Maybe… -Chapter 3

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He rushed, kicking up clouds of dust as he ran towards the big white doors, with small, fine, well-crafted flowers that looked oddly like carnations engraved into the door frame, but this was no time to be admiring the great craftsmanship. He needed to find Sora!

He didn't know how he was going to get to him, for most likely the illusion the cards had brought had probably disappeared since he departed the castle. With these thoughts he pushed through the doors in a frantic hurry to get to his endangered friend.

'Damn. Now that I'm actually inside the castle the heavy, evil aura that I felt is even stronger! You think they would gimme a break for a frickin' minute!'

He stared at the warp crystal, it seemed to have been reset.

"Shit! Does this mean I've gotta go through this entire castle again?" He punched the wall in frustration. "Sora you owe me big time for doing this!"

With that he turned towards the door to get further into the castle realized he needed a card to get in.

"Grr… Dammit! Where the hell am I supposed to get a card?" He was close to breaking down in worry of his friend.

"Riku! Calm down!" Riku turned around at the sound of the voice. "Riku… you're not gonna get anywhere like that. First you need to calm down, second you need to stop and think and third don't worry about Sora so much… he can take care of himself, he's not completely helpless ya know…"

Riku had just about lost it.

"So what? You think this is easy for me? Sora is my beat friend! And the lat time I saw him, not in the company of yourself, thank you very much. He was fast asleep some where in the depths of the castle, and I've known Sora since we were kids, and since then he's slept like a god damn log! He isn't just gonna wake up! It's not that simple! I could lose my friend! Sure we've fought before, sometimes over stupid things, sometimes over things more serious, but, nevertheless we've been friends through it all! I can't just sit here and 'think' when someone with such a great significance in my life could be in more danger than he ever has. It's not me that doesn't understand this time, it's YOU!"

Riku was overcome by a wave of emotions he wasn't sure how to handle. Anger, sadness, frustration also mixed in with a wave of worry. He could have cried but, he couldn't bring himself to do it, not in front of Mickey, he couldn't show him how weak he really was, his pride wouldn't allow it.

So he bit his lip and held back the tears.

She was in pain. Holding her abdomen where the Heartless had just violently slashed, she slowly edged away from it. It was still there in front of her coming in closer like a wild animal about to pounce on it's helpless prey with nothing but relentless contempt in it's cold, empty, gold, glowing, almost lifeless eyes. She whimpered in fright as she found herself wedged in the corner of the room.

The wound she had received form the Heartless's attack was oozing reddish-black blood from where she had been cut, the flesh that was once there was now slowly and painfully rotting away leaving a morbid smell in it's wake, the blood staining what was left of her once white dress and the pain making her wince.

Her vision was fogging, everything was a hazy blur and the last thing she remembered was seeing Sora's pod being engulfed in darkness, more Heartless coming towards her and an evil, crazed, spine-chilling laugh emanating from the darkness.

Maybe she would die here, maybe she wouldn't, maybe the person who was laughing would come for her to do either good or bad or maybe, just maybe she would be rescued…

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