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Title: Traces of Mistakes

Author: Leenie Chan

Chapter one: Victory Party

Usagi Tsukino shuddered and watched as her breath emitted through her lips and turn into a foggy gas before completely dissolving in front of her eyes. She wrapped her arms around her body cloaked in her Gryffindor robes to add warmth as she wandered along the seventh floor corridor towards her common room.

She knew without even taking a glance at her watch it was after eleven, and while she had been studying down in the Library with her friends Ami, Rei, Makoto, Minako, and Hotaru, upstairs in the common room a raging party was taking place at Gryffindor's victory over their enemy house, Slytherin. As usual, her boyfriend since their sixth year; had caught the snitch under Malfoy's noise, brining them sweet victory once again.

The infamous Harry Potter was now a seventh year student, and had the responsibility of Head Boy bestowed upon him. Her boyfriend was only a few months older than she was, and they'd being going out now for just over a full year. After the death of his godfather, Sirius Black, Usagi had become extremely close to the boy-who-lived, and provided him with more support than anyone in his whole life. It was half a year later that Harry realised his feelings for the petit blonde, and he'd asked her out on their very first date.

She had felt guilty not being able to share Harry's victory with him, but Ami Minzo, one of her closest friends in Ravenclaw, had insisted Usagi needed to continue studying at a regular pace. So after the dinner feast in the Great Hall, Usagi found herself meeting the others at a table in the library rather than going upstairs to party all night long with her boyfriend.

Minako was the only other Gryffindor in the group, and she had been just as bummed about missing their victory party as Usagi had been. Rei was also rather irritable that night but for an entire different reason. Draco Malfoy had lost them yet another match to Gryffindor. The Slytherin girl couldn't stop bad-mouthing the blonde boy during the entire session.

Ami had been as cool as ever with the results, and she'd left it at that. For one, she wasn't very into Qudditch anyway. She was reading over her notes and checking the answers in text books rather than discussing her opinion on the match she had witness only hours before.

And then lastly Makoto and Hotaru were draped in yellow robes for Hufflepuff. The two girls were forced to hide their excitement for the lions from the serpent. The last thing they needed was for Rei to start acting like the rest of her houses towards them. Truth be told, Rei was the only Slytherin that was nice to them, and Makoto and Hotaru didn't hold the house of Slytherin in their hearts.

Usagi had known Ami, Rei, Makoto and Minako since her first year at Hogwarts, seven years ago. They were all in the same year, except split up by house groups. Usagi had met Minako when they had sat next to each other at the table on the night of their sorting, and they had been best friends ever since that night. The other three they had met through having classes with their houses, and now the five were closer than ever.

Two years later there had come Hotaru, the fifth year Hufflepuff Makoto had taken under her wing. They were great friends despite their two year age difference. Hotaru had become one of the group instantly. The six students seemed to feel as though they all had a special connect with each other, maybe from another life or something?

"Hey, Usagi?" Minako's voice broke through her thoughts, dragging her back to reality. They now stood outside the Gryffindor common room right in front of the Fat Lady's portrait. They could hear the music blasting through the walls from inside. The party hadn't been stopped by McGonagall yet, obviously. "Can you remember what the password is?"

"You forgot the password!" Usagi exclaimed her eyes widening considerably, "Minako! You told me you knew what it was! How are we going to get in now? We'll never get in!" she whined, tugging on her best friend's sleeve.

Minako grinned sheepishly, rubbing the back of her head, "I know, I'm sorry."

"No one's going to be able to hear us from inside either because those Weasley twins have the music blaring so loud! Why are they even here?" Usagi demanded in a panicking voice, pacing nervously outside the entrance, "They graduated already!"

"They're visiting, Usa. I'll bet they brought the firewiskey again," Minako sighed, brightening up considerably as she spoke, "but hey, no one can throw a victory party as great as they can."

Usagi opened her mouth to snap back that they weren't actually in the party, when the Gryffindor portrait swang suddenly open for them to enter.

"Oh yeah! I remember now," Minako exclaimed happily, "the password was 'victory'!"

Usagi shook her head, and laughed with her friend as they entered the common room, holding their hands to their ears. As soon as they entered Fred and George Weasley were at them, "Where have you two been?"

The two seventh years stared at the graduated Weasley twins, giggling as Fred gave a little hiccough. "Are you two drunk?" Minako yelled over the music, moving to the side as George tried to swing an arm around her shoulder, had she not have moved he would have hit her square on in the face.

"Not yet." George answered through a grin, throwing his head back and downing his glass completely.

Fred did the same and grinned at them, "Getting close to it though."

"You've missed most of the fun!" George yelled. It was amazing that McGonagall hadn't yet come in and told them off. "Did you want a—hic—drink?"

Usagi and Minako hesitantly took the drinks from the Weasley twins, knowing better than to accept something from them. The two boys wrapped their arms around the other's (Fred narrowly missed whacking George's nose) shoulders and stalked off, stumbling on their feet as they went. If those two weren't already pissed out of their grout, they were only drinks away from it. Minako watched Usagi as she hesitantly took a swing of the drink.

"Usagi! I can't believe you just did that…" Minako giggled, watching her friend shudder at the taste, "you're going to regret that one later on."

As Minako had predicted, Usagi immediately regretted it as the unforgettable feeling of her insides being burnt ran down her throat into her body. She began to splutter, not realising what Fred and George had given her was Firewiskey, rather than butterbeer.

Minako laughed, and began to pat Usagi's back. "I didn't know you were a Firewiskey Virgin. Does it taste spiked?"

"On—only if it's meant to burn your insides as you swallow it," Usagi croaked.

"No, that's what it normally tastes like." Minako nodded, putting the glass hesitantly to her lips and sculling some of the liquid into her mouth. "I wonder if Hermione knows about the firewiskey…"

Usagi stood on her tip toes, looking around for her boyfriend. "Probably. She would have put some kind of age restriction on it so no one under seventeen can drink it. We'd better steer clear of her." Minako shrugged, taking yet another swing, "can you see Harry anywhere? I haven't seen him since dinner."

Said blonde girl joined her best friend on tip toes to scan the room, "No, maybe he's gone to bed or something?"

"Maybe." Usagi agreed, putting down her drink and leading her friend through the crowd. "There's no point in staying down here if it's been going for hours already anyway. McGonagall will be in here soon enough and I'd rather not witness her reaction to the firewiskey."

Minako looked slightly shocked, "Are you crazy? We can't go to bed now, Usa! It's not really that late anyway."

Usagi hesitated, taking another swing of her firewiskey and shivering at the burning sensation that travelled down her body. Before she could reply, Minako's statement was met by loud explosions of light crackling around the room as Fred and George set off a bunch of Whizzing Wiz Bees. The Gryffindors stared up at the show of sparkling lights racing through the air of the common room in awe.

"Fred! George!" Usagi heard Hermione yell, a scowl overing her face as she fought her way into their view.

The Weasley twins grinned innocently at her, "What are you going to do? You can't take points off us, we're not students anymore." Just as Fred said this, George let off another Whizzing Wiz Bee, and it exploded into glittering red and gold sparkles in the shape of a lion.

Hermione groaned, "I'm in charge of this party, and if I decide things are getting out of hand—"

"Oh let it go, Hermione," Another voice interrupted Hermione, and another red headed Weasley appeared at her side. Ron wrapped his fingers around her wrist and pulled the Head Girl into his embrace, smiling charmingly at her. Fred let off another loud bang, and Hermione squirmed out his embrace. "Oh come on," He sighed, pulling her away.

Ron dragged Hermione over to where Usagi and Minako stood, "All right, you two?"

Usagi nodded, "Yeah. Have you seen Harry?"

The two looked thoughtful for a moment before Ron finally answered, "Not since about half an hour ago. Where have you been, Usa? Harry's been looking everywhere for you."

Usagi felt that pang of guilt stab at her insides again at missing her boyfriend's victory party. "I had to study." She grumbled low in her throat.

The Weasley boy laughed, but it was Hermione who answered, "And so you should, Usagi."

"Come off it, Hermione," Ron coughed, "you have to have a bit of fun in your life. And tonight is the night. We have nothing to worry about. No responsibilities—"


"Come on," Ron cut over her, pulling her slightly towards him, "Let's go for another round. See you two later then."

Usagi and Minako began to snigger to themselves as they watched the couple depart. "Another round of what, I wonder."

"I'm starving," Usagi suddenly said, rubbing her stomach, "let's see if there is anything good left to eat."

The two pushed their way through the crowd, towards the main table decorated in Gryffindor banners and covered in almost empty bowls of food and a large punch bowl. Groups of Gryffindors sat spinning empty bottles and rolling dice, playing various games between them. Minako helped herself to some more punch from the bowl, while Usagi browsed through the virtually empty bowls for any scarps of decent food.

"What's happening, Minako?" Seamus Finnegan appeared behind Usagi's blonde friend, with his best friend Dean Thomas, making said girl jump and spill her drink all over herself and Seamus.

"Oh, Seamus! Don't do that!" She yelled at the Irish boy, trying to avoid his arm that wound itself around her waist.

Said boy laughed at her reaction, pulling out his wand to preform a drying charm over them both. "Seamus, have you see Harry anywhere?"

Seamus looked up at Usagi, "Actually, he's been looking for you. He may have gone up to bed."

"No, he's not in bed," Dean answered quickly, "I was up there only a few minutes ago, and our room was empty. Last time I saw him he was sitting in a corner over there near the fire."

Usagi nodded, "Alright, thanks you guys," She put her cup down on the table and said goodbye to the group, leaving Minako behind with the two boys. It took her a while to squirm her way through the crowd to get over near the fireplace. Couples sat on the couches by the fire hugging, holding and kissing each other passionately making Usagi look away.

"Get a room," She mumbled under her breath, walking behind the couches noticing Ginny Weasley, a very pretty sixth year girl in Usagi's opinion, sitting on a guy's knee with black hair. Usagi continued to walk by, trying to force her eyes somewhere else other than Ginny's pale fingers running through the messy black hair—

The rabbit stopped dead. She knew that black hair that managed to stand up in all directions. Her own fingers had run through its silky smoothness countless times before. Standing where she was she could see thick framed glasses sitting on the boy's face, and magnifying Ginny's eyes from Usagi's angle.

The world around Usagi froze.

The music stopped.

The words leaving student's mouths never making it past their lips.

Everything stopped, except Harry and Ginny.

Usagi's world spun violently.

Her stomach fell deep into the pit of her soul.

Crystal blue orbs began to fill with tears.

Her mouth opened.


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