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Chapter 27: The Kraken Crisis

Trunks clung to the jar in his arms giving orders to Yamcha who sat himself behind the helm. Keep it steady. We want to pull alongside it not ram its backend. Pan soon joined his side eyeing the ship with stern eyes.

The wind rustled the sails of the Black Pearl and the Dutchman got closer and closer. Dangerously close, Trunks thought. The mark on his palm almost burning into him like a scar. For once he wished he was with Ginyu whom was volunteered to look after the Four Star while the Black Pearl sailed into enemy territory. Pan patted his shoulder reassuringly and then jumped from the stairs barking orders at the gunners.

Remember we dont want to take them down just stall them while we find Goten and Kakarott. Once theyre aboard I want all arms to prepare to flee. Got it? Boy did Trunks love the way she ordered his men around. Showing strength in all her moves. If it wasnt for the fact he was scared of her no he wouldnt continue the thought.

Ryanna was also yelling at the men. She had a good grip on a cannon rope helping them secure it into place. The almost kiss rang on his mind and made his lips burn and vibrate. He badly wanted to feel that kiss, that little taste of heroism. He bet she would taste any better than any of the other wenches that had occupied his time.

Ooh well now he felt better, He had almost forgotten they were heading to his doom! Damn it why did he have to inherit his fathers curse? What did he ever do that was so wrong?

Captain theyve noticed us! Whats the plan? Yamcha kept it steady as she goes his brow sweating from fear.

Plan? What Plan? We fight, giving Goten and Kakarott considerable amount of time to get on our bloody ship and then flee like cowards. Trunks rubbed his jar for dear life. Hopefully those idiots find a way to get the heart so we have some sort of leverage.

Pan walked over to him gripping the hilt of her sword. We ready for the battle of our lives captain?

I dont think Ill ever be ready, but yeah, go ahead and man the cannons. Pan grinned and screamed out to the men. Alright you bilge rats I want all cannons aimed for the kill! We take no mercy from the Sea Demon, our main objective is to give time to Goten and Kakarott to retrieve the heart and come aboard but that doesnt mean we cant make a statement and drag him to the depths of his own locker!

Ryanna had to admit Pan had the courage of a God. She wielded her men with an iron fist and showed no signs of fear on her face despite who their enemy was. The two women shared a glance of appreciation. Pans face lit up with excitement of the on coming battle. She smiled and gave Ryanna a thumbs up, Ryanna returned the gesture. Were going to hell arent we?

I hope so, Heaven sounds too clean to me.

Ryanna laughed and returned to her eyes to the Dutchman, hoping and praying that Goten managed to survive there.

Goten found himself cursing fate as he saw the familiar sails of Trunks Black Pearl. Exchanging a glance of sympathy with his father he slugged his way through the duties assigned to him and tried to think of a plan. His eyes found Piccolo standing by the helm laughing.

It seems our illustrious Captain Trunks Vegeta has had enough of running. Hes doomed himself and his crew to an afterlife of misery! HAHAHA!

Piccolo! I thought we already had an agreement with Trunks I thought he was given time to pay his debt!

Do you honestly think that Captain Trunks Vegeta would be smart enough to find 100 souls in three days? Ha!

This was bad, Goten thought looking at the bow of the deck. Sure they were pirates but they were decent men all in all, just adventure seekers. Of all pirates why did they have to mingle with death?


The voice caught him off guard. Goten whirled around staring at the shocked face of his brother

Gohan? Is that you?

Gohan laughed and pat his shoulder before hugging him briefly. You are alive. Ryanna was right Im so glad. He looked back seeing Goku. Father.

Goku laughed, well now this is a surprise. We havent seen you at all since we got here, we thought maybe youd been killed or something.

Gohan chuckled slightly walking to pat his old man on the shoulder. It is good to see you again, even under the circumstances. I hope life was treating you a lot better than it is right now. How did you get mixed up in this?

Well Its a long story and we dont really have the time to talk about it. He looked over Gohans shoulder at Piccolo who was, thankfully, too busy watching Black Pear sail across to the starboard side of the Dutchman.

Agreed, but I dont think this will last very long. Unfortunately for your pirate friends Piccolo is very thorough in his work. Even if they managed to escape from the battle hed send the Kraken to finish the job. Gohan shuddered. Trust me when I say its not something any of those pirates could live through. The beast hits along the bottom of the ship taking hold of it, then slinks its tentacles around killing anyone in his way as he slowly pulls down the mast and cracks the ship in half and devours whatevers left at the bottom of the sea.

What are they even doing here? I thought theyd gone to Isle de Muerta to lift the curse. Theyre heading in the wrong direction.

Maybe theyd already finished their business, Gohan suggested, but then questioned. Why gamble with death?

Ryanna, what about Ryanna. Goten panicked running to the side of the ship.

Goten! Ryanna smiled brightly rushing to her own side. I see Goten! Hes alive!

Well Ill be damned. Trunks murmured and he found his eyes locking on Kakarott. They both made it. Good, now we can rescue them then be on our way. Steady as she goes men, allow me to deal with the devil. Trotting up Trunks tapped his jar of dirt and stood at the front boasting out his chest hamming up his manliness. Alright Piccolo, I wasnt able to get the hundred souls but I wont be joining your crew anytime soon. So turn over my friends and lets duke it out until one of us gives.

Oh brother, what the hell is he saying? Ryanna though turning a weary glance to Trunks before turning her eyes back to Goten. The two lovers shared compassion and fear in the glance.

We have to do something, dad. I wont lose her again. Goten felt Gohans hand on his shoulder.

Let me try and handle this. Clearing his throat Gohan shifted. Piccolo I believe we have a schedule to keep, I dont want you lolly gagging after these useless pirates.

I dont care what you care Commodore, Piccolo strutted to Gohan towering over him but Gohan remained tall and firm. This deal was made before your authority and it must be settled!

Commodore? Ryanna whispered and squinted her eyes. She jumped on the railing of the ship for a better look and her eyes widen. Gohan.

Do you forget I hold your life in my hands at the moment! He held up a key, which Goten could only assume was the key to Piccolos heart. Eying his father Goten motioned with his eyes towards the cabin rooms and Goku nodded slowly backing out of sight.

Trunks blinked in confusion, He thought he had this all figured out but apparently a fight had already broken out on the Dutchman between the Captain and Commodore. Pan walked up whispering. What now? They dont seem to be firing at us. Should we try and sneak aboard while theyre engaged or just wait?

Lets wait for now, If goten and Kakarott are smart theyll run while the enemys back is turned.

Ryanna gripped her hands tightly keeping her eyes on Goten as he assessed the situation. He kept turning her head as if looking for something. What is he waiting for? This is the perfect opportunity for them to jump ship but hes just standing there.

Piccolo was not going to budge! He didnt care if the mortal had his heart anymore he would not let Trunks Vegeta slip through his fingers the way his maniacal father did. Their debt will be paid this day! He went to speak but his throat caught with words as the familiar sound of his heartbeat rang painfully in his ears. What is gong on?! He jerked his head to the side and catches Goku making a dash out of the cabin area to the side of the ship. No! Stop him!

Goten catch! Goku tossed the chest his way Goten catching it and then dashing to the side making a running leap for the Black Pearl. Goku geos to follow him but is taken down by the crew members.

Goten! Ryanna jumped from her spot on the rail and practically pounced on top of Goten as he went to pick himself up. Goten was in heaven, despite being sore from his fall his engulfed Ryanna in a hug and crushed his lips to hers.

Trunks immediately gave orders for a retreat. Pan shouted orders the mast flapping madly as they fully opened pushing the ship away from the Dutchman.

Wait, Goten gasped for air as he stumbled to his feet. What about my father! We have the chest! We can persuade Piccolo now go back!

No way! Im getting as far from that devil as possible, if I have his heart its a safe bet he wont come near me. Trunks grabbed the chest liking how it popped open without the use of Gohans key. The still beating heart was gruesome to the eye but to Trunks Vegeta it was a sign that his freedom had been restored. Goten growled.

Hell kill him! Hes your friend dont you care at all?

That Commodore lad is with him, Im sure hell be just fine without us. Trunks chucked the heart into his large jar of dirt shaking it up so it buried deep inside. Ha! Take that Sea devil! Rushing up to the back of the ship Trunk shook it in the air to taunt Piccolo. So much for my soul aye you slimy git! Look what Ive got! Ive got a jar of dirt, Ive got a jar of dirt, and guess whats inside it!

The ship shook suddenly, the shudder shaking Trunks already off balance making him drop the jar into the ocean. Ah! No! No, no, no!

Ryanna had grabbed onto the railing to steady herself. Nice going butterfingers what did we hit a reef?

Gotens face scrunched in confusion than his eyes widened. No, its not a reef! Ryanna! Goten pulled Ryanna away from the edge. Get away from the edge. Its the Kraken!

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