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Sketch Me

By Zelia Theb

Act V: Incomplete

Clean up did not go well. The plant was very much alive, and after having raised it like his own offspring, Kurama had a difficult time putting it to rest. Kuwabara; while still unable to give his allies proper eye-contact; had suggested that they allow the plant to survive, and attempt to carry both it and the men it had captured into an alleyway. Yusuke and Kurama quickly agreed, despite knowing how heavy the task would be, and they began to carry the plant in sections out of the apartment.

Needless to say, it was rather difficult to carry the unusual object through the streets, and even harder to take a route not frequented by all-nighters, taxis, and police.

After returning and cleaning up the remainder of the mess, Kuwabara instructed the two reckless "romantics" to head straight to Urameshi's room, where he was going to have it out with them.

This was precisely the sort of situation that the young detective was hoping to avoid. On the flipside, the foxy Kurama thought the situation was fabulous. He didn't exactly want to endure such an eventful and embarrassing conversation, but he wanted to ensnare Yusuke into finding some sort of resolution to his activities.

Kazuma, the tertiary peak of this conversational triangle, was everything but composed. He had discovered far more about Urameshi than any judge of his delinquency would ever be able to; the situation was delicate, dreadful, and disastrous.

"Urameshi," Kuwabara finally began, deciding that his words would make more sense if they were spoken, "What the hell is going on?"

Still a little less than pleased, Yusuke put on a straight yet hurtful face, and replied, "Whaddya mean, Kuwabara? Didn't you see it for yourself?"

Kuwabara growled at Yusuke's audacity, which was more suited to battle than serious discussions. "Yeah, I did. And I thought I saw you and Hiei at the game too. I figured Kurama would be able to figure out what was wrong with your head, but I guess not, huh." Semi-slivered and sleepy eyes pierced directly into Kurama, then quickly thrusted toward the other teen again. He was more than angry now. Kuwabara was reminded of his feelings back in the kitchen, those same feeling that told him he would always just be a tag-a-long, and nothing more than third rate.

"Whaddya mean, "wrong with my head", huh?" Yusuke exclaimed, "Is it because they're-"

"No!" was the fast retort, "It's not because of that!" The two settled down for a moment, and Kuwabara rethought his answer and corrected it. "Well, it is. But not because there's something wrong with it. I mean, it's kinda weird to just find that out so suddenly."

"I understand, Kuwa," said Kurama lightly, "It seems as though you feel like Yusuke could have confided in you beforehand, instead of betraying your trust."

"What!" Yusuke remarked, "I just didn't need everyone to go around blabbing to everyone!"

This was even more of an insult to Kuwabara. He had always held strong to his honor code, and figured that through his tough exterior, that he could be trusted no matter what. It had finally gone far beyond the fair belittling that he had always encountered in the group.

"I would never tell anyone, Urameshi! You're such a jerk!" Yusuke jumped back, shocked. "What I'm really worried about; yeah, that's right, worried, you asshole; is your whole relationship with Keiko. And what about when Hiei finds out?" Kazuma's voice gained a tinge of shriek; "I mean, since when the hell does that guy even admit he likes people? Am I totally missing something?"

"Just forget about Keiko. Jeez. She's not here." Those words were quickly regretted as Kuwabara gripped tightly at the collar of his shirt. Kurama too, was shocked, and jumped back a bit in order to avoid being hit.

"She's my friend too!" Kuwabara cried in high decibel, before adjusting his volume to allow Atsuko to rest. He leaned in closer, trembling and furious, and stated, "You can't just go around hurting people. Keiko loves you. Kurama obviously likes ya a lot too, and Hiei, I don't really know, but I wouldn't wanna piss off someone who probably had a bad childhood or somethin'. What's gonna happen to the team if you screw everything up?"

The teen let out a grunt of disgust and jerked away from Kuwabara's hold, falling harshly into his bed. Upon straightening his stretched shirt, he answered, "I don't know. I wanted to know what it was like. How would you feel if you had a crush on someone and ya couldn't really explain why?"

"Hello, Urameshi!" the tallest interjected, "Meet Yukina!" With his hands, the boy quickly made a make-shift marionette, and made it speak by clamping his fingers together. "Hi, I'm Yukina!" it said, "I'm super pretty and Kuwabara really likes me a lot even though I don't really seem to understand it!"

"Feh," said Yusuke, "And you think Hiei's gonna kill me? I'd hate to see what he'd do if he saw that."

"Shut up!" Kuwabara shouted, "I'm trying to make a point here!"

"A point?" seethed Yusuke, "Yeah. A point. "I'm trying to make a point!" says the guy who's jealous because everyone likes me and he can't even get one girl to see that he's ga-ga over her."

"That was pretty cold, Urameshi," Kuwabara remarked dejectedly, "I think it's time for me to go. Sun's coming up an' all..." The teen slowly turned, hoping that perhaps the moment he left that the two remaining in the room would take the time to think about their actions. With a gentle plea, the silent Kurama stopped him from leaving.

The redhead sighed. "You're right. I do like Yusuke very much, but this entire mess is my fault." The other boys remained dumbfounded, since both were certain that Kurama was not responsible for the situation.

"I came across Yusuke and Hiei one day, and grew jealous," Kurama explained, "Had I not given in to my demonic, or should I say, male instincts, perhaps this tangled web would be a little easier to manage." His eyes hit the floor as he ended. He felt as if he didn't deserve to be in the room at moment, having had betrayed more than just one dear friend.

"Uh, Kurama," Yusuke began, correcting him, "When you saw us, Hiei and I hadn't been involved yet. I woke up one morning and found him asleep in my room."

"Hiei stalked you?" uttered a calmer Kazuma.

"Hiei is very attached to him," Kurama confirmed, nodding his head at Kuwabara and then turning back to the detective, "And I feel rotten for allowing myself to get too close to you, Yusuke."

"Whaddya mean he is very attached to me?"

Kuwabara shook his head. It was just as he had thought; Hiei was one to worry about, as he would be the least likely to recover from the emotional damage. He couldn't place a finger on what had given the demon such a hardened, heavy, and helpless heart, but he knew that Hiei had no idea how to deal with these situations. Urameshi was a jerk.

"I think he means he loves you."

A surprisingly shocked mouth metaphorically moved in an attempt to claim that Kuwabara was wrong. But Yusuke said nothing; Kazuma was correct.

"I'll take my leave now," said Kurama. Turning to the atrocious detective, he added, "It is best we don't continue this."

"Yeah... but-"

"No, Yusuke," the fox interrupted, "You were experimenting. That I can understand. However... we know the result of it now."

"Kurama..." Yusuke protested at the last moment.

As he took the last few exiting paces, Kurama answered with a smile, "Besides, the two of you need a chance to talk. I'll see you both at our next mission."

In the most unusual of circumstances, Hiei had gotten himself careless involved with a human. A remarkable human at that, but nonetheless, a human. And he foresaw no way out of it. Despite his constant inner scoldings, he was quite a failure at persuasion, fumbling upon inconsistencies within his own arguments and half-truths. Regardless, the only cure for this undeniably healthy addiction was to was to let himself fall deeper.

As he charged up for a rather impressive leap to a certain teen's window, a familiar and albeit irritating energy sent the hairs on his neck on end. He masked his energy quickly, and waited as an obviously irritable Kuwabara descended the steps of the building, and finally made his way down the sidewalk.

It was rather close. The demon chastised himself for being so careless. He knew Kuwabara was no fool. Despite being unable to make the connection that he and Yukina were siblings, Hiei was certain that Kuwabara already had an idea that something had changed between himself and the detective.

No fool indeed. Hiei was faced with a callous greeting upon his arrival.

"What are you doing here?" demanded Yusuke, seemingly too busy to be disturbed. He was in the midst of a sketch; of nothing in particular to be exact; but he had finally gotten himself comfortable upon his bed, after slouching against the wall with his sketch pad in his lap.

Hiei said nothing. In light of his inner self forcing him to succumb to his emotions, he still had a difficult time forming any words for the situation.

"I asked you a question."

A sneer beset the smaller's pale face as questions and answers to the the detectives demeanor danced in his head.

"Whatever," scoffed Yusuke, going back to his work, "Don't bother me anymore."

"Bother you?" replied Hiei, "Feh. I always knew I was inconvenience. I shouldn't have bothered myself to even come."

"Yeah," Yusuke agreed, lifting his eyes from the paper to see that Hiei had already left, "...You shouldn't have..."

No fool indeed. That Kuwabara had done something to the detective. Hiei was certain of it. In a mere sprint he found himself staring at said fool through his bedroom window.

Kuwabara rubbed his eyes, hoping to wash away their blood-shot color. It was too late in the day to nap; doing so would effectively eliminate his sleeping schedule. So he decided to stay up and study, or even meditate to expand his psychic abilities.

However, he did not feel protected once he sat down to do so. That spine-tickling chill that only Hiei gave him had ruined his pleasant plans entirely.

"Hiei! Why are you here?" he yelled all too loudly.

Scorn held the demon's eyes still, burning savage and contemptuous holes into Kuwabara.

"What did you do to the Detective?" he demanded.

Kuwabara knew that he had done nothing to Yusuke, but figured that Hiei had seen him leave his friend's apartment. The unfair factor in this matter was obvious.

"I didn't do anything!" he shouted, standing. His face was greeted by the tepid tip of a katana.

"I saw you, Kuwabara," Hiei willfully admitted, "Yusuke is different. What did you do!"

"I'm tellin' ya that I did nothin'!" he answered again, "If ya gotta know, I was on your side!"

The blade inched closer. "What do you mean, "my side"! What was there to know about, fool?"

"Hiei!" yelled the teen, defensively taking a stand for himself. In light of his fatigue, his forearm managed to swat the sword to the side, with little if no damage to his resilient skin. His rage erupted. "You know damn well what I'm talkin' about! You guys thought you could hide everything from me like always, but this time it's a different story!"

"You made him this way!"

"That's absurd!" Kazuma screeched, voice cracking, "I was pissed that he wasn't staying faithful to one person, or even telling the truth! Not even to me!"

A bright reflective flash filled the room, followed by the sound of rocks breaking. Kuwabara had winced to protect his eyes from the sight, and when he opened them, he found that threatening sword lodge into his bedroom wall; the demon's hand still attached to the hilt.

"I've had enough of you," Hiei stated, chest rising rapidly with each heavy breath. He pulled the weapon from where it was embedded, leaving a long and nearly horizontal scar in the flesh of the wall, and then left from the hole through which he had entered.

Scrape, scrape, scrape.

The thin piece of metal raked over the plaster one, twice, and then a third time. More plaster. Repeat.

The silence that sat so patiently in the air was cut with a sickle.

"Sorry," Yusuke apologized.

Kuwabara kept working away, his eyes on his bedroom wall. "Don't worry about it, man." Into the bucket again. "We still have sanding to do when this dries."

"And that's when I should worry about it?"

"No," the other corrected, "Just don't ever worry about it. Hiei's a jerk."

"I shoulda told you."

Kuwabara smoothed the new seams of the wall. "No," he explained, "Hiei still woulda gotten pissed."

Yusuke dropped the pallet knife into the bucket. He wanted to tell Kuwabara all of the ways that this could have been avoided. He wanted to apologize profusely to Shizuru; to pay for the expenses of the pained wall; and pick up the pieces of a friendship he had no right to have.

"Urameshi..." his friend began, "I know all of that. I'd rather just fix my wall and pretend this never happened."

Silence. Like the dull and quiet spaces of nothing between words in a story. No thoughts. No words. No scenery. Just two people mending nothing but a single side of a room.

Kuwabara was always left out. Always the one erased out of the picture. The one hidden behind the figurative wall of no windows.

"Kurama said the same thi-"

No look. An absence of motion.

"Done," said Kazuma, "Let's let it dry now."

The End

Author's Note

Sorry for taking so long to update.

If you're wondering why the end was lacking, I can only say that it wasn't.

I know, I know. I'm going to get reviews like, "You should make a sequel!", "Aww Yusuke didn't get any action!", "Kurama and Hiei should get together now!", "(Character) and (Character) should get together now!", and the like. So, I'm going to answer them ahead of time.

There will be no sequel, only other stories that reference this title or pull from it (Like my Kurama-Yusuke story Delusion and Black Suicide tie in).

Kurama and Hiei, if I were to write anything further, would not get together after the story because it doesn't make sense for this story.

Other characters might get together. You know. Like Keiko and Yusuke. Yukina and Kuwabara. Sort of like...they do in the series.

Lesson I wanted to put out into the story -

Be reckless, be considerate, be honest, and don't leave someone out because they are (insert something people don't approve of, ugly, fat, gay, black, etc.).

And if you have talent - don't hide it.


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