Title: Watashi wa Minako

Author: Kyouryoku Senshi

Summary: What Minako's life might have been like before she became Sailor V. PGSM based.

Spoilers: This chapter has some spoilers from Act Zero at the end.

Disclaimer: No part of PGSM belongs to me, only a few minor characters I made up.

Authors Notes: I've been wondering what Minako's life might have been like a little while before she became Sailor V, and where her parents might be since they were since they were absent in the series. My idea of what could have happened.

A few months later, Christmas.

Minako gazed up into the starry night sky as she began to contemplate the meaning of her entire life. She knew the recent events and choices she had made would be the ones that would change her life forever. Between discovering her illness, her recent visions and sending her parents away, she knew her life would never be the same.

However, this Christmas was the same as all of the others; it was as if she was secluded in the solitude that was always there. She had distanced herself from her 'friends' which she preferred to think of more as 'acquaintances' than anything else. Aside from school, she never saw these people. So she didn't really couldn't consider or see them as actual friends.

She sighed as she looked deeply into the night sky as if she were searching for an answer to why all of this was happening to her. Minako couldn't help but smile absently to herself when the Christmas music echoed from down below her apartment building, complimenting the beautiful atmosphere with its elegant rhythm.

It made it seem as if the shining stars beyond her, were welcoming her presence into their embrace. And embrace that would foretell her destiny…part of her knew that as well.

Each time she had a vision, bit by bit, all of it had started to come together slowly but surely and it still was.

Minako tilted her head slightly when she thought she saw something unusual to almost appear to be falling out from the night sky. "Eh?"

Minako who was now fascinated by this white object, started to sit up and not once moving her gaze from the falling object until it fell onto her head.

"What…What is this?" Minako cried out in alarm

When Minako had finally managed to pry off what now appeared to be a cat plushy, it had done the last thing she could have ever imagined…it talked.

"I'm Artemis…I've been looking for you…" The plush cat spoke

It was then that everything had truly changed forever…a mission from the past life had been embraced…


A now fully suited Sailor V stood tall and proud after she had received her first battle, which had involved teaching a thief a lesson.

"Sugoi…" Sailor V had whispered as she tried to comprehend what all of this had to do with her visions

"You did pretty well for your first time; even pop-idols can be brave too…" Artemis sighed

Sailor V, who was too caught up in her thoughts to hear Artemis…was now processing another event that would be life changing as well. This had been the source of her visions and if she could put everything together, she'd be able to better understand her destiny within a reasonable amount of time.

"…I have this power…" She said slowly

"Starting today…you are a senshi…" Artemis said slowly and carefully choosing the right set of words before listening to her reaction

Sailor V paused for a few moments before speaking once more

"Artemis right? Thank you…this might be the best Christmas present ever!" she nearly exclaimed

It was…It was a change that could have been considered for best or for worst, it depended on how one would look at it. Part of Minako had known that things would never be the same again. Aside from being an idol, Minako had found another purpose in life…she felt something she hadn't felt in a long time…she had felt needed. Her mundane life had been changed forever. She carried the weight of the world on her shoulders…She had a mission from the past life to fulfill.