A/n: All right, I love this play. The only problem is, I haven't technically seen it! I love the soundtrack and I read a bunch of summary's and such on the Internet with enough information to write a fic! I haven't seen a lot of fanfic's for this play so I decided to write one. So, enjoy, and if I have information wrong, please inform me through reviews. I would really like to have your input. Also, don't let this first chapter decive you. I love Jamie/Cathy not Jamie/Elise.

Chapter 1: This is the Life I Have

Cathy stood in the apartment she and Jamie lived in during the 5 years of their marriage. She stared out the window and looked down at her hands. Why was she the one in pain? She was fateful. She was also still wondering why she thinking about this. It had been 5 months since the divorce was finalized. She didn't want to have thoughts of Jamie in her mind anymore. He was making her still hurt even when he wasn't near her. Boxes surrounded her small living room. Three of the boxes were actually packed and the other half had nothing in them and waited for objects to be placed inside.

"Cathy, we have to go soon. We better pack this stuff." An older man said from the kitchen door.

"Dad, do you think I made a mistake?" Cathy asked looking down.

"A mistake on what darling?" Her father asked.

"Do you think I wasn't pretty enough for him? Was I too fat?" Cathy said crying.

"No! Cathy, don't think about Jamie. He is a basturd ruined you're life. Lets just go back home and we can forget about this whole marriage." Her father said.

"Dad, you think it's that easy for me?" Cathy said sitting on the chair in the far corner. Her father didn't say a word. He didn't know what to say. Jamie meant a lot to her and she couldn't let go. "Your right dad. I will just let go. I will let go of all the dreams I did have."

"What about your dreams of being a actress honey? You can't let those go." He said sitting next to her.

"Yes I can. No one is here to tell me I can do it. Jamie use to do that. Well that was before he fell out of love with me." Cathy cried.

"I will believe in you. I can tell you that you can do it." Her dad hugging her. She just hugged him back. Cathy stood up after crying the tears out of her eyes.

"Lets just pack up Daddy so we can go." Cathy asked and her father nodded. While on the other side of town Jamie laid in bed holding a pen and a pad of paper. The sheets covered him and Elise laid next to him. She slept silently not making a sound as Jamie racked his brains for ideas.

"Snakes…no where the hell did snakes come from?" Jamie asked himself making ideas. Elise tossed alittle and then stopped moving. He stood up placing his boxers on then went to the kitchen table. He sat and sat. "I've never had this problem before. What's wrong with me?" Jamie asked. The break up had hurt him.