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A/N: Just to let you all know, this is completely AU. and there are a few things you guys gotta remember:
1) Ren and Horohoro are in college. However, I know nothing about colleges so if some things are inaccurate, please forgive me. And it's in Japan and lets just call it "Funbari University"
2) They have a car and live in the same apartment room, not a dorm.

and so, I think that's it. If anything else comes up, I'll let you all know.


Chapter One: Under the Influence

Night fell in hours ago, and now is a time for the city to change it's face. Streets are empty, though the more secluded places differ. While some are alert for the police, drunk groups make noise like a riot on wobbling feet. Clubs crowd with people dancing and drinking, living the night like an eternal dream to forget reality. And one club, Club Panick, had a surprising guest. A man who never joined this side of the world, as he never cared and didn't suit him. But this particular night is an exception, for he has something to forget, though he very well knows he can't. The pain of loniless is something to get used to and ignore when you're alone. But when you have a lover take your heart once, the pain is so hard to ignore when you're alone again.

"That idiot!" Tao Ren slammed his glass on the counter and narrowed his golden eyes. He thrust his empty glass at the bar tender, a sign for a refill. The tender did so while it was obvious that Chinese was not a strong drinker. He didn't have much but his face was bright red already. But Ren didn't care. Not when he still remembers what happened that day. When all classes have finally ended and he was just getting back to his apartment which he shared with Horohoro. When he came to the stairs and he was there.

"Damnit!" Ren closed his eyes and brought in more alchol. The liquid was hot on his throat but didn't burn away anything. He still remembers what happened there. When Horohoro caught them. When they argued again. The whole thing replays in his head...


"What was that, Ren! WHAT was THAT!"

"It's not what it seems, baka!"

"What'd you mean it's not what it seems! I saw it, Ren! I saw you guys kissing!"

"I didn't kiss him! He kissed me!"

"What the hell is the difference!"

"There's a big difference! Why won't you believe me! I didn't know he was there and he just grabbed me and just did it! It was a total surprise, I didn't see it coming." Horohoro sighed and dropped down on the couch. He put his head in his hands and slowly shook his head. Ren looked down and bit down on his lip which he now cursed. Horohoro spoke again, in a low and calmer tone.

"He's been all over you for the past month. Flirting with you. No matter what I did, no matter how I tried, he didn't stop. And this?"

"I avoid him, Horohoro. I don't welcome any of it. Why do you accuse me so much? What is this relationship between us if we don't trust each other?"

"I don't know." Horohoro whispered and clutched some of his azure hair. But that just made Ren flare with rage.

"WHAT! Now you're giving me doubts on what's between us!"

"I don't know, alright! I just DON'T KNOW! I need to think about it!" Horohoro yelled and stomped off to the door. He went out and closed it with a loud slam. Ren stood stunned in the room, not wanting to believe what they just both said and what happened.

"What'd you mean you need to think about it? This is it? It's all over?" Ren whispered in the empty room. His clentched fist shook as he tried to believe this is a nightmare.


But it's not a nightmare. It's real, damnit! Ren thought and gulped the last bit of alchol and slammed the glass on the counter again. All that time, he waited for Horohoro to return. He waited, and waited, waited and waited. But Horohoro didn't come back even if it got so late. Though Ren didn't want to admit it, he was scared. Scared that it's really over. So he decided to try to forget it all at Panick. He didn't even like the place. But tonight he thought the flashing lights will erase it all. The loud music might push it all out. The alchol might wash it all away. But it's all so vivid.

Ren clentched his teeth, knowing he'll get nowhere. He put the money for his drinks in front of the tender, and got off his chair. He almost fell over, but regained balance, and walked out the door while swaying.

As Ren walked, the whole world seemed new. Everything tilted and almost spun, and his knees felt weak as he walked. Along with this he felt light headed, but at the same time he felt like nothing was wrong. He avoided street lights as they seem to be blaring at him and decided to take a short cut through an alley. For some reason, he felt that it was ok.

"Fine, baka Ainu, we'll break up." Ren muttered. Although he couldn't see too well, he continued to walk unsteadily. He didn't see the trash can and fell over. But before he hit the ground, two strong arms caught him.

"You ok?" A voice asked and Ren looked up. It was too dark for him to see the face. But that didn't scare him and he got back on his feet.

"Thanks." He said and tried to walk again. But he stumbled on his feet, and the stranger caught him again. He took one of Ren's arms and put it over his shoulders as to keep him standing.

"Here, I'll help you home." Ren looked up at the stranger and smiled. He safely got home and even got help up the stairs. When he got to his room's door, the stranger stayed with him. With no worry, Ren brought out his key. But since he was a bit drunk, he couldn't aim the key straight into the key hole, and kept on missing. The stranger took the key from his hand, and opened the door for him.


"No problem."

"...Wanna come in?"

"Are you sure? Do you even know who I am?"

"Tell me later. I just need some company. Besides, if you try anything, I'll kick your ass."

"Alright then." The stranger chuckled amusedly and went inside, still supporting Ren by the arm. He reached out a hand to the wall and searched around for the light switch. When he found it, he turned it on. The sudden change in darkness to light stabbed Ren's eyes. He shut his eyes and turned it off again. Opening his eyes again, he looked up at the stranger and still couldn't see his face.

"Leave them off."

"Sure." The stranger answered and shrugged. The room was dark again but dim with the moon light. Ren's eyes finally started to adjust and he saw that the stranger wore an open shirt. It revealed a rather built body which he couldn't quite see. But he felt the distinctively rippled smooth skin with his finger tips.

"Nice." He said and pulled his hand away. The stranger surprisingly made a smirk and touched Ren's face.

"I'd like to see what's under your shirt." Ren made a sly smirk at the stranger who came closer. He brought his face down, and Ren let him while his crooked smile stayed. But then the stranger's eyes caught something behind the Chinese. Moon light filtered through the blinds and shined down on a side table. In the light was a frame, and in it was a picture. He could clearly see two people, one being Ren and the other being Horohoro. He let go of Ren and pulled away, surprising him.

"Who's that?" The stranger asked and Ren looked where he was pointing. He slowly walked up to it, though the stranger stayed behind and watched him. He took the frame and stared at it.

"My room mate."

"Just a room mate?" Ren was about to say they were much more, but then he stopped. He still didn't forget, even when he was with this stranger. The incident, the arguement, the words that were said...where their relationship may go.

"We don't know... Things might change..." Ren faced the picture down on the table. He narrowed his eyes, angry that the Ainu hasn't come home yet. That he left him alone for so long. That he was left alone. Maybe left behind.

The stranger drifted over to Ren but tripped over his own feet. He fell face down on the bed with the Chinese below him. He lifted himself up, and looked at Ren sprawled below him. But he didn't move. Instead, he went down and pressed his lips on Ren's. When he pulled away, he still kept their position.

"Sorry." He said, though he didn't seem to really mean it. Ren stared back at him, blankly as if he didn't care. "Feeling lonely?" The stranger asked quietly.

"You can make it less lonely." Ren said and put his arms around the stranger's neck. The alchol was still getting at him because he still couldn't quite see his face. He still didn't know who he was. But maybe it's because of the alchol that he felt powerless. And he put on a smirk to hide how he felt.

"Are you sure it's ok with..." The stranger trailed off as Ren knew who he was talking about. But he sounded like he didn't care. Like he had enough confidence to know. Though Ren still wore his smirk, his eyes faltered. They seemed solemly wistful.

"I told you, I need some company tonight." With that said, the stranger smiled and came down on the Chinese.


Daydreamer: Oh gosh, that wasn't too good...I'm sorry if I annoyed everyone by calling this person "the stranger". I just couldn't think of anything else to keep his identity a secret. I'm pretty sure some people already figured it out. And for those who didn't, he will be revealed in the next chapter. And yes, I know Ren seems pretty ooc, but you gotta remember that he's drunk. So we can't expect him to think straight. and no, this is not RenStranger fic, it's RenHoro. And please review with opinions and critisism. Thank you for your time.