Seto Kaiba was not one to put up with other people. He was not the type of person who let others do whatever they pleased without having to face any sort of consequence. In fact, he rather enjoyed being the person able to show another just how inferior they were. He liked being better, of being able to prove to another person that Seto Kaiba was second to none and it was idiotic to assume otherwise. But this went beyond any type of please, no, this was personal. Alec had not just crossed a line, instead he had crossed a line drawn specifically by the eldest Kaiba brother. Nobody ever did that and lived to tell about it.

The man in front of him did not even flinch as Seto stepped in front of Tea's form protectively. While he wanted to kill the bastard standing in front of him, Tea's safety was first on his list. At this moment, there were very few things he would not consider in relation to her safety. Even so, he planned on skinning Alec for looking at her, let alone having the decency to touch her. He didn't understand what the lunatic meant when Alec declared Tea's body his but Seto was not about to let him think any semblance of his statement was true. No, Tea belonged to him and no one else. No one other than him would ever hold her, he was the only one who would be able to wrap their arms around her for the entire night. Only he would have the pleasure of making her cheeks tint with pink from embarrassment. He was the only one allowed to take in her scent, to feel her warmth engulf him. What's more, she was the only one allowed to take care of him.

Tea would forever be the only woman he allowed near him, that he would let close. He would protect her and she would protect him. Anyone who got in the way of that was just plain going to be gotten rid of.

Alec watched as the priest he hated so much blocked his view of Tea. With a growl he ordered Seto to move but the stubborn man did not even flinch. Alec nearly pounced at his defiance, "No, I should not punish my woman for being seduced by you. You are the problem here, she was weak and I understand that. You must be killed, there is no other option. Her mouth will then be scrubbed with coal in order to get your disgusting presence off of her."

Tea, understanding that Alec was more than unstable, he was a complete lunatic, clutched to the pant leg standing in front of her. She just wanted this to be over, she just wanted everything to be done. She wanted Alec gone from her life, she wanted him to disappear.

"No!" screamed the familiar voice of Drake.

Tea ignored it as she clutched her heart. It for some reason had become heavy, it hurt. She could feel something cracking within in.

"Tea, don't wish anything. It will only prolong this fight another few thousand years!" yelled Drake as he rolled away from one of the many Guardian members fighting him. He caught one's leg and all but ripped it from the opponent's torso. He tried to make it towards her side but was stopped by two more members.

Tea stopped clutching her heart as she remembered this very scene. Of course, this was how it had all started. She had wished for it all to be over, for Alec to leave her alone. Tea felt her mind flash back to her wedding day all those years ago. Drake's story had been real, she had been there. Alec had launched one final attack on her and her friends. Everyone had thought Egypt was secure, that Alec was temporarily occupied. It was because of this peace that a celebration between her and Seth had been planned.

The ceremony had been small not just for security reason's but because there were only a handful of people Anzu and Seth had wanted there. Both stood side by side as Yami had read the vows. It was a bold move when halfway through the rituals Seth had moved slightly, his hand moving towards her. Tea remembered the rush of warmth she felt when his finger tips grazed her own in a rare display of public affection. Before Anzu had even been able to reach out for Seth's hand in response it had happened. There was so much blood, so much pain. By the time she had found herself in the chaos, her bearings finally being straight, Seth had been lying next to her nearly dead. He had blood coating his entire body, a gash stretching across his torso. People and creatures were running around frantically, trying to stop what they could. So many people had ran by her, hysterical, as they tried to get away. She had sat there with Seth in her arms, no one to help. To her left was an unconscious Mekubo, his millennium ring glowing slightly. Jyo was up in the sky near a building with a Red Eye, trying to fight what he could. Tori was of course right by his side on another winged creature she didn't have the time to name. Then there was Yami, the man who was supposed to marry the two lovers. His body was mangled and he had obviously suffered a large blow to the head.

She had wished, she had wished for it to be done, for everyone to be safe. She had wished that Alec was gone, that he could not find her. She had wished for a second chance.

Tea's eyes snapped open. This was because of her, everyone was here because of her. Back in Egypt everyone was dying, the fight had taken too much out of everyone and Tea had done her best to fix it. She had given everyone a second chance. The Millennium items had captured their souls from within their bodies in order to make her wish come true.

Her eyes snapped over to Seto who was standing in front of her like a lion protecting its pride. Her eyes then went to Mokuba who was still tied to the chair, gagged and bound as he tried to figure out what was happening.

With a new sense of determination Tea slipped her hand into Seto's free one. Her first instinct was to clutch as tightly as possible to fill that void Alec had taken away from her all those years ago. She was going to take this second chance at life and finish what she started. If at all possible, she would love to be with Seto like they had both counted on years before. Either way, she was going to fight for the people she loved. No matter what happened they were in this together. She didn't know how he felt about her, she wasn't entirely sure why he came here but she did know one thing. He wasn't half dead, he wasn't bleeding on the ground next to her. Seto Kaiba was standing strong right in front of her and she had every intention of keeping him that way.

Alec, seeing her determination grimaced. It appeared that he only enjoyed an attempt at breaking her when he was in control of the situation, when he was free to beat her into submission. Instead of turning back towards her, like she had suspected he would, Alec faced the youngest Kaiba brother. He was still tied up, the ropes cutting through his skin painfully with each twist, but was now across the warehouse pier from her. With a wicked look Alec turned back towards her, "Either you come to me willingly or I take him forcefully."

Tea felt the bile rise up in her throat. The last thing she would ever want for anyone, let alone someone she loved as much as she did Mokuba, was to be in this man's clutches. He was an entirely different level of crazy that no one should ever come across. He enjoyed hurting other's, he enjoyed being in power and most of all, he relished in exerting that domineering authority. There was no doubt in her mind that the fiend would hurt Mokuba right there, just to get a reaction out of her. It was clear the man hated Seto, but what wasn't clear was how Alec felt about her. He claimed to want her, to desire her, but what did that mean to such a twisted man? Did Alec himself even know? How could she use this to her advantage if she couldn't understand his logic, if there was even any to be found.

No matter the situation there was one clear thought going through her head. Mokuba was family and the sick bastard in front of her was not. No one touched her family.

"Blue Eye White Dragon, protect Mokuba!" she screamed. Tea wasn't sure if anything would come of it or if Drake could even hear her, but she felt like it needed to be said. Someone needed to hear her, someone needed to listen to her voice. She was desperate and she knew that someone, anyone, needed to be there for him. Tea had Seto, she could feel the beautiful man before her as Seto supported her weight, her heart, she could see him but Mokuba was alone.

Then she felt it, the overwhelming sense of power coursing within her. It was strong like a hurricane threatening to overwhelm a small city. She felt so insignificant in that moment, so unnecessary that for a second in time Tea felt herself pull away mentally. Thankfully she had Seto's strong grip to keep her rooted to the ground. She knew where she was meant to be. She was supposed to be standing here, right by his side. Seto would always protect her. It didn't matter what time, what generation or even what life time it was. This man before her would never let her down.

So she drew on that strength. Tea allowed her mind to relish in the idea of being protected. For once in her life someone else was going to be there for her. Just her. It was different than family, it was different than Mickey or anyone else from back home. No, this was much more personal.

That same strength coursed through her body as Tea re-directed her attention to Drake. She suddenly felt the overwhelming desire to look at him. In amazement she watched as a gold huge surrounded him. The light spread all around as it broke off from his body, forming ancient writing while spinning dangerously in a circle around him. With each passing second the now very blurry figure of her body guard grew, almost pulsing. The circle expanded with him until finally the walls of the warehouse couldn't take it anymore. The wall nearest to him burst with light as what appeared to be wings pierced the roof.

Tea took one step back in complete awe as tile crumbled to the ground crushing the monsters previously holding him down. With what could only be described as a roar Blue Eyes White Dragon stood in front of her, fully transformed. Half his body was outside of the warehouse the two of them had just moments ago walked into together. The roof was completely demolished due to his size, which was easily comparable to a four story building. His eyes on the other hand remained the same. Fierce, loyal and protective.

Tea watched through the gold haze surrounding them, thanks to the shield Seto had constructed around them through his Millennium Rod, as the beast named Drake charged towards Mokuba, rubble flying everywhere as he did so. His claws dug into the concrete and his wings sliced through anything and everything in his path. In less than a couple of seconds he had grabbed Mokuba with his talons, crouching his head over so slightly as he broke through what remained of the roof.

Drake would protect him, she knew it with all of her heart.

Tea turned towards Seto, who was shocked and looking at the empty space that his body guard had just flown through. It had to have been a surprise, especially considering how long Drake had worked for him. Mokuba had once told her that Seto's greatest wish was to fly on a Blue Eyes and Drake had informed her that Seth often did so in the past. A sudden, and admittedly insane, idea hit her like the broken roof her body guard had just flown through. Dragon's and bikes were similar right. Sure, why not? Everyone says that once you know how to ride a bike you never forget well, maybe dragons were the same.

Tea all but leaped into his arms, pushing herself as tightly against him as possible. If everything went wrong then she wanted to remember this. She wanted to remember his kiss, his touch and his baffled look. How fitting was it that she finally managed to get one out of him right before they were about to die.

"Seto, the monsters cannot touch him but we and I can. We have to kill him. Thousands of years ago you promised to catch me no matter what. Even when we fought, or when we argued I somehow always knew you would be there. This time is different, there is more than just us at stake. I have always counted on you to keep your word, but this time is going to be different. Both of us need to think of the bigger picture," she all but whispered the confession into his jacket but she knew Seto had heard her.

In response Seto placed his hands on her hips but did not pull her in towards his lean body. Instead he did the opposite and pushed her away. Tea was terrified, the last thing she wanted to do was look him in the eye. The worst thing she could think of happening was him seeing her cry.

"Tea," he said in his usual harsh voice. He sounded strong, he sounded put together. In all honestly he sounded like everything she wasn't at the moment. With more than a little bit of hesitancy the Guardian Princess looked up at the familiar face. Her eyes were red, her tears were streaking down her face and she had never been so scared in her whole life. Instead of pulling away like she thought he would Seto Kaiba did the unthinkable. His calloused hands slowly reached up towards her face. The underside of his thumb bushed under her eye and tenderly wiped away a falling tear, "you are the most infuriating woman I have ever met. You argue and defy me at every turn and I would be damned to hell before I let anyone else experience what is mine. You are mine to catch, anyone else would fail miserably."

A smile broke out across her face as she registered the familiar arrogance in his voice. "I am really sick of other people thinking they can do your job." It was as close to a confession as she would probably ever get, and Tea was elated to know that he was hers, and she was his, if only for what remained of the day. Only time would tell if they made it to the rest of their lives.

Kaiba literally scoffed in that moment, quickly bringing her out of her daze. Chaos surrounded them, Alec was nearly charging at them furiously, his little brother was being carried off to god knows where and his most trusted servant had just turned into a dragon right before his eyes and the man had the audacity to scoff. It was during moments like this that Tea knew why she loved him. Instead of pointing out his ability to handle any situation thrown at him Tea wrapped her arms around his neck and pulled him as close as clothes would allow. She once again focused on that feeling of warmth coursing through her body as she kissed the elder Kaiba on the nose, "…You know how to ride a bike right?"

Seto actually had the physical ability to keep himself from voicing his concerns about her sanity. They were in the middle of a war and she was asking about something with two rubber wheels and an uncomfortable seat. Sometimes he wondered if there was any logic in her thinking. "Yes, why?"

"Because I am really hoping it is similar to flying on a dragon, apparently you and I used to do it all the time together," she voiced with a wicked grin.

Seto's confusion surfaced into a scowl, "Wait, what?"

Then she let the power surge. The familiar gold light surrounded their feet, the ancient hieroglyphics spreading around them in a brilliant swirl. Nothing could have prepared her though for the feeling of the earth, of cold concrete, breaking underneath her very feet. She felt like the earth was shattering right in front of her, a full on earth quake. No matter how tightly she tried to hold on, her grip around Seto couldn't take the force of the earth being uprooted and she immediately felt herself toppling backwards. With a near bone shattering landing Tea looked up from her seated position as what could only be described as silvery scales shot up from the ground.

Tea carefully looked at Seto who couldn't believe his eyes, who couldn't believe his senses. Slowly they were lifted off the ground, the tell all beating sound of a pair of wings surrounding her. She clutched onto the animal like her life depended on it as they rose into the sky, Seto right alongside her while riding his own powerful beast. A sudden rush of familiarity overwhelmed her and she knew exactly what to do. She knew how to position her legs, how to lean in order to keep the wind from hurting her ears. The only thing that felt wrong was the absence of a very strong pair of hands wrapping themselves around her body.

"You are becoming rather annoying little sister," hissed a voice to her left.

On instinct she dogged, as did the Blue Eye's below her. Tea watched as Alec's own newly summoned animal charged for her head, its talon's swiping at her previous position. He turned to charge at her but a blast of water stopped the creature she could not name. It was a miniaturized typhoon that all but drowned the poor creature. Tea looked to her right to see Mako running on top of the water battling the struggling creature. Alec had unfortunately jumped off his previous ride and had summoned another one, thus positioning himself for another full blown attack.

He was much better than her when it came to the use of powers.

Just as he was about to take on another attempt at her the familiar gold light separated them. The hand that had been not a foot away from her pulled back suddenly as the gold singed his now elongated claws. His once admittedly beautiful appearance seemed like nothing but a façade as the demon within appeared. The man had truly embraced what it was to be a guardian member. His skin turned a grayish hue and his eyes were like coal, not any sort of shine to them whatsoever. His nails looked like daggers as they grew inch by inch. The man before her had given up every ounce of humanity he once had, there was nothing left.

Tea turned towards the direction the gold light had come from and watched as Seto stood up on the Blue Eyes carrying him forwards. His arm was outstretched, the Millennium Rod glowing precariously as it pointed at Alec's form. The two were quickly engaged in battle as they attacked without mercy. The dragon's clawed their way through anything with flesh, both mouths were spurting attacks as their riders shouted profanities.

Tea spiraled downward as the Blue Eye's she was riding attempted to avoid three separate beasts intent of relieving him of his rider. She clutched tightly as what could only be described as a moth demon like creature charged her from the front. Before Tea could register it the animal was knocked out of the sky. Harpy had tackled the thing mid air, her rose whip slicing the creature as it screamed painfully. The other two were stopped by yet another wave of water inches before they met her. She watched as it circled around the three drowning creatures, pulling them in like a whirlpool.

With a nod to her friends, and thankful that she had not only remembered to call them but had also figured out how to summon Guardian's while in the warehouse, she motioned for the dragon to head upwards. Seto and Alec were still mid fight and she planned on using this to her advantage. Another enemy charged her but they were no match for Harpy, so Tea continued her speed. It was only when they reached as far as her body would let her, while still being able to see the fight, that Tea motioned the dragon to stop.

"Dive and don't you dare stop," and the dragon did.

It pushed all of its weight, all of its strength into pumping its wings. She intended to take Alec out today, nothing would stop her. She had a feeling that just like her brother's he was not impervious to the elements. The thing was, she needed to get close enough to use them. As the Blue Eye's dived and the wind whipped past her Tea reached up to her neck. She had come prepared, even if no one knew it. A year ago Mokuba had given her a gift, a gift that she cherished above all else. It was a simple little thing, completely insignificant to anyone else but it meant the world to her.

With a yank she pulled off the metal necklace, effectively breaking the chain. It was originally an Egyptian symbol for family molded out of iron. It was slightly bigger than most of her jewelry, about the size of a half dollar coin, and it usually hung under her clothes because of this.

She focused everything she had into this little object. Every ounce of heat, of power, of earth of lighting that she could manage would course through this little object. For a moment Tea felt herself turn dizzy due to the sheer power leaving her body, but right now wasn't the time to be feeling light headed. No, now was the time to fight.

Tea pulled her hand away from her chest and looked at the now glowing object. Lightening sparks surrounded it and she could feel the heat of it burning even her skin. This had to do the trick, this had to work.

The dragon continued to dive as the object in her hand built up energy. Somehow, with a force Tea didn't understand, the dragon knew exactly what she was planning. With a silent thank you for not arguing with her Tea stood on top of the now completely vertical dragon…and jumped.

She was falling at incredible speed but knew exactly where she was going.

Alec was going to catch her.

When she was close enough to make out both men's faces Tea felt her resolve slipping. Seto was looking at her like his world had just shattered. He wasn't going to be able to reach her, he couldn't move that fast. Tea felt a blinding heat tickle her senses like hot iron and she knew the dragon was doing his part. Alec, in his twisted sense of love had his own creature dive for her as he attempted to catch her in his demonic looking arms. It wasn't the face of a loving individual that greeted her, but that of a sadistic monster. The moment his hands touched her skin she felt his anger. Her arms blistered as heat pumped through his body in an attempt to hurt her, to subdue the wayward pet he viewed her as.

Her forceful fall was too much for him though, the dragon had been moving too fast and even his strength couldn't stop their momentum. They were both propelled off of his dragon and into the air heading straight for the ground. Whether it was water or land Tea couldn't tell, all she could register was the blinding heat that killed her senses as Alec clutched her tighter. Her skin literally felt like it was melting off of her bones as he leaned in closer, whispering in her ear, "I will burn every part of you that he has touched."

Alec's demonic eyes looked back up at the dragon previously carrying him in order to call it back to him but stopped mid yell when he finally looked up. A florescent ball of energy charged at them like hell on wheels. The dark dragon that had been diving for its hideous master screamed in pain as the light hit it, completely disintegrating its body. The light didn't stop there, but instead continued on towards the two siblings.

She once again felt the heat of Blue Eye's blast tickling her senses while knowing what was going to happen. Both her and Alec knew the normally destructive blow would only phase them, their bloodline protecting them from any lesser Guardian member around. Even so, their ride to safety had just been obliterated.

The light engulfed them and Tea felt a moment's worth of blinding pain from the attack but it quickly faded, even though both were still in the heart of the attack. Instead she felt Alec's grip tighten around her as he attempted to summon another beast but the dragon's attack blocked anything from entering to help.

She knew this was her chance, Tea knew that nothing else would work. With as much energy as she could muster Tea once again drew everything she had, adding to the already simmering power, into the small little object resting in her palm. The electricity around it crackled and fatigue swept over her but Tea still had work to do. She could barely manage to move her arms, the still forming boils across her skin preventing any type of movement, but somehow Tea managed. With a shove Tea thrust the object into the center of Alec's chest. The Blue Eye's attack had already destroyed their clothing, leaving them bare so she knew exactly where to put it. It was close to where his heart should have been but at the moment she doubted its existence.

"You bitch!" he screamed as the metal hit his body. He could feel the indescribable amount of energy attacking him like some form of disease. She had literally put everything she had into that attack and he could feel it in his body. She was actually trying to kill him, him! The smell of burning flesh assaulted his senses and unlike before the overwhelming sense of pleasure that came from hurting another did not appear because this time, it was not his baby sister's skin that was being marred. It was his own. He looked down to see what appeared to be a small object in her hands being pressed up against him and he scowled through his pain. She hadn't had any weapons on her, his men had made sure!

Another wave of agony hit him as the object was pushed deeper into his system, slowly burning through his body. The lightening coursed through him destroying everything from the inside out and he knew he might not make it through this. He watched without the ability to do anything as his body froze in shock to the power assaulting him; he watched as little Tea's hands burnt with each passing second looking more and more like sticks of charcoal. He surveyed her boiled covered body and knew that this was the end, but that he would not be going alone.

Tea had sacrificed herself to kill him. With one last chuckle he gathered his last remaining energy and pulled her as close as possible. He didn't care that it pushed the foreign object closer to his heart, or that he had effectively just signed his own death warrant. No, he had won. Tea was his. The fucking Priest had lost, he had won. Tea and him, the perfect match, would spend all of eternity in hell together side by side. He would destroy her inside and out for this act of defiance against him but he would still have her, he would always have her. Alec Guardian always got his way, he was as powerful as any god and god's always got their way.

Tea pushed the last of her strength into the necklace as she felt her body give out. The light from the Blue Eye's attack had just begun to fade but it didn't matter. Everything was already hazy and quickly turning black. She knew this was the end. Even if she somehow survived her body was at its limit. It didn't have anything to keep alive. Even if that weren't true, no one would be able to reach her in time. She had known it when she jumped off. She had known it when she had yanked the necklace from her neck. Nothing ever good came out of the situation when someone other than Seto Kaiba caught her.


Mokuba was dressed in all black as he tiredly sat in the wooden chair. A normal child his age would swing their legs back and forth or play some type of game while waiting, but this was not normal. Instead of fooling around he sat perfectly still, head bowed and eyes downcast. Absentmindedly his hands reached up to tighten the black tie he wore around his neck but he stopped midway through the act.

Tea had gotten him this tie.

A fresh wave of tears all but poured from his eyes and the youngest Kaiba did everything that he could to keep them at bay. Still, it did no good. Nothing was going to stop them and he knew it. It was only when he felt a shadow fall over him that the brave little boy gathered the courage to dry his eyes with his sleeve. Once he was sure he was presentable Mokuba looked up at the figure standing there. Drake, the man he had known for so many years, towered over him. The dragon tattoo was more prominent than ever thanks to his own black V-neck shirt. He slowly crouched down, now eye level with the young heir. He did not say a word, knowing that it was unnecessary. So, with an outstretched hand Drake pulled Mokuba into a fierce hug and let the poor boy cry his eyes out. It had after all been a stressful couple of weeks.

With a glace Drake looked towards the familiar wooden door to his right. He had spent the better part of fifteen years guarding the owner of that door and felt a sudden sense of jealousy towards Mokuba. Drake would give anything to do what the kid was, to sit outside of it for the past five days an just wallow in misery. He would give anything to just let the depression take its course but even he knew that wasn't the answer. Knowing that Mokuba might hate him for it Drake scooped the young boy in his arms and stood up.

"No! Put me back!" yelled Mokuba with as much fury as he could manage.

It was no use. The kicking, the screaming and yelling did no good. The thing had barely slept in five days and was beyond any plausible level of tired.

"Your brother would want you to sleep and take care of yourself," whispered Drake as he too glanced at the door.

"I need to be there, just in case!" yelled Mokuba as the tears once again began to pour.

"No Mokuba, you need to be ready for the day that he finally leaves his room again. I know this is hard but you need to be strong while your brother is…away," said Drake with a slight hiccup in his breath.

Yes, they all needed to be strong.

Seto Kaiba was not one to deal with emotions properly. He was not one to talk about his feelings or play the sentiment game. Instead he took action, he did was needed to be done and said what needed to be said. It was a position in life he rather preferred. In fact, for the majority of his life he had always thought that overly friendly people were unnecessary and over involved. Right now, he would give anything in the world for the pushy, loudmouthed busybody that was Tea to open her mouth and tell him to be nicer to puppies. In fact, he would even consider listening to her.

This was not the case though. She was not yelling at him, or telling him to spend more time with his brother. She was not eating his food, or running his household. No…she wasn't. Seto Kaiba felt a sudden rush of cold water hit his face as he splashed what he could onto him from the sink. He knew he needed to get a grip on reality but nothing was working. Work didn't help, drinking didn't help and surprisingly Mokuba had done little to no good.

Seto glanced at himself in the bathroom mirror one more time before turning away. He had dark circles under his eyes, which was odd considering the amount of sleep he was getting. Thankfully he had shaved this morning so the stubble that had been growing was now gone. Despite the freezing cold temperatures he wore nothing but a pair of pajama bottoms and an arm sling. His arm had nearly been broke in the battle with Alec as he had attempted to save Tea but Guardian healing magic was second to none. Instead of the months it should take for him to heal, it would be fully functional by the end of the week.

A week. It was hard to think that so much had happened in less time than that. With a scowl Seto pushed himself away from the sink and all but marched into his bedroom. He passed the familiar desk, the ever present laptop and his currently dead cell phone. He instead walked over his rug and headed straight for the bed. Nothing was more comforting than its silky contents. Seto all but fell into the matress, pulling the unmade covers around him like a security blanket. The moment his head hit the pillow the man rolled towards the middle area, pulling the warm body closer to his own.

Brown hair cascaded over the familiar sheets, delicate eye lids shut like in a wistful dream. Absentmindedly he pulled his hand out and brushed the bare part of his finger tips over the smoothness of her exposed shoulder. On instinct Seto yanked the strap of the sling from its position to hold him in. He flexed his arm glad to see that it only hurt a little bit. It was much better than the backwards position it had been in a few days ago. With a sigh he leaned back against his pillow and shut his eyes. His now free arm slowly danced over Tea's stomach as he checked the familiar wounds. He had done this day and night for the last five days waiting for any type of change but nothing had happened so far.

He didn't know what to do.

It was only when his hand continuously ran across smooth skin that something registered as incredibly wrong. Where were Alec's burn marks? Seto's eyes snapped open as he yanked the sheets away from her body. She was dressed in a simple cami and underwear, but nothing else was there. There were no burns or scars, just perfect skin.

The woman's arm moved slightly and the action was quickly followed by a feminine groan. Seto watched as the woman next to him pulled her arms above her head and stretched like her favorite cat. Her eyes fluttered slightly until the bright blue that only she could convey flashed at him. "S-Seto?"

In a moment he was on top of her. His entire body trapped her smaller one through sheer muscle mass. His broad back hid her from anyone's view but his own, his legs quickly tangled in with her own in an attempt to prove that yes, she was indeed there. Seto's eye's searched her curious face before he couldn't take it anymore. He leaned down and pressed his mouth to hers like the god's themselves were planning on taking her away. It still wasn't enough. Seto needed more proof that she was there and conscious with him. He quickly ran his palm up her outer thigh and was pleasantly surprised when he heard another feminine moan.

He wasted no time and possessively pushed his own tongue into her waiting mouth. She responded in kind, matching him for everything he was worth. He all but ran the tip of his tongue across her inner cheek before resuming their battle. It was almost heavenly when he felt her arms reach out and wrap themselves around his torso. They slid up his back, their mouths never once parting, and he felt a beautiful sensation run through his body with each movement. He pressed harder when her fingers finally reached his hair and the sensation of her fingernail digging wantingly into his scalp.

God he loved her.

Only when they needed air did they finally pull away, but even then Seto did not give up his affections. He tenderly kissed the corner of her mouth, then her cheek, and finally her jaw. Truthfully he wanted to continue the downwards path but was stopped by the realization that she had just woken up.

Instead of moving off of her though, he transferred more weight onto his knees and wrists while continuing to cage her. Seto watched as her now closed eyes slowly re-opened, her chest heaving up and down seductively as she attempted to catch her breath. Her already cherry red lips were darker due to the blood rushing to them and he couldn't help but feel proud with each calming pant. It was only when she finally looked at him with an even stare that he temporarily stopped admiring her.

"I'm not dead?" she tried.

Seto smirked and answered no.

"Are you sure? I feel dead," Tea whispered while moving her own hand up to her forehead in order to remove a wayward bang.

In response Seto reached out with his own hand and grabbed her tender wrist. He moved it towards his mouth and kissed her inner wrist, "I assure you, it is not for a lack of trying."

In slight awe at his affection Tea continued to follow his lips, quickly remembering the feel of them on her own. It was a more than pleasant way to wake up and she wouldn't mind doing it again for the rest of her life. Nothing could ever top that wake up call, she didn't care what any advertisement said. In fact, the bliss that accompanied Seto Kaiba was one of the reason's she thought something was wrong. It couldn't be normal to feel that good. With her eyes still dead set on him, but now locked with his own amused ones, Tea asked the question burning on her lips, "What happened?"

Seto slowly leaned down, a sense of sensuality and arrogance dripping off of him in waves. It was only when their foreheads were touching that he answered, "I caught you."

Seto Kaiba was a very busy man. He ran one of the largest corporations in the world and several smaller ones under it. He had thousands of employees working under him all of which needed to be supervised. He had a younger brother who was hell on earth when he didn't get his way and friends who never could grasp the concept of respect. To add to his burden there was the management of the guardian members which had somehow fallen into his lap as well. Yes, he had help but honestly speaking it was just one more stressor.

He almost angrily tried to fix his crooked tie only to find that it was once again off center. What was his problem? It was just dinner, it was a normal night like any other. Yes there were things he would rather be doing than sitting in a room full of people he saw nearly every day and yes there was a Guardian deposition plan for job relocation that needed to be filed but this was more important. So why couldn't he concentrate?

Suddenly delicate hands wrapped themselves around him and he felt a tight little body press herself up against his back, "Calm down."

He all but growled at her playful attitude. Why was she perfectly calm? Why wasn't anything on her crooked? He turned a little forcefully as Tea's eyes lit up in amusement. She looked as perfect as ever and he couldn't help but notice the way her dress clung to her. Her dancer body was still as fit as ever and the dress did nothing to hide it, but in a tasteful way. Suddenly he had the urge to make everything on her disheveled but in a much more satisfying way than rumpling her hair. He knew that she would never let him though, they only had ten minutes to get to the restaurant where everyone was waiting. "You fix it then."

Tea giggled as she reached up and pulled his tie off. She slowly started redoing the familiar motions as they spoke, "What has you so rattled?"

"This dinner is stupid," he said plainly.

"Seto Kaiba!" she yelled playfully while happily smacking his arm. "You had better say you are kidding. Your brother has been looking forward to this night for years and I will be damned if you ruin it for him."

Tea pulled the tie tightly until it was perfectly aligned with his neck. After straightening it out she stepped away happily, yet still knowing this conversation wasn't over.

Seto, taking his cue, began the week old argument, "I don't see the purpose. We see them all the time."

Tea walked over towards the bed where her light jacket rested. Next to it was a beautifully imported scarf Seto had given her this morning as a surprise present. He was always doing things like that, especially lately. Of course, trying to convince anyone other than her that Seto Kaiba was indeed romantic was like trying to convince someone that the sky was purple. It didn't help that said man did everything he could to dispute it. "This is different and you know it, besides Mai when to a lot of trouble to put this night together."

Kaiba scowled, "This is ludicrous. We have a lot of work to do before we leave and this dinner will set us back. I suggest we just stay in together without anyone to bother us."

Tea, who was in the middle of wrapping her scarf around her neck couldn't help the smile slowly creeping along her face. Despite what the conversation was about, she knew exactly what the problem was. Kaiba could care less about staying in or doing work, he just didn't want her to leave. So, in an attempt to save him some face she turned towards him. Without a word she placed a small kiss on his lips, "We will see each other in the morning."

Seto Kaiba did not want to spend the night alone.

Instead of letting her walk out the door to the waiting car Seto grabbed her wrist and pulled her back into his arms. He possessively buried his head into the crook of her shoulder while pushing her body to mold his own, "Don't leave."

"It is one night. We will have dinner with our friends, celebrate with some of your favorite wine and I will go home with Mai. Then tomorrow at 10 o'clock in the morning we will see each other again," she said happily. Honestly, when she first started dating him she had no idea he would become this attached. If she would have known that…she would have dated him years before.

"Screw the wine, stay here," he whispered suggestively into her ear. He took a quick nibble on it, knowing that it was innocent enough to keep her there but provocative enough to make her think twice about staying.

"Seto, it's tradition," she said pleadingly. In all honesty, if he kept doing what he was doing she might actually stay. The truth was, she was as nervous as he was. This was the first time in a year and a half that they would be spending a night away from each other. Most people would say that was sad or smothering, but Tea just saw it as a testament for how much they loved each other. She absentmindedly started playing with the familiar ring resting on her left hand, the one on a very recognizable finger.

They were getting married tomorrow and tonight was the rehearsal dinner. She knew with all her heart that she wanted to spend the rest of her life with this man and couldn't wait for the moment they walked out of that church together. It was a surprisingly small wedding, Seto never being one to invite people to watch his private life, and Tea not wanting it to become a corporate event. They had invited their closest friends and family, the guest list reaching around 50 people total. Even so, she wouldn't have it any other way.

Seto seemed to realize that perhaps dinner was for the best, even though he wasn't happy about it. He knew the wedding was important to her, if only because it was so important to Mokuba. The kid had wanted them to get married since the day Tea became his idol and the boy was finally getting his wish. Needless to say the brat was all but bouncing off the walls with joy. In fact, the only time Mokuba had ever shown this level of happiness was after the battle with Alec.

Seto remembered that day vividly. He had deeply regretted his inability to share his pain, or Tea for that matter, with Mokuba during those trying five days. So, when both him and Tea had walked out of the room together Mokuba had nearly wet himself with joy. He wouldn't let the two of them out of his sight for nearly three weeks, unless of course it was to lecture his elder brother. Two days after she woke up Mokuba had ordered Seto to get into the car where they drove for a good half hour without a word said. The only reason Seto left with him in the first place was out of guilt for neglect and the knowledge that Drake would die for Tea and she was therefore safe. It was with great surprise that Mokuba all but yanked Seto out of the car and dragged him into a jewelry store straight towards the engagement ring section.

He believed the exact words were 'are you done screwing this up?'. That was the day Seto realized how grown up Mokuba had become and how much the boy loved Tea. What's more, Seto learned how much he loved the argumentative woman because for a second there, Seto had actually considered buying one. Thankfully his rationale was semi-present and he was able to convince Mokuba that a new necklace would do just fine. For now at least, he would take it slow. But it was only with an hour's worth of reassurance that him and Mokuba agreed that within two years time Tea would have a wedding ring on her finger.

"…Suit 593."

Seto looked down at the woman in his arms as a smirk slowly slid across his face, "You are staying in our suit?" And it truly was their suit. Every time Seto needed to get away from business that was where they stayed. They were the only ones who knew about it and had bought it out for an entire year at the beginning of every year. They even had two keys specifically for them. One was tucked away in Tea's purse and the other was strapped in Seto's wallet.

"Mai will be staying two doors down, she thinks it is just another room for the wedding. We are planning on going to bed around midnight and all the bridesmaids have wakeup calls at six in the morning," she said while kissing his mouth tenderly.

"I will be there at 12:01," he said hungrily while kissing her back. The little wench had planned this out. She had purposefully made sure he could get in and out without trouble. This right here was one of the many reason's he was marrying her, that and she ran his company as effectively as he did.

She hummed happily, "Better make it 12:02, you know how she likes to talk."

Seto lifted the petite woman into his arms as their lips made contact once more. When they parted he slowly whispered back, "12:02, but not a second later."

She giggle, "12:02 and blindfolded. I am sticking with tradition."

He in turn growled like a ravenous dog he to this day still pretended Joey was, "Whatever you want but I am there at 12:02, screw it if Mai is still there. In fact Mickey could be standing in the room with you and I would still walk in."

Tea just laughed as he walked out of the room, her in his arms like a sac of dog food. It would be too much to ask for him to carry her like a decent person to their rehearsal dinner. No, that just wouldn't be their relationship. No, there relationship was entirely based on bantering and secret moments like this that no one ever believed happened. Most people would never understand why someone like Tea would ever want to spend the rest of her life with someone like Seto Kaiba. She had on multiple occasions tried to explain her logic, even if it was a little bit fuzzy to her as well. In the end she always came up with the same answer.

No one else can catch her like he does.

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