Alternative-Timeline Cross Lovers

Author's Note:

Set around Moebius. Daniel and Samantha explore their relationship. Oh, and of course I don't own Stargate. If I did, I'd be writing scripts, not fanfiction.

Chapter One

Daniel Jackson, PhD in Egyptology and currently teaching English as a Second Language because there just weren't the jobs out there for experts on pyramids (especially experts who touted the theory that aliens had used the pyramids as landing pads), was captivated by his cohort in attempting to get the commander of a black operation to take them seriously. Samantha Carter was intelligent, funny, and most importantly, took him seriously. And she was more then happy to make it Them Against the World while they tried to convinced General George Hammond that it was of vital importance that they be included in the project to recover a device that would allow intergalactic travel. After all, it was them who were on a five-thousand-year-old video camera recently found on an archaeological dig in Egypt, not General Hammond.

They weren't getting very far convincing Hammond of that, but Jackson was enjoying Carter's company. She was intelligent. She was funny. She listened to him. They were becoming good friends, and she had mentioned several times even if they ended getting turfed out of the Stargate program – which was looking more and more likely – she would like to remain friends.

He wished he had the courage to pursue something more then friendship.

But Doctor McKay had already thought of that, hitting on Sam whenever the opportunity arose – and even when it didn't. If Daniel heard the words 'sexy librarian' one more time, he thought he'd throw up. He was unoriginal and repetitive as well as being a chauvinist.

Unfortunately, in Daniel's experience, when you were as good-looking and important as McKay was, you could be a chauvinist, and then women still fell as your feet. Daniel was just disappointed Sam was one such woman. She could do way better then that.

She deserved to be with someone who appreciated her intelligence, her sense of humour, her loyalty.

Someone like Daniel.

But in Daniel's experience, an intelligent and loyal geek ranked far lower then a good-looking, important chauvinist. So as far as he could gather, there was no hope for him. He would have to settle for friendship.

They met in the mess hall (if they were still called mess halls in black operations that were twenty-odd stories below the earth) for lunch, like they always did. She always declined to sit with McKay and his bunch of stuck-up doctors and military types who thought they were God's Gift to Women, which Daniel appreciated. She was a loyal friend, even if she did have dodgy taste in men.

She looked distracted, and picked at her food. " What's up? " Daniel asked, concerned. Sam was his only friend in this place – not only his only friend, but the only person who didn't look at him like a vastly inferior being – and her being less then her usual self made him feel… protective. Almost like a boyfriend. Don't think like that, Jackson, it won't get you anywhere, he told himself harshly.

Samantha gave a smile that was as distracted and distressed at the rest of her. " Nothing, " she said unconvincingly.

Daniel leaned over and touched her hand, which was facing palm up. It was the most intimate they'd ever been. She flinched slightly, a reflex from having her personal space invaded, then closed her hand around his fingers. Daniel's heart skipped a beat. " Something's up, " he said in a low voice.

Samantha couldn't miss the concern – and was that affection? – in his voice and her heart skipped a beat. She had been trying to get his attention as more then a friend ever since they'd met – including, in her own shy way, suggesting they continue to see each other outside of the Stargate program – and every time McKay had chosen to interrupt and treat Samantha like his possession and Daniel like something he'd scraped off the bottom of his shoe.

Damn McKay! She couldn't make it more obvious she wasn't interested in him. He was arrogant and chauvinistic. She'd been turned off by the first 'sexy librarian' comment and it had gone downhill from there. He had no respect for women, and seemed convinced that whatever they said to his advances all meant 'yes'. He'd groped her at every opportunity, which had been bearable at first – after all, there were certain things a woman would put up with to be part of something this big – but today had been different.

Half an hour ago he'd cornered her in a storeroom and moved in for the kill. Her eyes watered at the memory of his mouth slobbering on hers, pressing hard against her lips while his hands grabbed at her flesh freely like she was a piece of meat he was contemplating buying. She'd thought she'd throw up. The only reason it hadn't progressed further was because she'd kneed him as hard as she could and run.

Remembering Daniel was watching her intently, she blinked away her tears. " It doesn't matter, " she said, even more unconvincingly. " Just drop it. '

In a flash, Daniel was at the other side of the table. His hand closed around Samantha's arm and he gently but firmly propelled her out of the hall into the nearest empty room, a dormitory. He turned on the light and inspected her intently, his face betraying the growing anger he felt as saw what McKay had done to her. Her normally pale-pink lips were bruised darker from the force of McKay's lips on them. There was an ugly-looking hickey on her neck, and Daniel could only guess the marks the doctor's strong, demanding hands had made on the pretty, petite proof-reader's body.

" Sam, " Daniel growled. " What did he do to you? "

Samantha found the tone of Daniel's voice oddly soothing. This nerdy, unsure languages geek (who was really quite good looking when you took a good look) made her feel safe… protected… desirable. In the midst of her distress she couldn't help but wonder how Daniel's kiss would differ from McKay's. Greatly, she was sure.

" It was nothing, " she said. " He just… won't take no for an answer. He kept coming onto me, making this disgusting remarks, and I kept telling him I wasn't interested. Then before we were alone and he… " her voice trailed off and she lowered her eyes. She couldn't stand to meet Daniel's gaze anymore. He was a man after all, would he really understand?

" Did he rape you? " Daniel asked quietly, and his words shocked Samantha out of her unwillingness to talk about it.

" No! " she said emphatically. " He just … expected me to fall at his feet, I think. I guess he thought I could do with some convincing – a taste of the McKay magic. " She tried to smile, but her face quickly crumpled into total distress. " I feel like a piece of meat, " she cried.

His heart burning, Daniel pulled Samantha into his arms and let her cry. " You're not a piece of meat, " Daniel said firmly. " You are one of the most intelligent women I've ever met. McKay's an asshole and don't let yourself believe anything to the contrary. " He kissed the top of her blond head and restrained himself from tilting her tear-stained face up and kissing her lips.

" Listen, " he said calmly, " you stay here. I'll be back in five minutes, OK? " Sam looked up and nodded her head. God, he wanted to kiss her.

Instead, he focused on McKay. God, he'd been such a fool to think Samantha might actually be interested in such an asshole. Of course she had high standards then that. McKay was a prize jerk who didn't deserve any woman, let alone one as intelligent and fun as Samantha.

He stormed into McKay's office and, with the benefit of surprise, delivered a punch to the doctor's face that sent him reeling.

" What the fuck… ?" McKay screamed when he gathered his wits. " Jackson, I will have you thrown off this base for this! " He had been itching to get rid of the nerdy professor since he'd stepped foot on the base. So what if some alternate-timeline version of him was on a video tape? Didn't make him any less of a geek who was way out of his depth. That, and Carter's devotion to him in the few day's she'd known him infuriated McKay. Why the hell would any woman want to be with that four-eyes when she could be with him?

" And if you go anywhere near Samantha Carter again I'll throw every regulation at you that I can find, " Daniel shot back. " I know what you're doing to her is against the law, and I'm sure if we complain long enough to enough people something will happen to you. "

Daniel's words shocked McKay. Jackson was right, of course. Equal Opportunity and Anti-Discrimination laws were the bane of McKay's existence. He missed the days where women were there to cook, clean, bear children and be willing bedmates. Now he was supposed to accept them as he co-workers, like any other man. And there were so many people in power – men in power – who were all politically correct these days that it wouldn't take long for Jackson to find someone who would be really pissed off at McKay's treatment of Carter.

" OK, OK, didn't care much about her anyway, " McKay conceded. There were plenty other sexy librarians out there.

" And quit blocking us at every turn, " Daniel added, sensing he had the advantage. " We have plenty to offer – didn't we work out where the second Stargate was? "

McKay glared at the upstart professor. Unfortunately, there was nothing much he could do at the moment. But Hammond would soon dispatch of them – they would end their usefulness and be on their way. May as well humour them for a little while longer. " Fine, " he said through gritted teeth. " Is that all? I have work to do? " His tone reeked with insinuation that Daniel was contributing nothing to the program while McKay was doing everything. Daniel didn't care. He'd gotten him to stop harassing Sam and stop blocking them too.

He made his way back to the dorm, where Sam was sitting in the corner. She looked very small. Daniel's heart went out to her. " It's all sorted, " he said softly. " He won't bother you anymore. "

Samantha looked at him suspiciously. " What did you do to him, Daniel? " he asked. She glanced at his hand, specifically his knuckles, which looked suspiciously like they'd punched something – or someone.

Daniel shrugged. " He deserved it, " he said shamelessly. " You can't possibly feel sorry for him, can you Sam? " he asked.

Samantha shook her head. " No… I just… I can't believe you did that for me. You could have gotten thrown off the base. " She blushed. " Thankyou. "

Daniel shrugged. " It was nothing. You know, you should see a doctor. " He smirked. " Not McKay. "

Samantha squirmed. She didn't want to make any bigger fuss then had already been made. " I'm fine, " she insisted.

Daniel had some medical training – enough to give a cursory inspection to a woman who was more rattled then injured. " Then let me look over you, " he insisted. " Just for my peace of mind. "

The way he said it, how could she resist? " OK, " she agreed in a small voice. More then anything she was scared of what would happen when Daniel got close enough to touch her. Now that she was getting over the incident with McKay, she was becoming more and more aware of how attracted to Daniel she was.

Daniel slowly moved in close to her, not wanting to scare her. " I'm just going to run my hands down your side, to see if you've fractured a rib, " he said softly, soothingly. " Tell me if it hurts – sharp pain, not dull pain like a bruise. "

He ran his hands down her sides from under her arms to her hips, without so much as a whimper from Samantha. " OK, I'm going to do it a little harder this time, " Daniel said.

Samantha gasped when she felt the pressure of Daniel's hands against her body. A little harder was something of an understatement. " I'm sorry, am I hurting you? " he asked.

Samantha shook her head. " Just surprised me, how hard, " she managed to get out, not adding that the pressure was kind of a turn-on. " It's not hurting, Daniel, I'm fine, " she insisted. " Just a few bruises, nothing broken. "

At the mention of the word bruises, Daniel glances at Samantha's bruised lips and his anger flared up again that someone could do something like that. He reached out his index finger and traced it over her lips. " How does that feel? " he asked, his voice lowered to a hoarse whisper.

Samantha had the urge to run her tongue over Daniel's finger ; too late, he removed it. " It's OK, " she said. " Maybe you need to press a little harder. "

" Like this? " Daniel asked, and all reason abandoned him as he leaned in to kiss Samantha gently. When she didn't resist, he pressed his lips against hers a little harder, coaxing her mouth open with his tongue. She gave a whimper of helpless delight that Daniel mistook for pain and indignation. He jumped away, putting a foot between them.

" Sam, I'm so, so sorry, " he apologised profusely. " I just – I swear I didn't mean to… I'm a jerk and I took advantage… I'm sorry… "

Sam smiled. Daniel was so sweet. And so hot. " I wanted you to, " she admitted. " Please… will you… kiss me again? " she blushed. She wasn't used to being so forward.

Daniel didn't need any more encouraging. He quickly closed the distance between them, holding Samantha tightly in one arm. He held her head back with his free hand and lowered his mouth to hers.

It was explosive. Daniel tried to keep it soft and sweet, but he couldn't contain himself and pressed his mouth harder against hers, his tongue probing her mouth, tangling with hers, exploring the inside until, breathless, he drew away from her and began running kisses over her face and down her neck.

Samantha was hardly resistant. She had never experienced such an explosive kiss. Her hands were running through his head, along his neck, down his back, enjoying the sound of his breathing becoming more laboured. " Sam, Sam, " he groaned into the part of her neck he was nuzzling. " We gotta stop before I take you right here. " She could feel his erection pressing against her thighs, and it turned her on like she couldn't remember.

Samantha directed Daniel's head so their eyes met. She grinned impishly. " There's plenty of beds, " she replied.

That was it for Daniel's self-control. He swung Samantha into his arms and carried her to the nearest bed. He undressed her quickly, his fingers caressing her skin until she was begging for it.

Daniel had planned in his wildest fantasies that their coupling would be slow and sweet. But he was so horny and with Sam urging him on it didn't take long to bring both of them to climax. " Sorry, " he said sheepishly as he rolled off her and drew her into his arms. " I'll do better next time. " He stressed his words so she knew there would definitely be a next time.

Samantha smiled at him adoringly. " You know it was fantastic, " she reproved. She snuggled up to him and laced her fingers through his. " Thankyou. "

Daniel ran his fingers through her now-damp blond hair. " For what? " he asked.

" For… being Daniel, I guess, " she replied. She looked at him, her eyes sparkling. " You know, I guess it's probably we'll get kicked of this place within a few days. But it's been such an incredible experience… mostly because I met you. " Her eyes lowered, embarrassed. " That sounded so clingy. "

He kissed the top of her head. " I feel the same way, " he replied. " I really want to see you after this is over. "

" Me too. " They lay in bed, talking and lapsing into comfortable silences. They were still there three hours later when General Hammond came to tell them the second Stargate had been found, right where Samantha had told them it would be.