Disclaimer: I don't own Harry Potter or the Chamber of Secrets.

An Unknown Chamber

"Hisssss" came from all around me
Bouncing off of
Stone walls and serpent statues
"Drip, drip"
The water fell from the serpents' eyes
As if they were crying
A sliding sound came from my right
But I dismissed it
I was alone
No one else knew of this chamber

I continued my trek
Exploring the stone chamber
A pathway lined by serpents
Forked tongues frozen forever in mid-flick
Water was everywhere
No, not water
They were serpent tears

A large tear lake
At the end of the path
Caught my attention
I knelt down at the water's edge
The still surface of the water
Drew my eyes

Gold eyes stared back at me
I was taken aback
As the gold eyes approached
Gliding up through the tears
The head of a giant serpent emerged
The tears cascading off of the scales

I was petrified of this serpent
So large yet so majestic
The gold eyes focused on me
I was trapped
No one else knows of this chamber
And the serpent raised its head
As if to strikeā€¦