Dimension Wars

AN: I got tired of writing all Sailor Moon so I am writing my characters as a crossover into Pokemon, Gundam Wing, Dragonball Z and Outlaw Star. DISCLAIMER: One, I don't own Pokemon, Sailor Moon, or the Chibi Scouts.

Prologue: A dark shadow stood looking at the Crystal Palace through a window. Last time he tried to take over the world, he was stopped by his foe. This time, he created a dimension traveler, which could open a portal under the enemies. A boy opened the door to the room.
"Sir. I'm sending those fools into another dimension where they won't bother us for WORLD DOMINATION!"
"Calm down, the prince is to not be underestimated. He stopped my plans for the last time!"

Chapter 1: The Transfer
"Ok, Mom! I'll call you later I promise! Tell ReniƩ I said hi!" Don said. Since the press knew that he was the prince, they wouldn't stop bothering him for an interview. He liked it before he was rich and famous.
Everyone else was visiting his or her family. Don was used to high temperatures in San Diego.
A portal opened up from under him and Don fell into it. Jake, Don's cat, saw this and jumped but was not successful.
Don woke up in a bed with some minor injuries. A nurse walked into the room checking for pulse and increase in brain waves.
"Where am I?" Don asked lazily.
"You're in the land of Pokemon," The nurse said.
"In the land of Pokemon," the nurse repeated.
"CHANSEY!" A lot of creatures ran into the room with people. Don recognized them immediately: Marie's, Nate's, Mike's, and Tina's family were being rushed in.
A half an hour later, they awoke to find themselves in the same situation as Don was in.

Back in the Other Dimension
"Let's move!" The man said. The tanks were now surrounding the Crystal Palace.
"We got them sir!" The young boy said. The Crystal Palace was now under the master's control.
"I am Alpha and I am back!" The man said.