Chapter Three

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By: Desiree

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It was finally the twenth of June- the last day of school and it was also Danny's and Sam's two-month 'anniversity'. Danny and Sam was in Mr. Lancer's class, awaiting the results of their report cards. Tucker was in a different homeroom awaiting his. Sam, of course wasn't nervous. Tucker already knew that he had passed and as for Danny, he was a little worried about his results. The last report that he recieved in April wasn't that good but it wasn't a failure either and ever since he had hooked up with Sam, two months ago today, he had been doing well. Sam had helped him a lot to improve his grades, she didn't want to go to the tenth without him.

Danny carefully watched Mr. Lancer as he walked up and down the aisles with the report cards that we're placed in brown envelopes. Danny cringed as Mr. Lancer dropped his on the desk. Danny just stared at it for a few moments before picking it up. He finally picked it up and tore open the envelope. He looks at his grades and read them aloud to Sam ."Let's see, okay Biology I went from a 48 to a 59 and my final grade is a 70, English, I went from a 60 to a 73 to a 79, Gym, I stayed the same all year with 100, Earth Science, I went from a 70, to a 75 and on up to an 86 average, in Art I went from a 90 down to an 85 and now I'm back up to a 90 again, Math I had a 40 that went up to a 56 and now it's raised on up to a 73 and lastly Chemistry, which started out as low as 38 then up to a 45 and now up to a 60... I've improved SO much! All thanks to my beautiful and amazing girlfriend... Thanks Sam!" Danny hugged Sam tightly.

Sam hugged Danny back and smiled. " I'd do anything for you, you know that. Plus, you've sove my life more times than I can count and I can count pretty far you know... plus, I couldn't go on to the tenth grade without you , you know that," she told Danny.

Danny smiled. "So, how'd you do?" he asked.

"Biology, I have an 87 average, Gym, I have 100 for my average, English, I now have a 95 average, Writing, I have a 98 average, Art, I have a 100 average, Math... I have a 93 average and Chemistry I have a 85 average..." Sam told Danny.

"Smart-ass," Danny teased.

Sam smiled. "Anyway, c'mon, let's go. Remember our plans?" Sam winked.

Danny blushed. "Yeah... but let's hang out with Tucker for a while. He's leaving tomorrow to go to Madison for the summer, so, you know..." he suggested.

"Alrighty," Sam said, grabbing Danny's hand and running out of the classroom and down the hall to meet up with Tucker, who done pretty well on his report card. Then the three of them left the school for the last time until fall.

Danny looked at Sam. "Whoa, " Danny finally realized. "We've been together for TWO months today," he exclaimed.

Sam smiled. "Wow, and I'm still putting up with ya?" she teased.

Danny gave Sam, a fake-sad puppy dog face, which was totally cute.

"Aw," Sam said, kissing Danny. "You know I love you," she said.

Tucker looked at the two. "Alright, sorry to interupt but aren't we going to the Nasty Burger or somewhere? I'm leaving tomorrow. I won't get to see you guys until September..." he said.

"Yeah, c'mon lets go get a bite to eat," Sam said.

Then the three of them went out to eat and then they spent the rest of the evening watching movies at Danny's. By the time 10:00 had rolled, Tucker had to leave. Yeah, it WAS early but he WAS leaving early the next morning so they said their goodbyes and Danny and Sam had the rest of the night to themselves.

Sam and Danny was lid down on Danny's bed. Sam was cuddled into Danny. "I love you so much," she told him.

"I love you too," Danny told her.

They just lid there on Danny's bed, sweet talking each other for a while. Talking about when they was younger, the ghosts Danny had fought and so much more. Then they watched a romance movie on TV until Danny suggested that they'd do something else.

"Hey, why don't we go for a walk," Danny suggested.

"Sure," Sam agreed, grabbing his hand. They went downstairs and they left the house.

They walked up and down the streets of Amity Park, once again sweet talking each other, stopping every now and then to kiss and hug, until their romantic walk got interupted by a very creepy lookin ghost.

"Shit," Danny said. He let go of Sam. "I'm going ghost," he yelled. Then he flew off into the sky and chased the ghost but it disappeared. He turned around and saw that the ghost was near Sam. "Oh, no you don't!" he yelled, flying back towards Sam.

The ghost looked at Sam. "Boo!... as long as I am hear on earth, you will be scared of ghosts..." he said. Then he chanted some spell and Sam fainted. Then the ghost disappered and Danny jumped to the ground, turned back into Danny Fenton and ran over to Sam. He lifted her up in his arms and tried to wake her up. At first she was out cold but after five minutes or so, she regained coniousness and she looked at Danny. Sam knew that Danny was half-ghost and then spell cast on her worked. She jumped out of Danny's arms. "Aw... oh my God, get away from me!" she yelled. Then she ran down the street and to her room, away from Danny.

Danny just blinked. "What the hell is wrong with her?" he questioned himself. Of course he got no answer. Danny then decided to walk home, instead of flying because he wasn't in the mood and when he finally reached his house he ran upstairs to his room and called Sam. "Hello? Is Sam there?" he questioned a male voice, upon who answered the phone.

"I'm sorry sir, but Miss. Manson is sleeping," the male voice said.

"Alright then, goodbye," Danny hung up the phone. "Damnit," he cursed. "Just what is wrong with that girl..."

The next morning Danny woke up due to the bright sun light that was glazing threw his bedroom window. He looked over at his clock. It was way after noon, it was almost one. He got up and he pulled on his jeans over his boxers, in which he had slept in and a blue t-shirt over his musular body. Then he walked downstairs to grab a bite to eat. He had met up with Jazz in the kitchen, who was reading some book. Danny cocked up an eyebrow. "Jazz, school's over, why are you reading?" he asked.

"It's a free country isn't Mr. Ghostboy?" Jazz laughed. "I'm just bored, you know. Anyway, are you and Sam planning anything fun.." Jazz loved teasing Danny.

Danny blushed. "I don't know... last night she ran away from me telling me to get away from her... and then I called her and she was alsleep..." he started rambling about last nigths events.

"Well, you obviously must of did something wrong there lil' bro," Jazz inflicted.

" I don't know what I did. This ghost came and same something to heard like, until I leave this earth you'll be afriad of ghosts or something like that and then he chanted something and Sam just fainted..." Danny told Jazz.

Jazz jumped to her feet. "Danny, you're SO dense. Thank goodness you have told me the truth, well, thank goodness to Sam, anyway, she's under a spell, she was put under a spell to be afriad of ghosts, your half ghost and she knows it, therefore making you, her boyfriend, one of her fears.." Jazz was the smart, and she loved proving it.

Danny looked at Jazz and smiled. "That's sounds reasonable. You're so smart!" he hugged his sister and quickly pulled away. "Oh my Gosh, I hugged my sister..." He put a fake-disgusted look on his face.

Jazz playfully punched his arm. "Now Danny, if you get like that, I won't help you," she said.

"But I didn't ask you for help in the first place," Danny protested.

"Oh, but you will," Jazz said.

"Will not!" Danny yelled.

"Will too!" Jazz shot back.

"Okay, okay, yes I do need you help," Danny admitted.

"Yes! I knew my theory was right. Anyway..." Jazz closed her book.

"How do you think we can break the spell?" Danny asked.

"Um, it IS pretty obvious," Jazz said.

Danny just gave Jazz a confused look. "Huh?"

"Danny, you said that the ghost said, 'As long as I am here on Earth, you'll be afriad of ghosts' to Sam, right?" Jazz asked.

"Um, yeah, that's what I said, he said," Danny told Jazz.

"Well, in that case, if he DID say it, then well, if you suck him into the Fenton thermos and itno the Ghost Zone, that's not Earth so DUH! It's the same thing as the other ghosts you fight!" Jazz explained.

"I know that. DUH! But theres a lot more then that I have to do. I have to track down the ghost and destory him so it won't be so hard to use the Fenton thermos," Danny said.

Jazz nodded. "Okay, so what are you waitin' for. Go defeat the ghost and get the love of your life back,"

Danny nodded and he went ghost and went around Amity Park looking for the ghost. He needed to defeat the ghost. Because of that stupid ghost, Sam wouldn't go near Danny at all. This was the second time, during their romantic relationship that a ghost has tried to cause conflict between them. Danny often worried that maybe, one day a ghost might actually end up doing so.

The day went by rather slowly and Danny failed to find the ghost. He didn't want to stop looking but he knew that he needed the rest so he went home, got something to eat and went to sleep. If he didn't find Sam, he didn't know what the hell he was going to do. It's been ver twenty-four hours since Sam has been this way and Danny could only hope- and pray, that it wouldn't be much longer.

The next morning, Danny told Jazz about his plans and Jazz had decided to help him. Tucker was gone for the summer so Danny needed somebody to help him. Jazz had decided she would go over to Sam's and talk to her and Danny was going to go around to search for the ghost that put Sam under the horrible spell. "Damn that ghost," Danny cursed under his breath while flying over Amity Park. "You better show your ugly face so I can sick you into the Thermos and then I can get Sam back to normal,". It was really pissing Danny off that the ghosts was trying to break him and Sam up and Danny didn't understand why.

Jazz was rather excited about talking to Sam. She had never gotten the change to help Danny before, well, she had never gotten the change to help him kick some ghost booty, and she was proud to help her little brother and his girlfriend. After all, it WAS Jazz, and she LOVED helping people with their problems.

Jazz rang Sam's doorbell and Sam answered it and gave Jazz a questioning look. "Um... hey Jazz, what are you doing here?" Sam asked, not trying to sound rude.

"I'm here because we need to talk, it's important," Jazz said.

Sam nodded and let Jazz in. She led her up to her bedroom. Sam sat on her bed while Jzz walked around Sam's room, Jazz found a picture of Danny and Sam together. She took up the picture. "Sam, why aren't you talking to your boyfriend, Danny?" Jazz asked.

Sam's face turned really pale. Not that it wasn't already pale, but Sam was PALE, it's as if she seen a ghost. Sam closed her eyes and started to shake. "I I..." Sam didn't know what to say.

Then Jazz showed Sam the picture. "You and Danny are a couple," Jazz said. "Why are you ignoring him and always running away?"

Sam didn't answer Jazz's question. She just stared at the picture. She looked at Danny and screamed. "Aw! Ghost! I don't want to see the friggin' ghost, take it away!" Sam covered her eyes with her hands.

Jazz put the picture down and walked over and sat by Sam. "I'm sorry, I didn't mean to scare you but ... Sam, don't you remember when you wasn't afriad of Danny?" she asked.

Sam looked at Jazz and tried to remember Danny as a friendly person, who was her 'boyfriend'. Unfortunately, Sam couldn't remember so she shook her head no to answer Jazz's question.

Jazz just nodded and talked to Sam for another few hours before going home. She waited for Danny in the kitchen. Danny didn't return home until late that evening. He couldn't find the ghost anywhere but he did run into some other ghosts that he had to defeat and he did.

A week went by and Danny still hadn't broken the spell. He was really starting to miss Sam and it was killing him that they couldn't spend any time what-so-ever together... she was his girlfriend for crying out loud, damn that ghost, damn him to hell! Danny was not in a good mood and he was really upset. He just had to get Sam back and he was going to get her back today.

Danny scanned the the Town until he actually and luckily found the ghost that had put Sam under the spell. Danny didn't quite know how to go about destroying the ghost but he used almost every single one of his powers to knock the ghost out. When he did, Danny sucked him into the thermos and he flew to Sam's right away, he few to her bedroom window and looked in. There she was, all alone and it looked like she was in a trance. Must be breaking out of the tranch. Danny thought. Then he knocked on her window and she broke her trance and opened her window. When she saw Danny she gave him a big huge hug and dragged him into her room. It was like she knew she was under a spell. "Oh Danny, I am so sorry... I didn't mean to ignore you and be scared but I was under a spell," Sam then kissed Danny passionately on the lips. "I love you, I love you, I love you," she repeated over and over.

Danny smiled. and hugged Sam tightly. "Don't worry, I understand and I love you too and I always will, nothing will break us apart, no ghost, no person, nothing ever will," Danny said.

Then they met in another hot, passionate kiss as they broke from the kiss they gazed into each others eyes with great love. A love that they knew that would never be broken. No matter what.


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