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Chapter 29: Plan DSP…Final Stage


From his newest spot floating in midair, Phoenixman crossed his arms at the damaged Megaman and Protoman standing in the street before him. Phoenixman's eyes wandered side to side to see that the battle had already caused a high amount of damage…

…And yet, it won't stop…

"…Not until you two are deleted…" Phoenixman stated narrowing his eyes at the two navis. "So…why don't you two just die?"

From that comment, Megaman could feel his blood boil. Everything that Bit…no, referring him to his human name would only be disgusting; with everything that he's done…Phoenixman seemed to be losing any humanity he had left.

Megaman lifted his hand up towards Phoenixman; the damage had affected him more than it looked. "We…we won't give up…"

"That's right…" Protoman stated clenching his hands together, making a dark katana materialize in them. "…We will defeat you…"

"Fools…you don't have a chance to defeat me…" Phoenixman chuckled before floating higher into the air. His right hand began to glow a powerful red aura.

"Chance?" Megaman questioned, turning his right hand into his trademarked blaster. "This battle isn't about chances…it's about more than that…"

Phoenixman just raised an eyebrow at this fool's speech, the gnat did have a good point…there are more than chances involved. "…We have friends and people we care about in this city! We're not going to allow you to hurt them!"

"Hmph! I admire your words…" Phoenixman scoffed raising his hand towards the two navis. "However, it is inevitable and practically impossible to protect your friends from harm. Eventually, something will come, and you will be unable to help them…"

"Everyday, you both have experienced the best life had to offer…but, what if suddenly it just disappeared into the darkness. Your friends…family…everything you had at your hands gone…never to be seen again…"

The aura around Phoenixman's hand began to flare up, forming into a strong flame that surged every few seconds. "In my New World Order, things will be extremely different…"

"What in the world are you planning on doing?" Protoman asked when the Masamune katana fully formed in his hands.

"It's so simple that even you fools will get it…" Phoenixman chuckled showing off his fanged teeth. "…I plan to eliminate the flaws of humanity…"

"But, enough of that…I'll rid my new world of you two!"

The aura around Phoenixman's hand fired a flurry of fireballs that showered directly towards the two navis on the ground. Just as the streaming orbs of flame were about to crash into them both…

…However, they both jumped out of the way at the last second. Protoman took this opportunity to dash towards Phoenixman, and jumped into the air with his Masamune at his side ready to slice Phoenixman from the waist to the shoulder.

Upon noticing that, Phoenixman quickly raised his right arm to block the katana. However, the blade was sliced into the arm's armor. Protoman's eyes widened from behind his visor, and Phoenixman's toothy smile grew. "…I see, you're trying to be the main hero. Slay the villain and save the day…cute…"

With his other arm, Phoenixman slammed his left hand right into Protoman's chest sending the red Navi flying to the ground. As soon as Protoman landed on his feet, Phoenixman scowled at his red opponent. "…And pathetic…"



At those words, Phoenixman spun around and slammed his right arm into the powerful blue blast, shattering the energy into pixels. A second later, and he would've probably been damaged. Turning towards the source, the dark Phoenixman narrowed his eyes at the blue navi. "…So…you want to be the hero as well…"

That's when an extremely dark thought appeared in Phoenixman's head. His face seemed to become more demonic as he began to slowly increase his ascension into the air. When he was a well beyond the top of the tall skyscraper, Phoenixman slowly spun until he stopped and slowly laughed to himself. "…Well…since you like to play heroes…then you should have a proper hero reputation…"

"You can't have heroes without a tragic loss…"

Megaman and Protoman's eyes widened as Phoenixman flew off at a high speed in one certain direction. The two navis quickly ran after their foe, both thinking the same thing…

'He's going after…!'


"So…what's your answer about the hacker's job?" Dragoon asked starring directly at Pixel.

"Sorry, but I really like working for me alone," Pixel replied crossing her arms and turning from Dragoon. It had been a few minutes since Dragoon had returned with a few knocked out N.W.O. agents.

From where they were standing, Pixel could see the many civilians that were evacuated from the dangerous parts of the city. However, due to the dimensional area, no one was able to leave the city.

"Really? Well…that's too bad," Dragoon shrugged off Pixel's answer. "Cause the job pays 10000 zenny per hacking job, as well as a permit for you actually hack legally wherever…within reason…"

Pixel spun around and clasped her hands together towards Dragoon. "Can I still accept the job?"

Dragoon just chuckled and crossed his arms. "…Nope!"


Turning from the downed Pixel, Dragoon saw Breaker, Spectre and Harddrive saluting to him. Dragoon saluted back before crossing his arms once more. "Delta Brothers…anything wrong?"

"Yeah…well, we managed to get all of the N.W.O. agents…" Breaker explained scratching the back of his head. "However, we seemed to have lost that Jack guy…"

"What?" Dragoon questioned taking a step back. "I thought Zero had a grip on that?"

"He did, but apparently Jack was able to escape into the sewer system…" Spectre added turning his head towards the sky up towards the right. "However, I kind of think we've got other things to worry about…"

That just made Dragoon raise an eyebrow. "Like what?"

Harddrive pushed Dragoon's head towards the glowing red flying object heading directly towards the safety area. "Maybe that thing?"

"…I guess this means…" Dragoon shook his head, trying to get the realization from his head. He had more pressing matters, like stopping that object, so Dragoon turned towards the Delta Brothers. "…Delta Brothers! Gather all available agents immediately! We need to get the civilians out of here and provide a distraction!"

"Yes sir!" The Delta Brothers shouted and saluted at the last minute before running off.

Dragoon turned towards Pixel, his eyes gleaming with seriousness. "Young lady…"

"Yeah?" Pixel replied turning back to the silver dragon navi.

"I suggest you get to a safe location with the rest of the civilians…" Dragoon's wings grew and began to flap. A few minutes later, he was off in the air towards the red flying object.


Phoenixman flew directly towards the place he had detected the most human life forms. His plan was simple…extremely simple.

Stopping suddenly into the air, Phoenixman floated over the sight powering up his hands with a powerful dark red aura. "I'll kill a few weak humans and then in their despair I'll wipe those rats out as well…"


Turning his head slightly, Phoenixman saw that Dragoon, as well with seven other navis flying behind him towards the evil navi. From the reports he read back when he was Bit, he could identify them as Spectre, Breaker, Harddrive, Errorman, Zero, Hybrid, and Flare.

Dragoon flew towards Phoenixman with his fist ready to slam into him; a silver aura flowed around his arm. "You won't have your way!"

Phoenixman didn't even move when Dragoon was only a foot away from him and threw his punch towards the evil navi. However…

The attack was halted by Phoenixman's hand as if it wasn't even strong to begin with. Phoenixman just shook his head and then slammed his leg into Dragoon's stomach making him lose his breath. "…How do you hope to stop me when you can't even get your attacks to scratch me?"

Before Dragoon could reply, Phoenixman used his other leg to slam it into Dragoon's back. The force made Dragoon yell into the air as well making him fall to the ground at top speed. The other NPA agents sweatdropped at the sight of their leader failing miserably. The Delta Brothers shook their heads and raised their arms up. "Spectre! Harddrive! Delta Formation Alpha!"

"Right!" Harddrive and Spectre shouted in the air before flying directly towards Phoenixman.

The evil red navi noticed them, but decided to play along by turning his back to them and looked down where the many people were kept in safety…or so they thought. All of a sudden, Spectre and Harddrive grabbed Phoenixman's arms holding them out. "Breaker! Now!"

Breaker flew in front of Phoenixman readying a powerful sword on his right hand, however, Phoenixman just smirked. "YES! NOW!"

Just as Breaker was about to stab his sword into Phoenixman, the evil navi brought his two arms together to slam Spectre and Harddrive into their brother making them all fall to the ground moaning in pain.

Phoenixman slowly turned to the remaining navis that were floating up to him. "Next…?"


Megaman and Protoman watched from the ground, their comrades falling each going down at every other attack that Phoenixman launched. Megaman clenched his fist tightly at the sight of this. "T-this isn't…isn't right."

"We couldn't even scratch him for great damage, and not even they are doing a good job," Protoman sighed at that, his sword returning back into his hand. "Phoenixman was right…we don't have much of a chance…"

"And like I said, this isn't about chances!" Megaman shouted narrowing his determined eyes towards Phoenixman. "Phoenixman may have Bass's data flowing in his programming, and he also thinks like Bass!"

Protoman made a small smirk appear on his face when it dawned on him what Megaman was getting at. "So we should fight him the same way…"

"Right…" Megaman replied when a bright white light began to glow around the two navis.

The two lights grew forming into a single orb of light in the streets.


"Pathetic…" Phoenixman chuckled dropping Zero to the ground and then cracked his hands together. "But enough fun for now…times to get serious…"

Phoenixman's hands formed into two large phoenix heads that opened up forming two orbs of red, yellow and white flames in their beaks. "I said I'd make them heroes with a cause…and I'll do that right now! Double Nova!"

Just as the attacks fired towards the ground, a sharp red blur flew past Phoenixman and flew underneath the attack. Phoenixman's eyes widened at the sight of his attack then being cut in half by the red sharp blur and sending the remains of the attack towards two empty buildings destroying them. Returning his hands to normal, Phoenixman just stared at the new form before him. "…I see…I read this in the reports before…so this is the infamous Proto-Soul…"

"That's right…" Megaman replied turning towards Phoenixman. Megaman's blue armor became the same style of the Protoman's red armor and his hair had grown into a long black ponytail. His right hand was a sharp red cyber sword…the very weapon that must've cut right through Phoenixman's attack. Megaman raised his sword towards Phoenixman. "And so you must know the power this has within it…so I am giving you one last chance to give up…"

"Me? Surrender to you? HA!" Phoenixman laughed into the air raising his right arm in the air. "Two weaklings combined is two times the entertainment! Phoenix Claws!"

Phoenixman's right hand became a large talon, and then he flew directly towards Megaman. "Prepare for deletion!"

That's when Megaman slammed his knee right into Phoenixman's face stopping the phoenix themed navi in the air. And then the force sent Phoenixman back a few flying feet in the air, rubbing his nose. "What the hell?"


Phoenixman flew back at the last second to see Megaman slicing at him, missing by only a hair. When Phoenixman raised his leg up to strike Megaman in the head, Megaman placed his other hand on the leg and used the force to propel his leg right into the temple of Phoenixman's helmet.

The force sent Phoenixman flying into an empty skyscraper, shattering the glass all around his body. As the evil navi tried pulling himself from the debris, Megaman just appeared right in front of him and then quickly slammed his left fist in between Phoenixman's eyes, forcing Phoenixman right through the building breaking anything that managed to get in his way.

Debris and dust flew from the opposite end of the building, sending Phoenixman into the air holding his face. "Dang it! This isn't possible…how could two weaklings possibly be this strong?"

Appearing right in front of Phoenixman, Megaman began to ready his cyber sword for a horizontal slash, surprising the evil navi. "CAUSE! WE'RE NOT ALONE!"

"Fire Sword!" Phoenixman shouted forming his left hand into a flaming sword to take Megaman's slash, although the force sent him to the side in the air.

And it didn't stop there; Megaman flew directly towards Phoenixman and kept slashing at the evil N.W.O. navi. Phoenixman was barely able to block the attacks with his weakening fire sword.

"TAKE THIS!" Megaman shouted slashing downwards on Phoenixman's sword, shattering the weapon and sending Phoenixman towards the ground.

However, that's when Megaman noticed where Phoenixman was heading. "…! Not good!"

Phoenixman crashed on the ground, sending dust flying from the ground into the air above him. When the dust settled, Phoenixman rubbed the top of his cracked helmet. "…I hate to admit this…but if this keeps up, then I might actually lose…" His eyes wandered over to his right, where they widened at the sight before him. "…Heh, heh, well then, this is about to turn very interesting…"

Arriving in the air a few yards from Phoenixman, Megaman stopped with a cold drop of sweat beating down the back of his head. "…no…" Phoenixman was standing in front of a knocked out Protoman floating in mid-air from the ground with a light aura around him, Phoenixman's right hand was glowing a pulsing red.

"I figured it out…you were correct," Phoenixman cackled to himself strengthening the aura in his hand. "You weren't alone; this weakling was providing you with his strength while maintaining himself from a safe distance."

A powerful surge of temperature emerged from the aura around Phoenixman's hand. "I wonder what would happen if I blasted this guy from the brink of existence?"

"NO!" Megaman shouted diving towards Phoenixman.



A long katana just sliced right through the back of Phoenixman's stomach, making the evil navi roar out in pain and surprise. Megaman's mouth smiled at the navi standing behind Phoenixman. "Justice!"

"Yo!" Justice replied before Phoenixman pulled himself from the blade and began to fly in the air. Justice raised his hand up and gave Megaman a thumbs up. "Go for it man! I'll keep an eye on Protoman here, so you'll just go after that jerk!"

"Thanks!" Megaman shouted before flying after Phoenixman.


Flying slowly in the air, Phoenixman held onto his de-rezzing side, some blood was coming from his mouth. His eyes were widened at the fact that he was severely wounded. "…How? Why?"

That's when Megaman just appeared before him, raising a cyber sword towards Phoenixman's face. "You really want to know? Fine…my power comes from unity…"

"But, I have the ultimate Navi's strength at my finger tips!" Phoenixman coughed before wiping some blood from his mouth.

"My power didn't come from petty theft, unlike yours," Megaman stated clenching his fist. "You didn't earn that power, so you can't use it properly…"

Phoenixman growled loudly before he raised his left hand in front of his chest. "…I guess you've got a somewhat of a point…but I do have a power source that I was keeping when I had increased the Dimensional Area."

In Phoenixman's left hand formed into a small data that Megaman had seen on the net, only this one was a dark crimson color with black moving spots on it. It looked like black electricity was sparking around it. "Allow me to show you the fruits of my parents work…with a touch of my talent."

"You mean the anti-hacker program?" Megaman questioned raising an eyebrow at the weird data. "How's that going to help you?"

"Heh, you're too simplistic, allow me to explain my program," Phoenixman stated placing the program at his emblem, making him groan in pain as the dark electricity seemed to surge into his emblem. "Grr!... My…program was originally used in firewalls…if a hacker was dumb enough to get through the original program, this program would detect the unauthorized user and implant a very deadly and potent virus. However, with my modifications, if a navi absorbs the data…they will become a virus and increase in all areas…and with Bass's strength…"

Megaman flew directly towards Phoenixman, readying his sword for a quick stab. "I won't allow you to use that!"

"TOO LATE!" Phoenixman laughed when the program fully integrated with his body, creating a large orb of red and black light around his entire body.

For a few seconds, Megaman just stared at the orb. 'Lan…this can't be good at all…'

"I guess that means that we should probably take this thing out before Phoenixman is finished…" Lan replied to Megaman.

Megaman raised his sword and flew towards the orb, bringing his sword down on the orb. However, just as the blade was about to connect with the orb, a large mechanical talon shot out of the orb and blocked the blade. "What the…?"

Pushing backwards, Megaman pulled his blade back just when the orb shattered into red and black light, making Megaman raise his other arm to block the light.

"HeH, YOu aRE abOUT tO SEE TrUE pOweR!" A distorted voice laughed loudly into the air.

Megaman lowered his arm and saw what was before him, the 'Navi' floating before him must've been Phoenixman…only really different. His legs resembled his previous legs, though, his upper body was extremely different, and his arms were longer and had become red and yellow long talons that both had an extremely large red wing at his bicep. His torso had multiple cybernetic feathers near his distorted emblem. And his head, it was now a large phoenix head that had a metallic face under the beak with glowing red eyes. "In ThIS FoRM yOu cannot Ho…HOPE tO wIn!"

"We'll see about that! Cyber Sword!" Megaman shouted flying towards Phoenixman.

His metallic face not showing any emotion, Phoenixman turned to his side and raised his right wing at the last second and displaced Megaman's attack to the left, sending Megaman flying past him with a confused look in his eyes. "What the?!"

That's when Phoenixman turned around and sent his powerful talons right towards Megaman's back, however, at the last second, Megaman raised his sword up and blocked the attack. Although the force sent him flying backwards into the air.

'How'd he do that?' Lan thought while his cross-fused form looked around to try to locate Phoenixman.

'It's an old technique Lan, he displaced the blade with his wing, making the angle of your attack change slightly, that made you miss,' Megaman thought back when his and Lan's cross-fused form spotted Phoenixman floating up a few yards away from him. 'He was able to anticipate the attack…that program may have given him that ability…'

"Then we'll try something unpredictable!" Megaman shouted raising his sword up into the air. "Sonic Boom!"

Megaman slashed his sword at a horizontal attack unleashing a powerful wave of energy towards Phoenixman. Just as the attack was about to make contact, Phoenixman pulled in his wings, making him fall to the ground dodging the attack in the process.

Before he reached the ground, Phoenixman unleashed his wings once more and dived towards the ground before pulling up and flying directly towards Megaman. Seeing this, Megaman moved to the right before Phoenixman had slammed into him at top speed. That's when Megaman flew towards Phoenixman prepared to slice off those wings. "I'll clip your wings!"

With quick speed, Megaman slashed down towards Phoenixman's unguarded wing, almost catching the evil Navi off guard…


Connecting his four talons together, Phoenixman had created a makeshift sword that blocked Megaman's attack. "Listen…in case you're wondering…As long as I displace blade, no matter how sharp or powerful your weapon is, I am able to dodge…"

"Dodge this!" Megaman shouted lifting his leg up and bringing it towards Phoenixman's head.

In response, Phoenixman just brought his other hand up and caught Megaman's leg. "I can anticipate your speed…"

"…And now, you're defenseless…"

Phoenixman just brought his knee directly into Megaman's stomach making Megaman lose his breath. Phoenixman released Megaman and chuckled to himself. "And to think…you we…were…were…win…winning a…fEW MInuTEs! ARGH!!!!"

Fire began to erupt from underneath Phoenixman's armor and his eyes, making Megaman blink a few times as to what was going on. "Megaman, any ideas?"

'That program must be backfiring on him…my guess is that he's cracking under the stress on the power.'

Both of Phoenixman's arms forged into fire and formed into large red phoenix heads with two powerful forms of energy in their mouths. That's when his face morphed once more, this time into a more demonic format. "DeLTe!"

In response Megaman raised both of his arms up, creating two swords at both hands, forming powerful energy around both of the blades. "If that's the case…Then bring it on!"

At the moment that Phoenixman launched his two attacks, Megaman flew towards the evil navi preparing his two swords. Just before the attacks collided, it appeared that many forms appeared behind Megaman, forming into the many people and navis Lan and Megaman met over the course of this tournament. "This is for everyone!"

The powerful red blasts covered Megaman and Phoenixman just laughed loudly, thinking that he had won this battle. That's when two blades pierced right through his side and his emblem, making him growl in pain.

Megaman passed through Phoenixman and lowered his blades as Phoenixman began to de-rezz and fall to the ground. "This is truly the end…"


One Week Later…

"Okay! Come on people! We've got to get this city back in tip top shape!" Zeek shouted into his megaphone and adjusting the worker's hat on his head.

Lowering his head at this, Lan sighed loudly sweeping away some glass on the ground with his broom that Zeek game him. "Man…how'd I get rope into this? I was the one who beat Bit…"

"Yeah, but you did kind of contribute to the damage to the buildings…" Megaman commented from the PET.

"I get it! But still, you think they could've cut me a little slack…" Lan moaned lifting his PET to his face. "Maylu and the others have already headed back and even Chaud's disappeared…"

"Oh yeah, Zeek told me that since we took Bit down, all the members of the N.W.O. that were caught are being sent to the headquarters for questioning," Megaman stated looking at some files on his PET. "While Bit, he's still in critical condition…"

"I'm surprised he was still able to breathe after our attacks…" Lan pointed out. "I'm just glad that we got the data back to Sci-lab…"

"Get back to work agent Hikari!" Andrew shouted from a far.

"…Didn't I quit the NPA a while back?" Lan asked scratching his head and getting back to his sweeping.

From a few feet away a mysterious shadow watched Lan working. "So…that kid was able to defeat the leader of the NPA? Seems unlikely…"

"Appearances can be deceiving…" an electronic voice replied from the mysterious person's belt.

"True…I'm a good example for that…we'll have to make a note to stay clear from that kid…"

"That reminds me…we got a message, we found someone who knows where 'it' is…"

"Groovy, we better go find them…"

/-//-/ The End //-//-//-/-/

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