Title: Watashi wa Minako

Author: Kyouryoku Senshi

Summary: What Minako's life might have been like before she became Sailor V. PGSM based.

Disclaimer: No part of PGSM belongs to me, only a few minor characters I made up.

Authors Notes: I've been wondering what Minako's life might have been like a little while before she became Sailor V, and where her parents might be since they were absent in the series. My idea of what could have happened.

"Mama…papa…" An eight year old Minako called out softly as she watched her parents slowly disappear down a long hall as they got further and further away

The young girl's father, Kanmuri Aino stopped in his tracks abruptly and turned in Minako's direction, though avoiding her gaze briefly then back to his wife, Misaki Aino.
Kanmuri, turning his back towards the young girl spoke softly.

"Your mama and I have important work to attend to, Minako-chan. I think its best if you stay in Tokyo with your caretakers so you can go to school without changing districts constantly." Her father spoke

"We promise to write when we have time, we love you. We'll return when we finish up our studies over in England, Take care, Minako-chan. Sayonara." Her mother said and with that they both made their way down the seemingly long hall until they were out of sight

Fade Out

Thirteen year old Minako smoothed her hands over her pleaded navy blue school uniform before glancing over at the mirror to examine her reflection. She turned and looking at the time, she sighed and picked up her satchel off of her sofa before reluctantly deciding that she'd better leave for school.

She let the door to her apartment close behind her as she proceeded down the stairs towards the sliding glass doors. Her limo driver had insisted on giving her rides to and from school but she had also insisted that she didn't mind the walk, besides she didn't like the idea of drawing so much attention from the other students even if the school was for those who couldn't make a big commitment due to career reasons like herself or for personal or family reasons.

She stepped through the automatic sliding doors and proceeded in the direction towards her school, she wore sunglasses which concealed her features so the passerby's didn't make a commotion over the famous idol.

Minako lived by herself; her parents had been away studying in England for as long she could remember, she hardly heard from them except on rare occasions where she'd be sent gifts for holidays and birthdays. Minako had lived with her parents in England for most of her childhood young before moving back to Tokyo. With much negotiation, Minako had finally been able to move into her own apartment, she was one who didn't rely on others to make decisions for her, she was a true leader.

Once Minako reached the front of the indoor building that was her school, she couldn't help but wince as the vision of the school before her slowly became a blur before fading into a momentary image of a Prince and Princess but quickly returned back into the image of the school before her before the image could become distinct.

"Nani?" she asked quietly trying to force the image back into her head But everything had happened so quickly she wasn't able to make the image clear

Upon glancing at her fellow students passing her by and entering the gates, she looked towards the large clock and decided that she should get going before the last minute bell decided to ring.

Minako made her way to the lockers for P.E, her first class of the day to change into her P.E. uniform and head to the GYM. Minako was extremely popular through Japan especially to the other girls, though no matter how popular she was, she didn't have many close friends to confide in, most of the people who passed her by were more or less acquaintances.

Music is and always has been Minako's life; she'd been so enthralled in her career that she had rarely any time to focus on personal relationships.

When she finished changing and started to head out of the locker room, a girl slightly taller than herself rounded up next to her and tapped her friendly on the shoulder.
"Minako-chan, Ohayo!"

"Ohayo, Hanabatake-san." Minako said still looking straight ahead already knowing which owner the voice belonged to

Harumi Hanabatake laughed cheerfully as they both filled into The GYM with the rest of the students "No need to be so formal, Minako-chan, we've known each other since the beginning of Junior High."

Minako held back an exaggerated sigh "Okay, Harumi-chan." She said reluctantly

Harumi smiled "How was your weekend?"

"Fine." Minako said simply avoiding further conversation as the P.E. teacher greeted the class quickly before assigning them to their Volleyball Teams

Minako usually didn't like sports; however this was the only one she enjoyed in P.E. and found herself quite good at it. Once they began the game Minako watched as the people up front made attempts at hitting the ball.

Everyone cheered when Minako had hit the ball, but when it came in her direction The entire GYM had faded before her eyes as she was pulled into another Momentary vision, though this one had been longer than the last, for a few seconds She witnessed land caving in and many surrounding screams she wasn't able to place.
Above all, she could hear her name being called "Aino Minako-san!" Once the vision passed however a wash of dizziness passed through her and a searing pain in her head made everything go black as she fell to the floor.

To be continued…