Hey all!

This is my first CSI:NY fic (I've written mainly LV and Miami pieces before), so you're all going to have to bear with me… :)

This came to me after seeing the amazingness of Officer Blue a few weeks ago, but I've only just found time to copy it up lol

Dsclmr: The only CSI:NY things I own are recorded episodes, a love for Mac/Stella and the concept of this fic

Mac's eyes cast downward, breaking free of Stella's glare. Realizing his sudden, and not wholly unusual, uncomfortable-ness, she released his hand and they went back to changing from the clothes they wore to Ellan's funeral.

'So what have you got planned for the rest of the day?' Mac asked, loosening his tie and putting on the hanger inside his locker.

'Oh, I've got a hot date' Stella smiled over her shoulder

'Oh?' he hoped his disappointment wasn't evident in his voice

'Yeah, me, Tom Cruise and a pint of phish food'

Chuckling as he changed back into his white shirt, 'Sounds like fun'

'Cut out the phish food and it really could be' Stella winked, 'What about you?'

'Well, I was going to ask if you wanted to get something to eat, but I don't want to keep you away from Tom…' He tied his tie, avoiding Stella's look

She spun around on her heel, was Mac Taylor letting his heart out of his chest twice in two days! 'He-he can wait if the offer's still open…'

'Well, the offer's still open'

'Well he can wait,' her lips curled into a smile. 'Sullivan's?' She turned back to her locker,

'I was thinking more along the lines of Massimo's'

Her eyes widened, 'That's pretty high-end, Mac'

'I know' he shrugged, listening to the noise of the metal door closing reverberating around the small room, 'You ready?'

Stella grabbed her long jacket from the hook inside her locker, nudged the door shut and joined Mac at the door.