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Seven Months Later

The cool spring air began to slowly give way to summer's approaching heat. Marisa, her cast removed long ago, burst through the courtroom doors. Squealing happily, she ran away from her brother into the grassy field just outside the courthouse.

"Here I come," Marc yelled playfully as he chased Marisa, "I'm gonna get ya!"

Lu exited the building accompanied by Andy, Lana, and Peter. Stopping on the sidewalk, the four adults watched the children playing in the field.

"She's finally yours'." Peter was the first to break the silence between them.

"Yes," Lu smiled, "I had no idea the adoption process would take so long."

"One major headache." Lana nodded in agreement.

"I couldn't have made it through all the paperwork and legal red tape without you guys." Lu walked to her car and put her purse in.

"That's what friends are for, Delgado. To help where we can." Andy replied as she and Lana dropped their purses in the car as well.

"It was worth every minute of it, just to see the look of pure joy that crossed her face when the judge called her Marisa Delgado today." Peter leaned against Lu's car.

Lu nodded, smiling as she watched the children play. "Ok, they're having too much fun!" she exclaimed as she closed the car door and ran toward her kids.

Her three friends stood shocked for a minute, watching Lu run to the field.

"Well..." Lana laughed, "let's go."

"Oh, why not." Andy shrugged as the three of them chased after Lu.

A few second later, Marisa screeched in excitement, laughing as Peter tossed her up in the air.

"Maaaa!" Marc laughed when Lu tackled him to the ground and began tickling him unmercifully.

Peter ran over and dropped to the ground next to them with Marisa.

Marc and Marisa both squealed in delight at the relentless tickling and laughter.

Andy and Lana smiled in amusement as they joined Lu in ticking her children.