By: Desiree ( DannyandSam4life)

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"Daniel Fenton! What is this about getting a D on your Biology exam?" Jack Fenton questioned his first and only son as he entered the Fenton home.

Maddie Fenton also glared at her son. "Danny, I told you already that you needed to get your grades up..." she added.

Danny shut his icy blue eyes. Here it was, the speech. The speech of how Fenton's got A's or in his fathers case, B minus', solid B minus'. "I can explain, I was---" Danny was cut off by his mothers yelling.

"Danny. No need to explain anything because your grounded. You aren't aloud to go out for the whole week and your not aloud to have anybody in," Maddie said. " You know that Fenton's get A's, well in your fathers case, solid B minus', but this is ridiculous, you should know better, you should be doing better,"

Danny looked down at the floor. Stupid ghost hunting. Stupid ghosts. Why did I ever have to check out that stupid machine, why? If I never ever walked into that dumb thing I wouldn't even have done so bad, I could of been studying instead of ghost hunting. Danny looked at his parents and glared. "But I need to spend time with Sam and Tucker, I need to... they need me to..." Danny tried to buy his way out of it but he couldn't.

"Nice try Danny but your still grounded, now go up to your room and study for any test you have coming up," Jack commaned pointing to the yellow painted stair case.

Danny frowned and walked up to his room. Protisting wasn't going to do him any good at all. He walked down the red hall that led to his bedroom and he opened the door. He slowly walked acorss his room and sat down on his bed and looked at the plain white ceiling and then her stared at the blue painted walls that was plastered with many things. Posters of certain bands such as Nirvana, Evanescence, Linkin Park and there was also a bunch of pictures of him with his best friends, Sam and Tucker. Danny opened up his bedroom window and looked around his street that he had lived on all fourteen years of his life. A light breeze lifted his jet-black hair. "Stupid ghosts, if it wasn't for them I wouldn't be stuck in my bedroom and now, if any ghosts get out, I have to sneek out and if I get caught, I'll be grouned forever..." Danny walked across his room and sat back down on his bed. He took out some books from his bookbag and slowly began to read but he wasn't really paying and attension. After about five minutes of just staring a page of rambling words Danny closed the book, and pulled out his labtop and turned it on. He signed on to MSN to see if there was anybody online. He saw that Sam was the only one that was online. He clicked her named and begun a conversation with her.

Danny says: Hey!

Gothic Girl says: Hey, what did your parents say about the D on your Biology exam?

Danny says: Um, lets just say I'm grounded for a week, I'm not aloud out nor am I aloud to have anybody in. What if a ghosts gets out, what if I have to leave the house and I get caught? I'll be grounded even longer...

Gothic Girl says: Danny, don't worry so much. We'll figure out a plan. Okay?

Danny says: Oh yeah, I forgot your the smart one

Gothic Girl says: HAHA! Funny... but you do realize that is the total truth?

Danny says: I know:D

Gothic Girl says: Thanks!

Danny says: Ah crap, I hear my parents coming up the stairs. G2G study.. bye

Gothic Girl says: Bye!

Danny quickly closed his labtop and pulled out a school book and opened it half-way and pretended to read. When Danny heard a knock on the door he called out to his parents to come in.

"See Jack, I knew Danny would listen to us," Maddie said.

Jack just nodded and then they left. After they shut the door Danny lid back. Sometimes life just isn't fair and to me, it's never fair. After going out with Paulina and getting hurt by her, I'm a halfa not a human, my lifes always messed up but yet Sam and Tucker's always there, more Sam because Tucker has moved to New York with his father since his parents broke up. I have one friend in school and that's Sam. She's the most wonderful person I have ever met, she's so amazing and beautiful and oh my gosh... am I falling for Sam? Nope, she's my BEST friend but still... I... I better study. Danny broke from his thoughts and picked up a book and begun to read. Although Danny didn't really understand what he was reading he was still studying. Supper time had rolled by and Danny walked downstairs and sat at his place at the table. It was Tuesday night, the Fenton Veggie night. Danny always thought about Sam when he thought of veggies, of course there was a lot of things that made Danny think of Sam.

After supper Danny slowly and sadly walked up to his bedroom. Even when there was no ghost to fight, Danny would always hang out with Sam after supper every evening. But sense he was grounded, he was stuck in his room. When Danny entered his room her turned on his Nirvana CD and took out another book to 'study'. Her parents came to his room and told Danny they were going out for a couple of hours. After they left Danny took out his labtop and checked to see if anybody was online. He saw that Sam was online as well as Tucker, along with a few other people that he met online.

Gothic Girl says: Hey Danny, you're online again?

Danny says: Yeah, my parents are gone out and I've been studying all afternoon.

Gothic Girl says: Really? Wow!

Danny says: Very funny, haha

Gothic Girl says: Whatever... anyway, leave early for school tomorrow, tell your parents your going to the libarary to study

Danny says: Are you suggesting that I lie to my parents?

Gothic Girl says: Danny, you know as well as I do that you've done that a MILLION times

Danny says: I know! I'm just joshing around

Gothic Girl says: Wow, you've expanded your vocabularity, you really must have been studying.

Danny says: No I just got that off a TV show, LOL

Gothic Girl says: LOL, you dweeb. j/k

Danny says: Very funny Sam.

Danny opened up another conversation with Tucker as well.

Danny says: Hey Tuck

Tuck says: Yo. What's up man? Sam told me about the D!

Danny says: Yeah, stupid parents have grounded me, I wanted to go out and hang with Sam tonight but I'm grounded...

Tuck says: Oh, somebody's got a crush

Danny says: TUCKER:

Tuck says: Geez, anyway, any ghosts on the go?

Danny says: Nope. And I hope not, becaeuse I don't want to leave the house. I might get caught and get grounded for even a longer time.

Danny says: because

Tuck says: True

Danny says: Yeah

One of Danny friends he met online from Canada started a conversation with him.

Desiree says: Hey Danny!

Danny says: Hey, What's on the go up there?

Desiree says: N2M what about on down there?

Danny says: I'm grounded, I got a D on my Biology exam and I can't got out or anything, not even to fight ghosts. Of course, my parents don't know I'm a halfa so if I went out fighting them and got caught out, I'd be grounded.

Desiree says: True. I'm doing aweful in Biology as well. I haven't told my parents about being a halfa as well, it's REALLY hard keeping that a secret.

Danny says: Yeah, you bet, I have the same problem and I have been so close to being caught so many times. Jazz knows the truth, I know it.

Desiree says: Really? At least you can trust her. I can't trust Tyrone and I haven't told Marcus. Although, I have told Ashley and of course youm Tucker and Sam but that's it..

Danny says: Yeah...

Desiree says: So, have you tols Sam yet?

Desiree says: told

Danny says : Huh?

Desiree says: Have you told Sam that you're in love with her?

Danny says: No, It's hard. And by the way PLEASE don't dare tell Sam or Tucker about this, they don't know, YOU'RE the only one that knows.

Desiree says: Don't worry about it, anyway, I'm off, it's supper time and I have a load of homework tonight. Buh-Bye!

Danny says: Bye!

Danny went back to his conversation with Sam.

Danny says: So, what are you doing tonight?

Gothic Girl says: I don't know. I haven't got you to hang out with so I might just stay home and relax.

Danny says: OIC, Listen, I have to go, I'm thinking about studying or at least trying to, I need to get my grades up, I don't want to be held back a year...

Gothic Girl says: True. I don't want you to fail either, I don't want to go on without you

Danny says: Aw, Sam that's sweet...

Gothic Girl says: Thanks, anyway see you tomorrow

Danny says: Yup. Bye Bye!

Danny told Tucker that he had to go and then he logged off of his labtop and took out his school books to do some more studying. When it was around nine thirty Danny got a shower and went into his bedroom and started to write, while listening to music. Danny loved writing but sometimes he thought it was a little weird for a guy to have a journal but hey, he needed to write his thoughts down somewhere right? And there were millions of guys who did the same thing.

Hey Journal,

I am grounded. Why? Because I got a D on my Biology exam. It's stupid, I was out late fighting ghosts, I hate this, why am I the one whos the hero but yet a zero? Sam is the only one who understands me, because for Desiree and Tucker, but they both live so far away. Desiree's the only one who knows how I feel about Sam. I've actually fallen in love with Sam more lately. But Sam do get upset when I talk about Paulina, yet I don't know why..I hate seeing her upset but why would she be? Maybe, just maybe... anyway, it's not that late but I need my rest.


Danny closed his Journal and put in in a binder, then he put the binder in a box and he put the box in a plastic tub and he put the plastic tub in the bottom of his closet while putting another plastic tub on top of it. Then he shut off his CD player and turned off his lamp and went to sleep.

The next morning Danny woke up a little early, around 6:00 but he got up anyway and he decided to get dressed and he walked downstairs. He quickly remembered that he was suppose to go to school early so he grabbed his bookbag and made himself some breakfast and ate it. After brushing his teeth and combing his hair it was quarter to seven and he called Sam and asked what time did she want them to meet up. She said around seven- thirty would be fine, so Danny jusy lazed around and watch cartoons until it was around 7:20 and he left for school. He had told his parents that he wanted to go to school early and to study at the libary and they actually bought his lame story. Boy, what losers they were. Danny quickly left the house and walked the three minute walk to Sam's.

"Hey Danny," Sam greeted him and she opened the door and ran down to him. She grabbed his rist and ran down the street.

"Hey... what's up with you today?" Danny cocked up an eyebrow. There was defnately something up with Sam, she holding his rist and running down the street like that. Not that it borther Danny having Sam grabbing his rist, it actually LOVED it but it was just so strange for her to do something like this.

Sam stopped and looked at Danny. "I have come up with a plan that can help us. Okay, you can tell your mom and dad you need a tutor and seems I'm really smart, I'll be yout tutor. Tell your mom that it's free and that you feel comforable studying with me and then we can study and I can help cover for you and all that," Sam explained.

Danny girnned. Wow, she is brillant, and now I can spend time with her. Yes! Danny looked at Sam. "That's a great plan, thanks Sam," he said hugging her.

Sam hugged him back and as they pulled away from the hug they both blushed. "So c'mon, let's go to the libary and study," Sam said.

"But I thought you wasn't serious about the whole studying thing," Danny whined.

"Oh Danny, stop whining. You need to get your marks up and this is just how your going to do it," Sam grasped his hand and dragged him into the libary and pulled him to a table to sit down. "Okay, tomorrow we have a Chemistry test and we're studying for that tonight. Today, we have a quiz in math which is what I'll help you with now," she said.

Danny hit his head on the desk. "Why does school have to be such a bore?' Danny complained.

"Do you want to fail and stay back with the next years grade nines?" Sam looked at Danny.

"No, trust me, I don't. It's bad enough knowing that by the time we're in the twelth grade we'll be mixed in some of their course, but having a full year with them... NO!" Danny said.

"Well, study and listen. I'll help you the best I can and do you have last nights Math Worksheet done?" Sam asked Danny.

Danny shook his head no, and took out the worksheet. There was ten problems and Danny only had four of them done. Sam reviewed them and surprisingly they were all correct. Sam helped Danny to finish the worksheet and she also got him to study. There was no way that Sam was going to let Danny stay behind without her. She didn't want to go on without him because she loved him. Nobody knew except for her online friend and Danny's, Desiree.

The bell rang and Sam and Danny walked to their first class. It was Biology and Mr. Lancer was their teacher. He walked up to Danny and looked at him. "I am willing to let you pass in a extra credit assignment, just because I know you can do better, but it has to be done in two days, got it?"

Danny gulped. "Yup, sure, anything Mr. Lancer," Danny took a seat by Sam and looked at her. "Now I have an assignment due in two days," He complained again.

"Danny, stop whining, I'll help you. But you really need to learn how to do this on your own you know that right?" Sam said.

Danny nodded and kept his mouth shut because he really wanted to pay attension in Biology because he needed to get her mark up badly.

The rest of the day went rather quickly, as their homework pile, piled up. Danny walked home by himself and told Sam that he would call her if the plan worked. Danny entered his home and went directly to his parents. "Mom, Dad... I have to ask you something," he declared.

Jack looked at Danny. "Sure son, what is it?" he asked.

"Well, Sam's doing REALLY well in all her courses, and I feel comforable around her and she's a great help and I know I'm not aloud to have anybody over but please can she come over to help me study and do my other homework?" Danny pleaded.

Jack looked at Maddie and Maddie looked at Jack. "Danny wants his girlfriend to come over to study, that's the same excuse I used when we was young and going out and I was grounded..." Jack said to Maddie.

"She's not my girlfriend!" Danny yelled, thinking yet! at the end.

Maddie smiled at Jack. "And you use to say the same thing, I don't know, maybe we should let him, Sam's helped Danny a lot before so... I think we should let him," she suggested.

"Sure, why not," Jack agreed. "But we're leaving for two nights, do you think we can trust him?"

"Of course you can trust him," Jazz entered the kitchen. "Plus, you'll have me here to make sure he doesn't go out..." she said.

Danny groaned, but then realizing how lucky he was. Jazz wouldn't rat on him. He knew she wouldn't because Jazz wasn't like this. Yes, YES! Danny was so excited. "Um okay, thanks mom dad... I have to go call Sam and tell her she can help me study..." he said. Then Danny ran upstairs to his bedroom and picked up his blue cordless phone and clicked 'Speed Dial 1' which was Sam and waited for her to pick up the phone.

"Hello?" A familar voice answered the phone.

"Sam, you can come over," Danny said, happily.

"Great," Sam said, holding her black cordless phone and walking around he big room. The walls were painted a dark shade of purple and there was many candles around her room lid up. He window was covered with black curtains. In the center of her room was her queen sized bed and across from that was her huge dresser. Along side her bed was a huge desk that had her keyboard placed on it, she loved composing her own form of music and she loved to sign as well, that's why she also had a mic and a recording centre there as well. Her walls had a few posters, her Clockworth Orange poster, her Evanescence poster, her Nirvana and her Johnny Depp poster. She also had pictures of her with Danny, of Danny, of Tucker and of her Danny and Tucker. She also had a labtop that was plaved on a desk that was painted a dark shade of green. She also had a book shelf that was pull of books such as horror novels and romance. Hey, although she's a goth a girls gotta have her romance. The carpet was a very dark shade of red. Being rich, Sam had the room that she wanted. "So," Sam said. "When do you want me to come over?" she asked Danny.

"Now," Danny said. He couldn't wait any longer to see Sam. He couldn't quite explain it but there was some reason why he wanted to be so close to her today, but he just couldn't put his finger on it.

"Alrighty, see you soon Danny," Sam clicked the 'off' button on her phone and quickly got ready, grabbed her backpack and headed for Danny's.

Danny was in his room. He had some snacks on his desk and he had his books out. He was reading his Chemistry Book, Chapter 5, which was what they were going to be tested on the next day when he heard the doorbell rang and he quickly dropped his book and ran downstairs to answer it. It was Sam but she looked... different. She had her hair let down and she was wearing tight black jeans and a purple belly button shirt. It was also a tank top and the collar went down rather low, well at least lower that her usual shirt that she wore. Prehaps about as low as the collar on her dress that she wore at the dance. "Hi..." Danny gasped. "Sam you look different.." He said.

Sam cocked up an eyebrow. "Is that a compilment of an insalt Daniel Fenton?" Sam questioned placing her hands on her hips.

"Compilment. You look really... pretty," Danny started to blush now.

Sam's cheeked turned the same shade as Danny's. 'So, Danny are we going to study or not?" she asked.

"Sure," Danny said.

They both walked upstairs to Danny's room and got out their Chemistry books and they pulled two chairs to Danny's desk and Sam started explaing how this chemcial reaction effected this one, and which ones were liquids and which ones were solids and how to tell them apart. She also explained to him how to use to Periodic table of elements and so much more. By the time two hours had passed by, Danny got pretty sick of studying and he suggested a break. Danny explained to Sam how his parents was going out for a few nights so it was in Jazz's hands if he was going to be able to get out or not.

"Danny, you need to study," Sam said. She really didn't want him to stay back.

"You sound like my mother," Danny said, looking deeply into Sam's violet eyes.

"Well Danny Wanny," Sam said pinching Danny's cheek. " I suggest you try harder, I don't want you staying behind without me, got it?"

Danny just nodded and blushed, partly from Sam pinching his cheek and also partly from the nickname. Danny Wanny? "Can I just relax for a little bit, I'm a halfa not a human," Danny said.

Sam looked at Danny. "Sure..." she said. She watched Danny walk across his room and he lid down on his bed. Sam slowly walked across his room and joined him. She placed her right arm around him. Causing both of them to blush.

Danny smiled. "Sam, you know... I really think that you're a great person and I'm really happy that you're always there for me," he said, turnign around to face her.

Sam blushed. "Thanks Danny, but you're my best friend and a great person, of course I'd be there for you, anytime you need me," she said.

"But it's not fair for you to have to put up with me, I'm not even human," Danny said.

Sam looked deeply into Danny's icy blue eyes. "Danny, are you okay?" she asked with great concern. Danny never really seemed to get upset about this before. Well, there was this one time but that was different.

"I don't know Sam. I'm not a ghost, I'm not a human. I'm already a geek and with this powers and a freak... I don't even belong here on this planet, I have no reason to be here," Danny started spilling out his filling with a few tears falling from his eyes.

"Danny, you have a reason to live here. You have sove me many times and many others. Your Amity Park's hero, your a great person and a great friend and--" Sam was cut off.

"Sam, you don't get it do you? People look down on me at school and the only reason why the like Danny Phantom is because he sove their lives. Lviing life as a super hero is hard, my grades are aweful and it's because I waste my time fighting ghosts, NOTHING good has come out of these ghosts powers, NOTHING, Paulina only loves me as Danny Phantom... she still haven't noticed me as Danny Fenton... I never even got a kiss from her.. being a ghost sucks.. there is nothing what-so-ever good about it," Danny complained.

Sam looked at Danny. She started to cry. "Nothing Danny? Nothing?" she yelled, getting up off his bed. "I can think of two good things that happend but of of course all you care about is getting with Paulina," Sam hissed. "So I guess you wouldn't care," She got up and grabbed her things and head for the door but Danny stopped her.

"Okay, Sam. Name me those two things," Danny demanded.

"No!" Sam yelled.

"Why?" Danny questioned.

"Because.. you-love-Paulina-and-not-me," She blurted out and ran back over to Danny bed and hid her head under a pillow.

Danny was shocked. Sam was jealous of Paulina. Finally he knew why Sam always got upset. She was jealous, but why was she? He walked over to his bed and placed his hand on Sam's back. "Sam, listen I have tot ell you the truth.. I ah, I don't really have any feelings for Paulina, it's just her looks and even then if you really look at her, she's not that pretty unlike you. You're beautiful," he said.

Sam pulled her head out from under Danny's pillow and looked at him with her tear stained eyes. "Really? Do you mean that?" she asked.

"Of course I do," Danny said hugging her tightly.

Sam buried her face in Danny's chest. "Oh Danny... I'm sorry for over reacting... it's just that I.. I tend to over react over things," she said.

"That's okay but I still want to know," Danny said.

"Know what?" Sam looked up at Danny.

"The two good things that came out of me being a ghost, well a halfa," Danny looked at Sam and shoked her hair.

"Um..." Sam blushed. "When I, when Valerie first became a ghost hunter and I, I kissed you.." She looked at Danny. He was blushing. "And the whole Ember thing, she made me realize something, very important,"

Danny held Sam's hand and smiled while looking deeply into her eyes. "And what's that Sammy?" he asked her, calling her by her pet name, that only he was aloud to use, besides for her family.

"I realized that I, that I... I love you," Sam said. She looked at Danny. Wondering what he was going to do. Was he going to hate her? Did he love her back... did he think she was crazy.

Danny smiled and he closed his eyes and moved his face closer to Sam's. Sam had her eyes closed too and they slowly creapy towards each other until their lips met in a full two-sided hot passion kiss. As they broke from the kiss Danny looked at Sam. "I love you too," he said.

Then they hugged each other and started to kiss again but this time, Sam pushed Danny onto his bed, she placed herself on his waist, with each of her legs on a seprate side of the bed and the she started kissed Danny's neck and then all over his face until she starting kissing him on the lips passionately again. Both of them totally obvilous to the noise of Jazz walking up the stairs and knocking on the door. Seems nobody answered Jazz open it and found her brother and Sam on the bed making out. "Nice studying you guys," Jazz placed her hands on her hips.

Danny and Sam looked up and blushed. "We we just.." Danny begun.

"Making out? Sve it. Don't worry little brother, I won't tell a soul alright?" Jazz promised.

Danny smiled and Jazz left the room shutting his door. Danny looked at Sam and grinned. Sam gave him a quick kiss on the lips. "More... STUDYING!" she said jumping off the bed and grabbing his hand. "And more making out later.." she said.

Danny looked at Sam. "You wanna stay the night?" he asked.

Sam smiled. "Can't have much fun on a school night but yeah, sure," Sam said.

"And what excantly do you mean by fun ?" Danny cocked up an eyebrow."Haha, you're dunce but not that dunce sweetie. If you are then you'll find out later but now we got to hit the books, like I said, I don't want to go on without you," Sam said.

Danny kissed Sam. "You'll never go on without me, I'll study until I fall alsleep if it means going ANYWHERE with you baby," he said.

Sam smiled and started explaining Chemistry to him again. Somehow, studying the Chemistry between them was much more interesting and fun... but that wasn't going to help them on their test tomorrow. Chemistry in school - hard and annoying. Chemistry between Sam and Danny - interesting, exciting and fun!

The End...

Okay, so it was really weird and not that good but I had to pass away the time. Anyway, I have a math test tomorrow... yay... not! Anyway, Have a great week people... bye bye. Loves Ya All. xoxoxo