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Chapter 12: Here to Stay

Horohoro stood on his feet, forgetting that he was in a hospital, and took Hao by the collar of his shirt as he pushed him to the wall. He bared his teeth but Hao just stared into his infuriated eyes, doing nothing in the Ainu's grasp. Horohoro spoke before really doing anything.

"What the fuck are you doing here?"

"...I say I'm sorry." One of Horohoro's eyes twitched upon hearing Hao's reply, and a fist rammed into the bruenette's jaw. Hao stood his ground on time before falling, and he wiped at the blood on his stinging cheek.

"Sorry? SORRY? After all you did, you think a sorry is gonna fix everything?"


"You selfish bastard!" Horohoro yelled and gave a second hit plus a kick in the gut. Hao this time fell to the ground and coughed for wind. He barely got time to even get on his knees when Horohoro kicked him straight in the face. But Hao did nothing in return to his attacks, instead he licked his cut lip and wiped away the blood trickling out of his nose. Despite the throbbing pain in his head, he looked up and Horohoro decended down on him.

"Because of you, Ren is..."

"I know." Hao cut him off and got on his feet. Horohoro supressed whatever else he wanted to do as nurses were coming by to check on what was the commotion. He couldn't afford to be kicked out, not when Ren needed him there. The Ainu just stood there as Hao was recovering, coughing between his deep breaths and managing to stop his nose bleed. Once he seemed to be ok, the bruenette looked at him with stern, but unthreatening eyes.

"I guess you're right."


"...You can't force someone to love you." Horohoro furrowed his brows while Hao just looked at the door which Ren was being operated behind, and shrugged. Horohoro saw that his eyes looked distant and they didn't have that dangerous spark. And he finally realized that the brunetted didn't fight back what so ever in the brutality. And when he spoke earlier, there wasn't a trace of mockery or threat. He sounded...sincere. To be honest it felt strange to hear Hao like that. And Hao, after some time, turned around and picked up some luggage which Horohoro didn't notice until now. He held it out to the Ainu who stared at him questioningly.

"This is Ren's stuff. He won't be needing it at my place anymore." Horohoro, a bit shocked, caught the luggage that was dropped in front of him. Hao nodded like his duty was done and walked passed him towards the exit.

"Where're you going?" Horohoro blurted, still in shock to what just happened. Hao stopped and turned around to the Ainu, sighing like he was tired already and spoke.

"I only came to apologize and to give back Ren's stuff. What good is it if I stay? I brought him in here afterall. I...I could've killed him." Horohoro thought he noticed Hao shudder at his own words. And his face, it filled with regret and pain. He could see Hao was trying to hold it back along with his tears, twisting his face into cringes. But the Ainu knew better than to mention all that.

"It's you who should be here, not me. He...loves you. I can't change that." Hao was having a hard time with speaking these words. And Horohoro could see that the bruenette was strained by his own mistake. Hao smiled spitefully at the irony he was still feeling. To think he'd lose what he wanted so much through his own action. No, he didn't have him in the first place. Never have, never will. Hao thought and gave a light laugh in sarcasm towards himself. Though so harsh on him, Hao was done. He's giving up what seems like a stupid game now. He lost to his own stupid game. Without anything else to say, he left the hospital and Horohoro was left again to wait.

A few hours passed and the door finally opened. From inside came a tall, slender blonde man who was quite young. He came up to Horohoro who jumped to his feet.


"Hello Horohoro. It's been quite a while."

"Yeah, hey I don't mean to be rude but..."

"Don't worry, Ren will be just fine. You can go see him." Faust, knowing how anxious the Ainu was, lead him into the room. Ren lay on the bed with a bandaged arm and turned his head to Horohoro who came to his side.

"Ren." Horohoro let out a relieved sigh. Ren made a small smile and sat up with the support of his good arm. But Faust eyed him disapprovingly.

"I suggest you don't move too much." Taking no notice to his warning, Ren managed to sit himself up.

"Ren, listen to Faust or you'll get yoursef hurt even more."

"I'm fine, don't be giving me any orders, baka." Horohoro sighed but couldn't help but smile at his unchanged attitude. He turned to Faust with gratitude.

"Thanks Faust, you're the best." Faust smiled pleasantly at the compliment and chuckled.

"Thank you, but Ren will have to go home tomorow and stay over night here." Horohoro nodded but Ren scowled.

"I'm fine."

"Ren, you was shot."

"Just in the arm."

"But you still need some rest. Can you swallow your pride just for once?"

"Why? So I can get really sick from some disease someone can have in this hospital? Worse, Hao can..."

"He's gone."

"...What?" Ren was caught dumbfounded when Horohoro smiled and held up the luggage he recieved earlier.

"Yeah, he even gave back all your stuff."

"'s all over?" Horohoro nodded and Ren just sat there frozen in disbelief. They were silent for some time, letting it all sink in. It's all over They never thought such words could sound so great. After all they've been through, the storm finally passed by in peace. Horohoro and Ren looked each other in the eyes, both knowing they were thinking the same thing. Faust, who had no idea of what they were talking about, brought back the subject they were just on.

"I'm sorry to interupt but...Ren, you will be staying just for one night." Ren's relieved expression disappeared and it was replaced with a scowl again. Once again he argued again with the doctor and Horohoro that he will go home with the Ainu. He demanded to be let out as immediately as possible, not wanting to waste any more time in a hospital when all was finally over. He quarelled for some time with the bluenette until the Ainu begged with his puppy eyes. There was rarely a time Ren could say no to those and this was just one of those times. And so Ren stayed over night at the hospital and Horohoro came to pick him up in the morning. He was good to go but was told by Faust to come for check ups on his wounded arm, which they both agreed to do.


Stars scattered in the dark sky, accompanied by the drifting clouds. A glowing moon looked down on all, leaving them in peace. It's light shined down on whatever it can touch but not so harsh as the sun to wake anyone. So what stirred an Ainu from his precious sleep? A tender touch on his lips from something warm and soft. His eyes opened halfway as he still hung on to sleep. Though his sight a bit unfocused, his drowsy eyes met gold. He let out a quiet yawn and rubbed his eyes open. As he still lie on his side on his bed, he saw there were gold eyes watching him.

"Ren, why're you still up?" Horohoro asked, still lying on his side. The said man who was also lying on his side next to the Ainu just shrugged. Horohoro stared at him for a while, and then his lips spread into a smile. Ren also stared back and flushed at the Ainu's gaze. He frowned wondering why the bluenette was smiling, but failed to hide his flush. And blushing with a pout-ish frown was really cute and Horohoro let out a light laugh.

"Alright first you smile and now you dare laugh at me?"

"Sorry, I'm just thinking."

"About what, baka Ainu?"

"...This isn't a dream? You're really here?" Ren sighed and scooched closer. With his middle finger he flicked Horohoro's forehead. It only twinged like a small pinch, but it still made the bluenette jump and put a hand at the spot. Ren smirked at him.

"Still think I'm a dream?" A wider smile spread across Horohoro's face and he took Ren into his arms. Ren felt his face get hot and he knew it was deep red. But soon he relaxed into the hold which was familiar but he missed dearly. His chin rested on the older male's shoulder, and the two stayed like this in the still silence. After a while, Horohoro spoke in a quiet voice.

"You're really back? You won't go away again?" Ren sighed at what he thought was a stupid question. Still staying in his comfortable spot, he shook his head. Horohoro suddenly pulled away but his arms were still around Ren's waist. His smile was now a frown and he kept his onyx eyes locked in Ren's melting pools of gold.

"Not ever? Promise you'll stay?" Horohoro's eyes almost looked frantic, full of plea and fear. He looked like a child trying so hard to cling on to something too precious to be taken away. Ren found it to look cute, but at the same time it pained him. This time he held Horohoro in his arms, the Ainu's head in his chest and Ren's chin rested on it.

"I'm here to stay if you promise the same." Horohoro smiled again, relief settling inside and washing away the insecurity. He looked up and Ren cupped his cheek with his good hand, and took Horohoro's lips with his. Horohoro confirmed that it was Ren's lips that awoke him and kissed back, nipping at his lip for enterance. Ren acknowledged and opened his mouth, and felt Horohoro's warm tongue go in and explore. Ren moved his hand from the Ainu's cheek to the back of his head and pulled him in, deepening the passionate kiss and playing with the tongue with his own. When they parted, Horohoro began to feel he was selfish for saying those things. Afterall, he wasn't the only one hurt in the mess they were in.

"I'm sorry..." He began but was stopped when Ren put his forehead on his. He shook his head to just put it all away, as they have already apologized to each other. It was over and both forgave each other a long time ago.

"You know, you still haven't told me why you were still up." Ren said nothing and was only able to hide his blush to be tints of pink. The answer was simple really. Horohoro was absolutely adorable when he was asleep, one of Ren's favorite things to see. It's been such a long time since he's seen it so he thought he'll watch it and eventually fall asleep too. It was a shame that he awoke him with his kiss. But Ren being himself, didn't answer and made an irritated, tired look.

"Go to sleep." He said simply and closed his eyes. Horohoro kissed him again tenderly, not really caring for an answer as Ren kissed back.

"Night Ren, I love you."

"I love you too."


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