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Chapter 1: An Almost Ordinary Day.

It's been one year since Lan and Megaman have defeated Nebula. Some things have changed since then, Net crime went down, and Yai and Dex moved away. School had just finished for the day and Lan and his friends were talking right after.

"Man, class today was boring," Said Lan.

"You say that about every class, Lan," Said Maylu.

"It's just I wish that something exciting would happen," Sighed Lan.

"Careful what you wish for Lan," Said Megaman from the PET.

"I have to agree with you Lan," Said Tory, "It has been getting kind of boring lately."

"Well, I have to be going now," Said Maylu as she began to walk away, "See you later guys."

Soon after Lan and Tory left to go home, along the way home, Lan stopped at an electronic store that had a TV in front that was always on the news channel. Anyway, there was something about the Net on the news.

"In news today, ten net navis have gone missing today," Said the news anchorman from the TV, "These new disappearances have been added to the ever growing list of missing navis. Officials urge that people keep their navis out of the net until they have solved this case."

"I wonder why navis are disappearing," Asked Lan as he began to leave the store front.

"Maybe someone is deleting them," Inquired Megaman.

"We won't know for sure until the officials find out," Said Lan.

Lan was finally home, his mom had greeted him and Lan went to his room to get his homework done. It was about 5 pm when he finished his homework and Lan was practicing his Net battling skills by facing some programs on Lan's home page. Then Lan's PET was beeping signifying that Lan got some new mail.

"Hey Lan you've got some new mail," Said Megaman as Lan opened the e-mail.

"It's from Maylu," Said Lan as he read the e-mail, "Says she wants you to meet Roll in front of the cyber café the new net area of ACDC that they just built."

"Well, then we better hurry," Said Megaman as he left the home page and headed towards the new area that was just built for ACDC.

The ACDC net area had changed, it was much bigger an almost easier to get lost.

"Man, why do they always change this part of the net?" Asked Lan through the PET.

"Maybe we should ask for directions," Said Megaman as he was about to pass a red armored navi.

"Maybe this guy knows," Said Lan.

"I don't know Lan," Said Megaman.

"C'mon Megaman, you always tell me not to judge a book by its cover," Said Lan as Megaman sighed and approached the red Navi.

"Fine, excuse me," Said Megaman as the red navi turned his head towards Megaman.

"What is it that you want?" Asked the red Navi. The red navi was muscular; underneath his red armor was black covering most of his body. His helmet was spiked backwards, covers his face except his mouth, and had a black jewel on the forehead. His shoulder pads had spikes; he was wearing a belt and collar both with spikes. His fingers were huge gray claws, as was his feet.

"Could you tell me where the link to new area of ACDC is?" Asked Megaman.

"You take this path, and then turn right, then left and you'll find the link," Said the Red navi.

"Thanks," Said Megaman as he turned to leave.

"Well," Said the red Navi after Megaman was out of ear shot, "I can't believe I've found him this early."

Megaman left the area he asked the red navi. Soon Megaman found the cyber café where Roll was waiting.

"Hey Megaman," Said Roll, "You find the place?"

"It wasn't too hard to find," Said Megaman.

Megaman and Roll then went to see the net stores that added to the area. They had battle chip store, music, movies, and a variety of other different net stores. A few hours past, and Megaman was saying goodbye to Roll before he logged out. Just as Roll was about to log out after Megaman, a familiar red navi approached her.

"Pardon me," Said the red navi.

"How can I help you?" Asked Roll.

"Do you know Megaman?" Asked the red navi.

"Yeah, he was just here," Said Roll.

"You know where his homepage is?" Asked the red Navi.

"Why do you want to know?" Asked Roll as she back a little.

"Does it matter?" Asked the red navi as he cracked his knuckles.

"Roll, maybe I should log you out," Said Maylu as she tried to log out Roll, but nothing happen, "What's going on?"

"I'm only going to ask once more, where is Megaman's homepage?" Asked the red navi as he approached Roll.

"Take this Roll arrow!" Said Roll as she shot her heart tipped arrow at the red navi.

The arrow was just about to strike the red navi, when suddenly he grabbed the arrow just before it even touched him. Then he simply squeezed his clawed hand and snapped the arrow in two and just got even madder.

"That's not nice," Said the red Navi as he approached Roll once again.

"Roll blast!" Yelled Roll as she shot many cyber hearts at the red navi.

The attack got the red navi, and smoke filled the cyber air. When the cyber smoke cleared the red navi wasn't damaged, and a blood red aura was covering him.

"Futile resistance, I crave it so much," Said the red navi as he quickly extended his clawed hand and grabbed Roll by the neck. "Well, now my plans have changed, but then this could turn out even better than my first plan."

Suddenly rings of red light surround the red navi and Roll and in an instant they were both gone.

"Roll!" Yelled Maylu through her PET.

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