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Don looked across the hall at the opening door. He watched as his younger brother, almost awkwardly, looked around the room searching for him.

Lifting up his arm Don called out, " Over here, Charlie."

Seeing that he had caught the younger man's attention he went back looking over the pile of papers on his desk. A few moments later Charlie stood next to him looking over the same materials. Don looked up and met his brother's curious face.

" What's the big emergency?" Charlie asked simply as Don started gathering up the papers, " I mean I could tell from the tone of your voice is was urgent. But nothing life threatening. You do know you called at a bad time. I'm pretty sure Larry was about to go into cardiac arrest when I told him that he had to give the lecture in my place."

" That's nice, Charlie," Don said steering his brother into one of the private rooms, " Have you ever heard of the Hexagon Killer?"

Charlie nodded, " Wasn't that the serial killer who used to use geometric patterns to locate his victims?...I thought he was caught."

" He was," Don breathed closing the door.

" Then what do you need me for?"

Don turned to face his younger brother.

" We think there may be a copycat on the loose," he said, " Five people have gone missing, the disappearances weeks apart, only to be found exactly five weeks later."

" Just like the Hexagon Killer?"

" Exactly."

" But why wasn't there any media about this?" Charlie asked, " I mean wouldn't people want to know?"

" The department wanted it to stay under wraps. They didn't want to create a panic...," Don started.

" Understandable. But why do you need me? If it's a copycat you already have the information needed to predict where the killer will strike next."

" It's not that simple, Charlie," Don said looking away, " The killer isn't an exact copycat. The pattern is similar but not the same."

Charlie considered for a moment.

" I'll need the information from the previous Hexagon Killer case. I can then safely find the changes in pattern to predict the copycat's movements."

Silently Don nodded. Turning around he laid his head against the glass wall.

As if he could sense his apprehension Charlie said, " Don, what is it?"

Don sighed. Turning around to face his brother he said, " The information's gone. The computers crashed a month ago, you remember. Everything was lost. We have to start from scratch."