My Little Girl
by Zandrellia

During the busy day Usagi keeps a facade that she and Chibi-Usa are barely friends, let alone future mother and daughter. Chibi-Usa thinks that Usagi doesn't even think about the future and only thinks of trivial things. This shows how wrong she is as one night Usagi creeps into Chibi-Usa's room to watch her sleep and thinks of tomorrow and what it will bring.

The floor creaks and Usagi cringes and holds perfectly still on the step, waiting to see if anyone woke to the sound. Silence. Just the quiet sounds of midnight breathing and snores from dreams.

The young woman smiles and finds her way up the dark stairs, pushing the trap door open slowly and silently. As she stands in the dusty attic she wonders how the little girl can bear to be up here. She walks over to the bed which is illuminated by a sliver of moonlight shining on the small bed's occupant.

Usagi smiles and stands there for a moment just watching her breathe. It's a miracle that she is here. No. She is a miracle. The little pink haired girl turns and mumbles in her restless sleep and the young woman immediately tucks the covers over her tighter. She runs her fingertips over the small girl's face and watches with amazed interest as the girl suddenly seems to calm in her sleep.

She knows my touch even in her sleep. She knows I am with her. Usagi thought as she continued to stare at the little girl. Her fingers slid through the soft pink threads of hair and marvled at how it felt just like Mamoru's hair; baby fine for all of her life.

The blonde smiled at this as she thought of her boyfriend and how they were destined to be together in the future; if not just for a moment in time, so they could come together and make this beautiful child; their child.

My little girl, that's what you are. I hope you know how much you mean to me, how proud I am of you every time you show your unique smile; or how you have such a strong sense of pride, even though you are still a little one.
Usagi thought as she continued to watch the girl sleep, content in seeing the
steady movement of her blanket as it rises and falls with her breathing.

She sat for a few moments more, just watching the child sleep. Knowing that she would never love another like she does this small girl; she smiled and

Walking over to the trap door she slipped down onto the stairs and pulled the door over her, but just enough where she could still see the girl across the room. "I love you little one." She said with a whisper as she gently closed the door and padded down the stairs and to her room.

The little girl turned towards the trap door in her sleep, the moonlight caressing her face. Her mouth opened and she spoke in her sleep. "I love you too mama." And the little girl smiled in her dreams of home.


I don't own Sailor Moon, it was never my idea and none of the characters
represented in this fictional work were my original ideas.