Written by: Sinistra-san

Rating: R

Pairing: Roy x Ed, Al x Winry, Hawkeye x Havoc

Warnings: Lemons and yaoi, meaning two very hot bishonen going at it like bunnies. Getting caught, pissed-off/overprotective Hawkeye and Hughes, fighting, and various other things I can't seem to remember at the moment.

Summary: Ed and his brother have just returned to Central, where the now Brigadier General Roy Mustang has returned to as well. Angry arguments and violent fights lead to a romance no one in Central would be forgetting anytime soon. Post-series

Chapter 1: Back in Central

"Brother, we've done it! You've done it!" Al cried, the armor that still hosted his soul clanking as he picked up his brother in a hug.

"Yeah! We've done it, Al!" Ed yelled back in response as Al picked him up. "It's gonna work this time, I know it."

"I hope so brother… I hope so!" Al set his brother back down next to the Array that they had just completed.

All their hard work had finally paid off.

After six years of research, Al could finally get his body back.

Edward was now the ripe age of eighteen and Alphonse was sixteen. The years had been wonderful to Ed. He stood at five feet ten-and-one-half inches now. His body, especially his face, had lost all traces of childhood, his baby fat gone and replaced with lean muscle. No longer was he the short, easily pissed-off kid he used to be. Now he was a mature adult – for the most part. Only problem was he refused to obey orders from his superior officers. Especially Roy Mustang's orders.

The two Elric brothers took a good, hard look at one another. Ed grinned and gave his brother a thumbs up to tell him go ahead and step into the Array. Al nodded back. He walked over, making sure to be careful as he stepped into the Array, and sat down. Ed's face sobered up quickly and he took off his coat, his auto-mail arm showing. He kneeled near the edge of the Array.

"Ready, Al?"

"Mm hmm, ready when you are Brother." Al said in response, a smile ever present in his voice.

"Alright then," Ed clapped his hands together. "here we go!"

He set his hands down on the edge of the Array, exactly where he had practiced. The energy in the room cracked and popped as it surged though the alchemic design on the floor. Ed looked up, all his focus on the transmutation taking place. He saw the energy make a direct path to his brother before the light it was emitting became too bright. Ed was forced to look away until he could tell that the light had died away some. The ground shook from the power behind the alchemy that was taking place.

The light died away quickly, too quickly for Ed's liking. Something's gone wrong, I just know it. He thought as he looked up.

Or maybe not! His mind cried. In the center of the Array sat a teenage boy, completely naked and shaking.

"Al! Al, we've done it! You have a body again!" Ed cried like a kid on Christmas. He dashed into the circle and hugged his brother, not caring that Al had not a single piece of clothes on.

"I-I can feel it… I can feel your hug Brother!" Al yelled and embraced Ed back.

The two of them sat there hugging until they heard a scream and the basement door fly open. They looked up to see Winry in tears.

"G-Grandma's dead!" She wailed before her knees gave out. She sat at the top of the stairs and cried.

Ed and Al looked at each other wide-eyed. "Equivalent exchange…" They muttered to one another.

"Here, clothes." Ed grabbed the clothes they had laid out as a precaution and got up. He gave his brother a sad look before walking up the short flight of stairs to comfort Winry.

Was it worth it? Was Pinako's life worth my body?

Ed woke with a start. He jerked up off the seat his head was laying in. After glancing around for a moment, he looked out the window.

Pinako's gone… It's been months since she passed. So why won't the dreams stop? Ed thought as he stared at the passing scenery.

"It's dusk, we should be in Central soon Brother." Came Al's sleepy voice from the seat across from him.

"Good, I can finally tell Mustang exactly what I think of him before I tell him to take this watch," Ed pulled his silver watch from his pocket and gave it the once over. "and shove it up his ass."

Al giggled before he could stop himself. "Brother, you know we are indebted to him. If it wasn't for him we would have never gotten my body back."

"Ya, ya, I know Al. I just hate that jackass."

Al giggled again – a different giggle. One that Ed knew meant no good for him.

"What was that about?" He demanded.

Another giggle came from Al. "Nothing Brother."

"No, tell me. What's so funny Al?" Ed asked in a falsely sweet voice.

"I just seems like you…"

"Like I what?"

"Like you may not hate the Colonel as much as you say, that's all." Al responded cryptically.

"And what's that suppose to mean?" Ed nearly shouted, coming close to losing his temper. As was normal anytime he and Al talked about Mustang anymore.

"Nothing Brother. Why are you getting so upset? It almost seems like you have a crush on the Colonel."

"I DO NOT WANT THAT ASSHOLE OF A COLONEL!" Ed screamed for all the train to hear.

"…I never said you did Brother."

Ed swallowed audibly. He knew Al had him caught. How was he suppose to tell his younger brother 'oh, by the way, I have a crush on Roy Mustang – the biggest womanizer in all of Central - and want him to screw me into my bed, or his desk, or the couch in his office, or…'? He buried his face in his gloved hands, hoping the world would swallow him whole.

"Why didn't you ever tell me, Brother?" Al asked in a small, hurt voice.

"Why didn't you ever tell me you like Winry?" Ed groused back though his hands.

"I don't- I mean, who ever said I –" Al's voice quickly went from denial to accuasation.

"Calm down Al, I've know for a while now. I saw the way you used to look at her and the way you did right after you got your body back. She's a pretty girl Al; it doesn't surprise me that you like her. Winry grew up with us after all."

"You know, I don't mind Brother. If you're attracted to the Colonel, I mean. Just, be careful. He's a heartbreaker and I don't want you hurt."

The two were silent for the rest of the ride, making the trip to Central longer then it should have been. At least, according to Ed. The train slowly came to a stop in the station. Ed and Al got up and retrieved their bags before making their way off the train and onto the platform.

"Come on Brother. You need to report to Mustang." Al grabbed his two bags, full of clothes he'd gotten from home, and took off towards Central HQ.

"Coming Al… I'm coming." Ed grabbed his bags and followed his brother, regretting every step closer he was taking to the building that held Roy Mustang. It was going to be a long day.

Major Riza Hawkeye, recently promoted from Lieutenant, walked down the hallway to Mustang's office. The Brigadier General always needed something from her – he had a secretary for these sort of things but he refused to let anyone of the little blondes that were more then willing to work for him do anything. Roy would rather call up Riza and have her run errands for him.

She really should get paid more for this, or at least that's what she believed.

"You needed to see me, Sir?" Hawkeye said as she stepped into Mustang's office.

"Yes, Hawkeye. Fullmetal is due back today. Please, go and ensure that he reports strait to my office."

She sighed, "Yes Sir."

As Hawkeye walked back out, Roy sat back in his seat and put his feet up on his desk. Edward would be up in half-hour tops, followed by his report from the past six months, and a long fight. Yes, he was expecting the oncoming fight and was looking forward to it as well. Fighting kept him young, though he wasn't as old as Edward liked to insinuate that he was at times. He was only twenty-eight years old, twenty-nine in just a few short months.

Twenty-eight years old and Brigadier General – life was good. The only place to go from here was Fuhrer.

He fell asleep sitting like that, his dreams plagued with blonde hair and golden eyes. Roy awoke with a start. Flashes of skin and moans pouring from virgin lips, as well as his own, played in his head like an old movie. Roy looked down to see a tent in his perfectly pressed uniform pants and groaned. It was going to be a long day.

He set his head on his desk with a small 'thud'. He took a deep breath to try and calm both himself and 'the Mustang' as it was so generously called by the majority of the women in Central. Meaning, every one but the few women with an actual rank in the military.

"You wanted to see me, Colonel?"

Roy looked up to see Edward Elric in his doorway. The feeling was coming back, the tightening in his pants and the warmth pooling in his stomach. The boy was simply… beautiful.

"First, it's Brigadier General now Fullmetal and second, yes I did." Roy sat up and straitened his uniform some. He didn't bother to stand.

Ed paled a few shades. Brigadier General? He's the new Brigadier General!

Roy continued on, acting as if he'd missed the look on Ed's face. "So, how did it go Fullmetal?"

"Uh, it um…" Ed stammered. He yelled at himself mentally for this; there was no way he'd back down from what he'd planned to do! "We've met our objective, sir. Alphonse has his body back now. I've come back to resign from the military."

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