In the land of the killers
A sinner's mind is a sanctum
Only you're unholy
Sing for the Moment, Eminem

Naruto hates everyone.

Unlike certain other people, he does not want to hate everyone. He would like to love them, because surely loving them all would be better than this aching black-red rage he feels whenever he sets eyes on another human being. (And sometimes when he looks at animals, too.)

So he tries. He smiles at everyone. He falls all over himself for the slightest sop of kindness, or even insults and casual blows. He does this special trick of screwing his eyes shut so that he looks especially happy and clueless and so that people won't see what's really in his eyes. He extends a helping hand even to people he would really much rather see damned and suffering and broken. He drapes himself all over anyone who will let him and doesn't draw away until they knock him aside.

He acts and acts, but the routine never sets in.

Perhaps it is the fox's fault. But if that is true, then there is nothing in him but the fox, and that would mean he is the fox, wouldn't it?

Someone is talking to him. Naruto grins, and behind his closed eyes are dreams of fire and blood.


Written after I got pissed off by a jerk during Sunday mass. Inspired by that and some of Sunfreak's stuff that I was reading prior to that mass. As with Harry Potter, I find it amazing that after his very screwed-up childhood Naruto is not more homicidal than he is. Especially since he's got MASSIVELY EVIL POWERZ playing tenant inside him.