The Rest of Our Lives


This takes place pretty much right after the manga series ended and after the gang graduates from college. In case you guys out there forgot the end of the series , here's a refreshment: Yuu and Miki had just revealed their true feeling about each other to their parents. And Yuu confronts them about Youji not being his real father, but then finds out that he is in fact Youji Matsuura's son, and that there was another child that would be Jin's and Chiyako's baby. But she had a miscarriage and lost the child. And now that everything's in the open Jin is on Yuu back about not touching his 'baby girl' ;;. Oh well, he's a dad what do you expect? Anyway, that's where the series ended. And this is where I begin the fanfic. Below is a list of the main characters in my fanfic, you should read it, and some of them from the manga will not be in this story, ok let's do this thing!

Miki Koishikawa a.k.a. Mustard Girl: Very cheerful and shows emotion easily. But kinda slow (just like me! lol ;;). She and Yuu are boyfriend-girlfriend. She just graduated from Tokyo University (Even if they didn't go there in the manga, well that's just to damn bad! Cuz they did now! ) and studied business management. Along with Meiko and Arimi, they are planning on opening their own boutique called Triple Flava (I came up with the name myself! Hehe).

Yuu Matsuura a.k.a. Marmalade Boy: He acts cool in front of other people but always had his guard up. But since he met Miki he opens up to people more. He gave Miki a pearl bracelet and ring. He wants to be an architect and transferred from his college to Miki's. Also a graduate. He got a job with a company called Dreams, a new architectural company that designs and builds dream houses for people and buildings for companies. He is helping design Triple Flava.

Meiko Namura (since she married Nachan, her last name changed from Akizuki to Namura, but she still uses her maiden name for her writings.): Miki's best friend, she married Nachan right after she graduated high school. She went to college in Hokkaido where she lived with Nachan and majored in oral and written communications. She is working on a new book but is also going to help run Triple Flava. Since she has a lot of money, she is the reason they can do the boutique. Meiko will mostly be in charge of the financial part of running it. She had her baby girl, Miyuki last year.

Shin'ichi Namura a.k.a. Nachan: He used to be the gang's teacher but after parents found out about his and Meiko's relationship he quit and went back to Hokkaido to work in his family's business, real estate. Married Meiko and they have a daughter now (Kawaii! ) named Miyuki who's one year old! He now owns the family business. And he's helping the girls buy land for Triple Flava. (Sheesh, everyone's helping aren't they? ).

Ginta Suou: He's Arimi's boyfriend. Also a graduate. Very good tennis player. He won the national men's championships and became quite famous . But he graduated Tokyo University majoring in banking. He then became the President of Tokyo Bank. And he, you guessed it, is helping the girls with Triple Flava.

Arimi Suzuki: Ginta's girlfriend. She has a fashion instinct and is one of the designers for Triple Flava. Her dad is friends with a guy who owns a sewing company and he is willing to make replicas of the clothes the girls designed and made for free. (In case you guys are confused, he pretty much takes the clothes that the girls made and makes a bunch of them, kinda like copies, so they always have enough in stock.) She is now really close friends with Miki and Meiko.

And now, on with the fanfic!……………

Disclaimer: I do not own Marmalade Boy or any of its characters, but those that I have made up are my own creations. So please don't sue me! Thank you!