A Pirate's Life for Me!

Hellos! Sorry I haven't been updating my stuff for awhile but I had a major case of writers block and I've also been working on my Novel which I will give you a preview of soon. So here's a new Fic based on "The Pirates of the Caribbean."

Chapter 1: Docks of Port Royal

The salty sea air blew the palm trees and sails in the cove of Port Royal. Several ships were put into dock as storm clouds blew around causing an eerie sensation. A song for children was carried by the wind in an echo.

"We're devils we're black sheep we're really bad eggs drink up me hearty Yo-ho!" Near the dock two ten year old children danced around, singing and laughing. "Yo-ho, Yo-ho a pirates life for me!" Ryanna, the young girl, laughs and spins around.

"Can you feel it Goten? It is the storm of doom and shall bring pirates into our border!"

"That it is, Milady." Goten bowed smiling. Ryanna and he had been friends since birth considering their parents were life long friends themselves.

"Goten stop calling me that." Goten gave a silly grin and jumped onto the fence board.

"Do you really think we will see Pirates milady?" Ryanna rolled her eyes and shrugged. She lifts up her skirt and steps up onto the fence as well.

"I hope so; I think it would be exciting to meet a pirate. Father says I'm daft to think such thoughts." A distant horn interrupted their conversation and a bright smile came to Ryanna's face. A carriage escorted by a fleet of soldiers on horses approached the dock. The footman stepped out and opened the carriage door; Governor Damien Coutsa'n stepped out.

"Father!" Ryanna smiles and runs over. Damien's smiles fell from his face.

"Ryanna, what are you doing out in this ghastly weather?"

"I came with Goten to look for Pirates, father." Damien lets out a soft chuckle and pats her in the head.

"My daughter, all pirates who come into this bay or even a few feet from it will be charged with Piracy and given what they deserve."

"Yes a short drop and a sudden stop." Governor and daughter turn to the carriage where Goten's grandfather and the commodore of Port Royal stepped out.

"Ah, Commodore Son, Bardock, I appreciate your decisive explanation but I would not it expressed in front of my daughter." Ryanna whispers to Goten.

"What does he mean by a sudden stop?" Goten put his hands to his neck and acted like he was choking. Ryanna's eyes widen and Damien cleared his throat.

"That goes for you too, Goten." Ryanna giggles as Goten lowered his hands and laughed nervously. Turning to her father Ryanna brushed back a lock of her hair.

"Actually father I find it all fascinating. Who knows what wonders come out of living a life of Piracy?" Damien and Bardock shared a laugh.

"Ryanna you are so much like your mother; and that's what scares me." The head of the dock walks over to Damien and starts talking about the wages of the docking. Goten's curious ebony eyes then spotted a new ship pull into the dock.

"Hey Ryanna look!" Ryanna turned to Goten then to the ship.

"The Royal Pride, hmmm I've never heard of it. It must be a merchant ship. Come on let's check it out!" Both children run over and spot the captain of the new ship. He was a bit short but had a flame like hair do that made up for it. His face was stern but very handsome. He wore casual clothing fit for a sailor and a piercing in both ears. At his side was a young boy whom looked around their age. He wore similar clothing to captain and had lavender hair with piercing blue eyes to add. His loose shirt exposed his small yet rough chest and a bit of his scarred arms.

"Hey it's a boy. Let's ask him to play with us, Goten!"

"Sure, let's go!" Both run over to the boy waiting for the captain to leave before talking to him. "Hello!" Goten says to the boy extending a hand. "Welcome to Port Royal!" The boy looks up and smiles softly.

"HI," he seemed to be a bit shy and nervous as he answered and shook Goten's hand. Ryanna then spoke up.

"We're looking for pirates! Want to play with us." The boy gulped but the recomposed himself and smirked.

"Why look for pirates when you can actually be one!"

"Hey good idea, what's your name?" Goten asked now excited about playing.

"Trunks, what are your names?" Ryanna pointed to herself.

"I'm Ryanna Coutsa'n and this is my best friend Goten Son." Trunks smiled and jumped up onto a barrel.

"Now you scabrous dogs I'm the captain here, hence to braces! Set the sails, weigh the anchor!" Goten saluted.

"Yes sir!" Ryanna just laughed and clung to Trunks which surprised him a bit.

"What should I do captain?" Trunks laughed and tickled her.

"You will be my woman! You will give me pleasure and bear my children!" Ryanna laughed and ran from Trunks.

"You'll have to catch me first pirate." Trunks chased after her all up and down the dock. Ryanna's heel cracked and slipped on the wetness of the dock and she fell into the water.

"Ryanna!" Goten yelled out. "She can't swim Trunks! Somebody help!" Trunks took off his boots and jewelry quickly.

"Watch my affects." trunks dived into the water after Ryanna as Damien, Bardock, and Trunks' Father ran over.

"Goten what happened?" Damien leaned over towards the water.

"We were playing with our new friend and Ryanna tripped and fell in. Trunks dived in after her."

"Who's Trunks?"

"My son," the captain of the boat spoke up also looking over the dock trying to spot the two children. It was second later when Trunks emerged with Ryanna in his arms both of them gasping for air. "Hurry and pull them out!" Trunks pushed Ryanna up with a little help from his father's crew before he pulled himself up.

"Oh Ryanna are you alright?" Damien looked her over to make sure she was alright." Ryanna nodded and coughed a bit as she was wrapped up in a towel. Damien turns to Trunks and his father. "I give you great thank young man. You saved my daughter."

Vegeta, the captain, eyed the girl just then and shifted uncomfortably. "Say your welcome, son." Trunks stood up straight and bowed.

"Oh yes it was no trouble, I was merely helping my new friend."

"I see, what is your name again?"

"It's Trunks and this is my father, Vegeta. " Trunks professionally extended his hand. "It is a pleasure to meet you, sir." Damien was about to shake it until he saw a mark on Trunks' arm; the letter P, which stood for Piracy.

"You filthy scum, how dare you even touch my daughter!"

"Father?" Ryanna looked on in confusion. Vegeta glared and pulled trunks behind him.

"This is the gratitude we get for saving your daughter."

"Get out of my port before I send you to the gallows! You're lucky I'm letting you live!" Vegeta growled under his breath and grabbed Trunks by the collar of his neck and pushed him onto the ship. "Com on lads, back to Tortuga!"

Later on Ryanna and Goten watched sadly as The Royal Pride sailed into the distant storm. "I can't believe I finally meet a pirate and didn't even know until it was too late!"

"Yeah, talk about being Ironic. No wonder he was so good at playing the part." Ryanna sighed and turned to leave. After taking a few steps she hers a clunk on her heels. Looking down she saw she had stepped on a gold medallion. She picked it up and admired the detailed carvings with the mark of the pirate flag on it.

"Did Trunks drop this?" She looks around but Goten called her name.

"Ryanna come on your dad wants us inside!" She puts the medallion in her bodice before running over.

"I'm coming!"

Woo hoo first chappy done… lol… I had been inspired when I watched the movie like a gazillion times so I decided to write it out and now here it is… I'll probably be doing more work on this then my other stories because I have this one written out already but I promise to keep updating ASAP on all my stories… FYI if you have any questions or concerns my E-mail is thank you and review!