The Rest of Our Lives

Chapter 3: Surprise!

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Gasping, Miki couldn't believe her eyes and Yuu just watched her with a huge grin spread across his face. Before her was their new apartment, but instead of the millions of boxes she expected to see, Miki saw a fully furnished and painted room. The dining room consisted of a solid Mahogany table fit for 4 people on either side and one on each one accompanied with chairs made of the same wood but with cream silk cushions on the seats. A brilliant chandelier hung from the ceiling glittering like a thousand diamonds.

The kitchen was completely remodeled from what Miki had when they had first bought the apartment. The floor now had black and white marble titles with chestnut cabinets and black countertops with flecks of diamonds in them (I saw it at home depot, basically its black granite with flecks that look like glitter on it but much nicer). A new stove and dish washer was installed and a new fridge too.

In the living room the walls were painted a serene blue and lush new beige carpeting peeped between Miki's toes. A soft baby green sofa with cream pillows stitched with palm trees and light orange chairs along with a bamboo coffee table and side tables completed the Bahaman feel of the room. A new plasma TV was mounted onto the wall over the fireplace.

Still gawking, Yuu led Miki to the bedroom and spare room. Upon entering their bedroom Miki nearly fainted. The walls were a rich deep red; a canopy bed claimed the middle of the room with white silk sheets and a beautiful red comforter. Black accent pillows added to the romantic feel of the room. A new dresser and nightstands made from cherry wood made the room look even comfortable.

The spare room turned office was just as breathtaking, the walls changing between pastel yellow and mandarin orange. Two desks with laptops and a new printer sat in their place. One desk obviously more girly than the other with touches of pink and lavender along with a lavender chair, the other more masculine, with blues and deep greens and a black chair. The last room was the bathroom, with palm tree wallpaper and new titled floor and a wonderful Jacuzzi tub Miki could hardly wait to try it out. The whole apartment was transformed and being surprised was an understatement.

"I was hoping you'd like it…" Yuu said while reaching behind his head with a light blush across his face. "I mean, I know we picked out stuff at Ikea but it was to fool you because I had already bought all this, and I thought it would be nice for us to have. I knew if I told you that you'd never let spend all the money on it."

Miki just stared at him in awe, "You did this...all for me? YUU I LOVE YOU! I LOVE IT! BUT I LOVE YOU MORE!" And with that she tackled the poor boy into a huge hug, planting kisses all over his face. After the initial shock of getting tackled by a little brown headed girl wore off, Yuu gladly returned her kisses with eagerness. What started out as innocent fun soon turned into a something much more heated and passionate. When they finally pulled away for some much needed air, all Miki could say was, "Wow…" Yuu laughed heartily. "Yea, wow."

Standing up and reaching out his hand to help Miki up, Yuu pulled her up with ease and led her to their new kitchen. Just as he was about to suggest they start on dinner the doorbell rang. Yuu scowled because he was hoping to spend more time with Miki, and maybe get a 'reward' (if ya get my drift hehe).

"Oh hi Arimi, Ginta! What's up?" Miki asked with a smile.

Arimi and Ginta made their way in and both stopped dead after surveying the apartment.

"Are you sure…"Arimi began.

"That this is the same apartment you guys bought?" Ginta finished.

Miki and Yuu both laughed and after a brief recap, Miki and Arimi ran off to chatter about the new look. Girlish giggles could be heard from the next room and Ginta and Yuu just shook their heads. "Wow man, I got to say, I am very impressed. This is amazing! How did you do it?"

Yuu grinned back. "It wasn't that hard, I love Miki and all but she's not one for noticing things." Ginta bit back a laugh and just settled for a nod. The girls came back in and after a quick dinner made by the one and only Yuu, the foursome called it a night. Arimi and Ginta said their goodbyes and walked across the hall to their own apartment. 30 minutes, a soap fight, and four dishes later, Miki and Yuu settled into bed after each taking a quick shower.

Yuu was already lying in bed in a pair of pajama pants and nothing else (come on, got to show off that sexy manliness somehow right?) watching TV as Miki nervously walked in. Clad in a pair of shorts (you mean booty shorts) and a camisole she looked at Yuu apprehensively before slowly making her way to the bed. 'Oh my god, this is it, I'm going to be in the same bed as Yuu, oh crap, oh crap, oh crap, what if something happens!?! I mean I don't know! KYAA!!' That and million other thoughts running through her mind, Miki failed to notice Yuu looking at her questioningly.

After a few silent minutes he moved over until he was sitting right in front of the spaced out girl with a series of emotions that seem to run across her face. Embarrassment, fear, shock, giddiness, embarrassment again, nervousness. Yuu reached out and grasped one of Miki hands lightly as to not startle the young woman.

Coming out of her revere, Miki looked down at Yuu. "Oh…hi." Was what managed to come out of her mouth, and quite lamely at that.

Yuu chuckled and pulled Miki down onto the bed with him. "What's the matter Miki, nervous that you won't be able to keep your hands off of me?"

Miki snapped out of her revere and smiled seductively back, which earned a raised eyebrow from Yuu. "Actually, I think the problem is going to be that you can't keep your hands off of me…"

Yuu stared at her for a minute before breaking out in a huge grin. "Well then, can't let you down now can I?" And with that, he pulled Miki fully on to the bed, flipping them over so he was on top. Capturing her lips in a fiery kiss, Miki felt like her insides her on fire. Every place Yuu touched her skin burned, pure hotness was seeping in her very core.


Taking advantage of being on top, Yuu started to grind his hips against Miki's sad excuse for shorts, both having to hold back a moan. Miki wrapped her legs around his toned waist, and surprising both of them, slipped her tongue into his mouth. Their tongues danced together, fighting for dominance over who would win. Yuu backed down and started to kiss down Miki's neck, leaving love bites everywhere.

Pulling her shirt off, Yuu felt his pants become even tighter. Without a second thought he dipped his head down and suckled on the pink bud. Miki let out a gasp and arched her back, wanted more of the erotic feeling Yuu was creating.

Not wanting to forget the other twin, Yuu showered it was just as much attention, though just with his hand. Switching, he started to nibble and suck on the other one while not forgetting to tease the one he had left. Finish with his assault on her breasts, Yuu slipped off her shorts, loving the fact that she didn't wear panties at night.

Deciding that Yuu had on too much clothes (right, a pair of pants is too much…) Miki slipped off his pajama pants and flipped them over. With Yuu leaning against the headboard, she made her way down his chest, trailing her fingers against the taunt muscle. Finally reaching her destination, she slowly wrapped her warm fingers around his throbbing member. Yuu groaned at the contact. Upon hearing the sound Miki froze, afraid she had hurt him.

"Omigosh, did I hurt you Yuu?" Yuu looked up to see concern in her brown eyes. Quickly shaking his head 'No', Miki continued moving her hand, which resulted in more groans from Yuu.

Deciding that enough teasing was done, Yuu once again flipped them over, positioning himself in front. Rubbing himself against her now very wet and very hot womanhood, Yuu could barely hold himself back from just ramming into her and taking her right there.

"Miki are you sure…" He received his answer with a soft kiss.

"I'm sure Yuu, I love you." Nodding and leaning down to capture Miki in another soul stopping kiss, Yuu pushed his way in, breaking her virginity. Gasping, Miki let out only a few tears. After a minute, she experimentally started moving her hips. Feeling nothing but pleasure, she bucked her hips against Yuu, telling him to continue. No need to tell that boy twice.

Yuu pushed in slowly, making sure that it was just as pleasurable for Miki as it was for him. Slow love making soon turned into pure hot sex. Touches and words were lost ablaze the heaven that the couple had found. Moving their bodies together at an amazing speed, both finally found their releases together, and fell limply onto the bed.

After some much needed breathing, Yuu started to slide out, but Miki stopped him before he could get all the way out.

With a blush on her face Miki said, "Please, can we just sleep like this?" Yuu gave her a warm smile.

"Anything for you love." Giving her a tender kiss the couple fell asleep in each others arms, feelings shared between them that no one else in the world would be able to attain.

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