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Chapter 5: The Parent's opinion

Cathy woke up around 10:30 the next morning to Drew gone and a note on the table saying he loved her. She smiled as she put the teakettle on the stove and started to make toast and eggs. She turned on the kitchen TV to watch the late morning news.

"Tom, this Carline right out front of the Gershwin Theatre. Last night was a display of Cathy Hiatt's first performance." Carline said which had a video clip following her sentence. The clip was of Cathy singing defying gravity. "The reviews are coming in and they are all good. New York Times says that Cathy is the best Elphaba since Idina Menzel. Despite her Tony lost last season, she might regain it with this seasons hit, back to you Tom." Carline said finishing her story. Cathy stood in the kitchen, jumping up and down in excitement.

On the other side of the city, Jamie sat in his office staring at the TV screen upset. What in the hell possed him to leave Cathy? Well, it was all over now, she was engaged and Elise was around. Jamie stood up and shut of his TV and then went back to his seat and picked up the phone. He dialed his mother's number and listened to it ring.

"Hello?" answered an older woman.

"Mom, it's Jamie." He said.

"Jamie, my baby boy, what have you been up too?" His mother said with joyfulness.

"A new house, a cat, and an annoying girlfriend." Jamie laughed to his mother.

"An annoying girlfriend? I thought you loved Elise, I know we did." Jamie's mother laughed and went a little silent.

"Mom, do you think I did the right thing divorcing Cathy?" Jamie asked with seriousness.

"Of course, she wasn't' Jewish. Now, Elise, she is a nice girl. Nice and Jewish." His mother said to him.

"Mom, Elise, is half Jewish." Jamie said with anger in his voice.

"Well at least she is part Jewish. What was Cathy, Catholic?" His mother sneered.

"So, what is it with you and me marrying a Jewish girl?" Jamie asked.

"I want my grandchildren to stay Jewish." She said.

"Fine, but I don't care what you say." Jamie said in denial.

"Didn't you call me for my opinion?" She asked him.

"Shut up." And with that Jamie hung up. Elise stood outside Jamie's office door in pure bliss.

"At least his mother likes me." Elise said silently to herself as she walked to the kitchen to make their lunch. Meanwhile, across town, Cathy was visiting Drew at work.

"I was on the news." Cathy said in Drew's arms.

"I know honey. Listen, I have to get back to work. How about we go out to dinner after your show tonight?" He said holding her tight for one more minute.

"Alright, you go back to work my little munchkin." Cathy said seeing him scatter out of his office. Cathy smiled and signed as she gathered her things. She took a moment and used Drew's office phone to call her father.

"Hello?" A man said on the line.

"Hi Daddy, it's me." Cathy said relaxing in Drew's leather chair.

"Cat, oh honey, I read you're review's online. I am so proud." Her father said.

"Thank you so much Dad. I was wondering how you were doing." Cathy said.

"I am okay, okay." Her dad said.

"Dad, I saw Jamie last night." She said quickly.

"You what, that basturd." Her father replied.

"I know Dad." Cathy replied.

"Well, honey, stay away from him. I got to go. I love you, bye." And with that her father hung up.