit, a voice in his mind cried frantically. Shit! How could I forget the full moon tonight? Damn, didn't Snape say something just now? The potion… OH NO… the potion! Great. Just great –

The party was now bathed in moonlight. Lupin's body was frozen. He couldn't move. Then, his limbs began to shake.

"Oh, no!" he heard Hermione cry in very distant voice. "He didn't – "

Lupin never heard the rest of what she said. His mind was gradually turning wolfish, and a snarl escaped from his mouth. Sorry, Sirius, he thought faintly, I should never have forgotten. This stupid mistake of mine is going to ruin everything –

A teeny voice in his mind was screaming, NO! NO! NO…!

And then everything went blank.

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