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His name is Vegeta

Captains Log: Supplemental: We have been on the outskirts of known space for some time and are busy scanning the surrounding area for the anomalies readings we encountered two star dates ago so far scans have reveled nothing out of the ordinary.

" That ought to do it Mr. Tarraget" Captain Sovak said as he looked at his first officer sitting next to him.
" Your logic is flawed" Mr.Tarraget said his bright eyes gleaming with mischief " I thought that you Vulcan's were constantly obsessed with making the most logical choices."
" My logic is not flawed Mr. Tarraget I am merely following Federation objectives of seeking out the unexplored, after all this is a science vessel."
" Yes I understand that sir but," Tarraget paused to make his point " We haven't found any shed of this anomaly for two days isn't it about time we give it a rest There are thousands of anomalies throughout the cosmos every day why not continue our trek."
Sovak studied Tarraget for a moment then replied "This is an anomaly that has never been categorized before and we had readings of it on our long range sensors for two days before we could reach it. Therefore it makes sense that it may reappear at any mo...."
"Captain!" The helm officer cried suddenly " We have something! An object bearing one mark three, three point eight!"
"On Screen" Sovak said coolly
Instantly the object appeared on the screen. Almost as quickly the whole bridge crew gasped with terror.
"Its...Its....Its..." helm stuttered
"We all know what a Borg cube looks like Mr. Riley"
"Shields up!" Taggart barked "Red alert!"
The cube was almost immediately upon them and suddenly halted
"We are the Borg" a single voice of millions began. " You will be assimilated your conciseness will be added to our own resistance is futile."
The tractor beam locked onto the Miranda class vessel causing the ship to shudder
" Mr. Riley." Sovak said " Send a distress signal to the nearest starship."
"Shields down to 73% Captain!" the tactical officer yelled as a bulkhead erupted in sparks.
"Fire phasers and at the point of the tractor beam, that will be the one shot we get through, Mr. Riley" Sovak said " Once we are free set an escape course at maximum warp!"
The ship rocked violently some of the officers were thrown to the floor.
Suddenly the tractor beam from the cubes stopped.
"What happened !" Tarraget cried "Why have they stopped attacking us?!"
"Because" Sovak replied looking at the screen. "The anomaly has reopened"
Tarraget looked at the screen, just behind the cube an enormous anomaly had come out of nowhere it's greenish blue light engulfed the blackness of space around it.
"Sir!" Riley reported "A small spherical object has emerged from the anomaly"
"On screen." Sovak said with Vulcan curiosity.
A tiny object was shown zooming out of the anomaly
" It looks like a huge baseball." Riley commented "Could it be an escape pod of some sort?"
"Possibly," Sovak said
"Sir we are receiving an incoming transmission , putting it on screen"
The image on the screen changed from the scene they were witnessing to that of the bridge of a Federation star ship. With a bald man sitting in the captains chair.
"This is Captain Jean-Luc Picard of the Enterprise. We have received your distress signal , do you need our help."
"This is Captain Sovak of the Rigalleto we have encountered a Borg cube it has done considerable damage to our ship, but it ceased it's attack when an anomaly opened up and a small ship of some kind emerged."
"We are coming to your aid Sovak" Picard replied "In the meantime I'd suggest you leave while the Borg are distracted. Keep us on this channel so we can stay updated on your situation, Picard out."
Sovak was about to order a retreat when his communications officer chimed up.
"Sir!" He said "The Borg have locked on to the ship with their tractor beam they are hailing it I'm patching us in."
The Borg began to give their ceremonial "you will be assimilated speech" suddenly a gruff yet noble voice interrupted
"I am Prince Vegeta!" it said "Prince of all Saiyans I will count to three and if you do not let go of my ship I will destroy yours!"
"Well he seems confident" Tarraget commented
"ONE," Vegeta said
"There's no way his ship could be powerful enough to destroy that cube." Riley said.
"TWO!" he said.
"Looks can be deceiving Mr. Riley" Sovak said
"THREE!" Vegeta screamed. "Fine! be that way!"
The pod opened up and something stepped out. Riley magnified the images and they were shown a short man with enormous black hair that stood straight up. Standing the small platform of his pod, he pointed at the cube.
"How's he doing that" Tarraget said in astonishment "He has no space suit on or anything to protect him from space!"
"If the sensors are correct his ship is emitting a class M atmospheric bubble" Riley reported.
Vegeta's hand began to glow a bright blue suddenly a terrific blue beam erupted from it and smashed right into the cube causing it to explode.
The crew of the Rigalleto was stunned into silence. Even Sovak was at a loss for words
"Ma.. Mr. Riley is there anything left of the Borg cube?"
"Completely gone sir.... there's only space dust. And Sir he is ... hailing us."
"Put him on" Sovak said regaining his Vulcan composure.
Vegeta's face did not appear on the view screen but he looked right at them.
"I am Prince Vegeta I need you to answer me a question if you answer correctly I will spare your lives. If however you do not I will destroy your ship in the same way I disposed of this miserable piece of junk. Have you seen another ship come out of greenish-blue thing?" He pointed to the anomaly "It would have had the words Capsule 8 written on it."
Sovak answered "We have not seen anything the anomaly has only opened back up after two days ago."
"Wrong answer." Vegeta growled pointing his hand at the ship. His hand began to glow.
Realizing that there was no hope for survival. Mr. Tarraget looked at Sovak.
"I love you Captain."
The ship was engulfed in a blinding blue light.