Chapter 6: Home at last!
Sailor Moon Dimension

Crystal Palace
"We'll have guest!" Alpha said.
"I can't wait to be free from your spell!" Saturn said with a big grin.
"Go wake up Juny!" He yelled at Saturn. Saturn bowed, turned, and left. "NEPTUNE, GET IN HERE!"
The Sailor Scout of Water walked in under Alpha's control then bowed to Alpha.
"What is that?" Alpha asked as he looked at a screen of the information gathered by the surrounding the earth. A large spot was there in the left hemisphere and continued to grow.

Outer Space
"Here's my stop!" Don said as he went to an airlock.
"Wait! Where are you going?" The evil Don asked.
"To my gundam!" Don yelled as he got into the airlock. The air was sucked out of the lock and Don's sign showed brightly.
"Your mother will never except this!" Ami yelled.
"The many has needs more than the few! I live by that ever since I became the Moon Kid!" Don explained as the last of the air escaped the room. When that was done, the door opened and Don was sucked out into space.
"NO!" Marie yelled. Don floated as he typed in 594619b. A ship uncloaked and opened its hatch. Don floated into the hatch and strapped into bird mode of Wing Zero with a hyper jammer. (AN: hyper jammer is what Deathscythe Gundam becomes invisible to the human eye and computer radar.) He closed the hatch and flew around the earth.

Crystal Palace
"WHAT! Two instead of one? It's impossible! Computer, show me images in both dots!" Alpha yelled. Two holograms appeared and showed the two ships: the gundam in bird mode and the evil Don's jet. "That's Don's gundam! Blast it down!"

Cockpit of Wing Zero
"So they noticed me! I am going in!" Don turned the joystick to the left leading it into the Earth's Atmosphere. Three blue energy beams flew past the top of the gundam. The controls started to get hot as it entered the Earth's atmosphere.
Another three shots passed under the gundam's belly as the gundam flew more into the Earth's Atmosphere, "Is that all, Alpha?"
Don was in the inner atmosphere of Earth as he headed to Crystal Palace.
"You guys start entering the atmosphere as soon as I am a few miles from Crystal Tokyo. I'll teleport into the firing room as the gundam self-destructs. Got it?" He said over the intercom.
"Alright!" His dimensional self said as Don was now 10 miles from Crystal Tokyo.
"MOON KID POWER!" 5 more miles to Crystal Tokyo, now was it or never! "Start your attack!"
The Moon Kid pressed the self-destruct button and yelled, "MOON KID POWER TELEPORT!"
The systems grew white as the Moon Kid's body transformed into spirit and flew away fast. Now the systems looked black as coal. Fire sprouted from the middle of the cockpit then expanded to leave the frame of the suit fall to the ground leaving burnt parts falling with smoke originating from those parts.
The Moon Kid found himself in the firing room of the Crystal Palace then running to the manual shut down.

Control Room of Crystal Tokyo
"Looks like Don couldn't handle the defeat so he destroyed himself! Neptune, go tell the queen the news! Now for the other ship! Fire at will!"
Alpha yelled.
"Poor Will!" Juny said as Saturn fired the cannon.

Cockpit of the evil Don's jet
"We're being fired at!" The evil Don said, "Go and tell everyone it will be a tuff ride home."
Evil Marie rushed out of the cockpit and came back a minute later. Evil Don kept an eye on the blasts as suddenly the last beam fired.
"He did it!"

Prisoner room
"What happened?" The queen asked full eyed.
"He destroyed Don!" Neptune said.
"Nope!" Don said as nobody saw him come into the room.
"Don, you're alive!" The queen asked with tears crawling down her face.
"My gundam's a little out of shape though!" Don said embarrassed. "Hold still!"
Don fired a little rope at Neptune with tied her hands together.
"Sorry for doing this but you are under Alpha's spell, right?" Don asked.
"Don't worry! Saturn's under the same spell," Neptune said as Don tied her to the wall.
"Ok!" Don said, "said that you are cheering for the brilliant queen's escape! Ok?"
"Sure!" Neptune said as Don sticked a walkie-talkie in her face. He press the button as she began yelling, "GO QUEEN! RUN!"
Saturn ran in and was surprised. Don took the walkie-talkie from her.
"Welcome to the Moonlight Shrine, Saturn!" Don greeted.
"But this is a dungeon!"
"Wrong," Don said as he walked to the panel on the wall. He pressed 942546 into the panel and a high wire appeared out of smoke.
"But…" Saturn looked surprised.
"Here!" Don hit a little box on his belt and threw a rope at Saturn. He rushed faster then the human eye could trace and tied up Saturn.
"Hey, that's my light-speed adapter!" Mike yelled.
"Sorry, I was curious!" Don told him as he tied Saturn up against the wall.
"You're always curious!" An old, tangled voice said behind Don.
"Thanks, Alpha Jerk!" Don said not looking behind.
"So you returned!"
"I always returned! Now, I will show you something!" Don took out a stick and turned around to face the biggest threat to him alive.
"You're going to attack me with a stick, you must be kidding!" Alpha looked like he is going to die laughing.
"Hey that's from my book!" Mike yelled.
"Live with it!"
"So you're Alpha," the evil Don observed.
"Two Dons?" Alpha looked at the evil Don then back at the smiling Don. Then he took out the E.M.P. gun and fired. Not one of the two fell down.
"Nice try! He's from another dimension!" Marie said walking past Alpha and freeing everyone except Neptune and Saturn.
"Let's get this on the road!" the stick grew into a staff and a curved blade came out making it a scythe. Alpha took out his scythe and striked.
Don jumped back and pressed the button then threw it at Alpha. Once it hit the floor, it exploded and Alpha flew back.
Don ran to the panel and pressed 404567. A music system and a weapon box appeared. Don ran to the weapon box and broke it. Then he grabbed his sword and attacked.
Alpha dropped from the attack and rolled away. Don kept attacking until Alpha was against the wall.
"Surrender?" Don asked sarcastically.
"NEVER!" Alpha threw some dirt in Don's eyes. Don backed up rubbing his eyes. "Well, well! What do we have here? I know! A dead prince!"
Alpha hit Don with all his might making him fly into the music system. The music system started to play 'The Thunder Rolled' by the late Garth Brooks.
"I think it's time for 568924!" Everyone lifted up as gravity escaped from the room.
"You brat! I can't move fast!"
"I know!" Don told him.
"Neither can we, son!" the queen told him.
'Whoops! But I thought that they would be used to it by now!' Don thought as he was getting used to it.
"Oh boyo! I got your girlfriend!" Alpha had Marie by the neck with a green liquid inside of a small bottle. "This is a love potion! It'll make her love her crush!"
"EAT THIS!" Don took out a gun from his back and shot the little vital. The liquid potion flew into Marie's eyes and sorbed in.
"CATCH THIS!" Alpha flew Marie at Don's direction. Marie hit Don and flew back with him to hit the wall. Then Alpha threw a little, silver ball at them. Once it hit Marie, it froze Don and Marie to the wall. "Any more challenges?"
"HERE'S MINE!" Mike charged and knocked Alpha against the wall with blade to his throat. "RELEASE THEM!"
"Freezer off!" Alpha said. Don and Marie unfroze to see Alpha duck before the blade hit the wall. Mike brought down his blade and gave Alpha a roundhouse kick. Alpha flew into the opposite wall of Don.
"Mike, that's enough!" Don yelled as he tossed up 2 cards then grabbed them. He threw them underhanded. They flew into Alpha's leg and blew up. Alpha couldn't feel his leg as he moved towards him.
"Don charge up!" Marie yelled as Alpha swam through the thick air towards them. Don rose a few feet as the Moon Sword flew towards him. Don stopped abruptly when he caught the sword. Alpha cut his left arm open when Don stopped.
"MOON SWORD STRIKE!" Don chanted as he gave it all the power that he had to do the attack. The attack flew though the thick air and hit Alpha's cape.
"Is that all?" Alpha laughed. Mike floated in front of Don with bolts of lightning traveling from his left hand to his right hand and back. He closed his hands the lightning formed into a bouncy ball.
"Catch this Alpha!" Mike threw the ball and it instantly expanded to a good size kickball. The ball of lightning hit Alpha in the chest. Alpha flew into a spiked wall and didn't survive. Mike went to the control panel and typed in 111100.
"DADDY!" Juny was in the room getting used to the gravity when gravity filled the room. Every fell to the floor and was ended with a thump. Don was the first one up as he used his last ounce of strength to walk towards Juny.
"You have a full minute to vacate this town or I'll let my double kill you. And I know he'll have fun with it!" Don buffed to Juny with the angriest face he had ever shown in battle. Juny ran in fear as Don looked at his watch.
"I'll escape by air!" Juny said, as she possessed a monster made by her own father. It broke through a window and flew off into the sunset.
"That's their problem; they take very little buff seriously!" Don said as he fell down to the hard steel floor. "Ouch!"
"Don, thanks for having us! We really enjoyed it!" The evil Don said helping Don up. "Now to figure out to get home."
"Simdroid 1, go with them! Don, the programming is 777," Don said as Mike held him up.
"Ok. Marie and Simdroid, let's go home!" The evil Don said walking out the door.
"Thank you for everything. You got the heart!" The evil Marie said then kissed the wide-eyed Don. Marie had a few things to say but didn't want to open her mouth. She kept reminded herself that it was she in another dimension kissing her crush. The evil Marie walked away and the simdroid just looked at him.
"See you, creation. It was fun creating you and I will never forget you," Don said to the simdroid.
"I will always strive to perfection thanks to you, creator!" The simdroid said as it walked after the evil Don and Marie.
"Let's go, Don. We need to bandage your arm up," Mrs. Ami said as she escorted Don to her office.
Marie decided to tell Don how she felt and ran to her mother's office. She quietly opened the door to see Don in pain. Her face grew redder then ever before and she quickly shut the door. She sat against the floor as Mike walked up.
"Hey, what's wrong?" Mike asked.
"Nothing," Marie said as she tried to hide her face.
"No good. I already saw your ruby face. It doesn't match your color."
"I can't say," Marie tried to cover up. Mike looked through the office window and saw Don in pain.
"Oh, I see! You like him!" Mike said.
"What? I do not!" Marie yelled.
"Yep, just yelling just proves more that you like him!" Mike said as he walked to the door.
"Please don't tell him!" Marie asked.
"I'll have Tina take a look at you." Mike said as he entered the room.
"Don, no flexing and training until I say so," Mrs. Ami said, "and another thing, if you take my daughter out, I want you two to be back by 10!"
"Mrs. Ami, we are both in college. We are not stupid and we wouldn't stay out that long," Don said.
"Yeah, he's not that dumb. Sometimes, not a fast thinker but a genuine smart kid, he doesn't take after his mother; only his stomach does!" Mike said as he walked closer.
In Ireland, Juny sat creating simdroids, "They will pay!" (AN: Ireland's great!!!)