Chapter 2:

Sakura was walking in town enjoying the day.

'Naruto and Lee are really sweet for getting me some flowers. I hope sasuke-kun would also give me some flowers' she thought.

Sakura still likes sasuke but doesn't chase him around anymore. She became more matured and refined woman and became more serious about being a ninja. She was able to get a rank of Jounin thanks to Tsunade's help. She trained sakura and help her develop her skills. She also sometimes helps in the hospital as a medic Nin.

She spotted a familiar face in the streets in one of the shops.

"This cost too much! You should give me some discount since I always buy here." Said ino annoyed.

"Hi ino"Sakura greeted happily.

"Oh hey sakura…these are beautiful. Who gave them to you?"

"Naruto and Lee"

"That's so sweet of them. I hope Shika does something like that for me."

"Don't worry I'm sure he will" said sakura reassuring her that shikamaru will get her a gift.

Sakura and Ino renewed their friendship a long time ago. Ino and shikamaru have been dating for over a year now. The two of them continued to shop and were talking when they heard a lot of guys screaming sakura's name.

Sakura became very beautiful. Almost everybody would agree that she is the most beautiful girl in the village. No one can compare to her beauty. Her hair that one was short grew long again. She also had curves to die for. She is the most popular woman in konoha and her fan club can rival sasuke and neji's fan club.

When she heard those screams she immediately said goodbye to ino and ran.

Naruto and lee were lying in the ground panting heavily. The just finished their fighting.

Naruto looked around trying to spot a pink haired woman but he found none.

"Hey where's sakura-chan?" asked naruto.

Lee also looked around.

"She was here a minute ago"

Both of them stood up and dusted the dirt of themselves. When they were about to leave they heard the sakura fan club talking/ Shouting.

"Where's my pink haired angel?"

"She's not yours bastard"

"That's right because sakura-chan is mine"

"No mine"

"She's mine"

"There she is"

They then started running to the direction that they saw sakura.

"I'll save sakura-san" Lee exclaimed while also running after the pink haired ninja.

Naruto was also going to go after sakura but he saw a sign that made him forget.

"WOW! Free ramen for every 3 orders"

………..At the ramen stand……….

"Hahaha….these is really great mister. Give me another 3 bowls of ramen. Don't forget my free one." Said naruto after finishing his 8th ramen.


"Hm? Oh hi hinata. Do you want to join me eat?" asked naruto.

Hinata couldn't help but blush and stammer with her words.

"Um…su…sure na…ru…naruto…ku…kun"

"Here you go naruto. Here's your four ramen" Said the chef.

"Hahaha…thank you" said naruto then gave hinata one of the bowls.

"Here you go hinata. Let's eat!"

"Thank you naruto kun"

Sakura was panting heavily from running away from her fan club. She was about to leave from her hiding place when she heard her fan club once again.

"Oh no!" she exclaimed.

One of the guys heard her so she had no choice but to run again.

'I have to get out of here' sakura thought.

She was almost out of breath from all that running and her knees were about to give in.

'I have to look for a hiding place. I can't run anymore' she thought.

She then spotted the park. She looked for a familiar tree.

"Perfect!" she said as she spotted what she was looking for.

She climbed the cherry blossom tree and hid from all of her hopeless suitors. She blended well with it so the fan club wasn't able to spot her. They continued to run hoping they could find her.

Sakura waited for 10 minutes to make sure that the place was rid of her fans and to take a rest.

"What a way to spend my Valentines Day" She sighed.

'I didn't even get to see sasuke kun'

She got off the cherry blossom tree and decided to head home. When she left the park she saw a familiar person. She couldn't help but smile upon seeing him.

"Sasuke kun"


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