Maybe… - Chapter 1

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Anyways! This fanfic takes place after Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories (Sora mode & Riku mode)

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I've been thinking again… having weird thoughts… but…they're different this time… they're about the worlds… the worlds beyond the ones I've been to… different worlds… two of them… but, what does this mean… is one world light and is the other darkness… these thoughts scare me… but why they do… scares me even more…

"Wake up sora!"

A small blonde girl rattled the pod he was currently resting in.

"Sora, Sora! Get up! Come on Sora… please… wake up…"

She was in tears as she turned around and looked at the heartless which had surrounded her and Sora who was still showing no signs of stirring in the pod.

'Oh no! I'm gonna get killed… who could possibly save me? Sora's not going anywhere… Riku! Riku could save me! But, where is he? Could he have possibly made it out of here alive?'

The girl wondered. Hoping, praying that maybe he was alive, hadn't made it through the rest of the castle, because it would be hell to get back into, had senesced the danger and maybe, just maybe he was coming back for her.

That's a lot to hope for… too much to hope for…

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