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Summary: Meet Ginny Weasley, twenty one year old secretary. Bored out of her mind and stuck watching her best friends fall in love, she's had it with being the innocent one. Enter Blaise Zabini, the answer to all her problems. Or is he?

Disclaimer: Harry Potter belongs to J.K. Rowling and unless I've aged by twenty odd years and haven't realised it, I'm not her. Calyx Leona belongs to me though!

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Goddess of Fire

Chapter One: Shocking Discoveries

I stared.

And stared.

Impossible. My brain must be malfunctioning. I'm having hallucinations. That, or the twins slipped something into my drink during dinner. Yeah, that's it. Something in my drink. Like, I dunno, Hallucination Hazelnuts? Actually that's a good one, must take a note of that. Have the twins ever used nuts before? I can't remember.

I'm getting completely off track here.

Actually, I think I want to get off track. Yeah, I'm just gonna slowly back away, cast a memory modification on myself so that I won't be scarred for life and get on with it. Y'know, go to work, meet up with friends and…generally just forget I ever saw anything.

I never knew my mind was so fragile. Seriously, its not as if I'm innocent. I can't be. I'm twenty-one years old for Christ's sake!

Don't bring Christ into this Ginny, I scolded myself.

Oh, wait, I'm still standing here.

Jaw virtually on the floor and big blue eyes wide with shock.

What a picture.

Should I say something? Or just sneakily get outta there? Its not as if they'll notice anything. They're a little to busy.

C'mon legs, work!


Pretty please?

With a cherry on the top?

Oh, hell, I'm begging my own legs to move. It doesn't get any sadder than this people.

Well, looks like I've only got one choice.

Okay. Mouth closed. Eyes back to regular size, well, at least I hope they are. Determined face. No, Ginny, that's not a determined face! That's a…why on earth am I pouting? Jeez! Okay, that's better. Determined face. Close door. Yes, that's it arms, keep it moving. Up. Up. Side. Left! Did I say right! NO! LEFT! Right. Place pressure on door. Slowly, carefully, don't wanna make any noises now, do we? Good! Door successfully closed!

I didn't know it took that much work to close a door.

Right, anyways, lets get this ball rolling.

"Hang on, let me find Ron and Hermione!" I said loudly. Right on cue, there was a crash inside the room of the door I had just closed.

Dear lord, I do hope they broke a couple of bones. It might be enough compensation for me being completely traumatised.

Shuffle. Low voices. More shuffling. Squeak. Low laughter. Angry tone, totally Hermione. Even more shuffling.

Heeeellllooooo? What's with the shuffling already?

Door opens.

And I worked so hard to close it!

Yes, well, I tried to look as if I was just passing.

"Hey Gin, you wanted us?" Ron, my dear older brother who I'll never be able to look in the eye again, said.

"Um, yeah," Like a deer caught in headlights.

Think Ginny! Excuse! NOW!

"I-I was just wondering…if…if…you knew where the…uh…"

Hermione raised an eyebrow.

"…my mobile is! Since, well, you borrowed it an hour ago, Ron,"

Hermione looked sceptical, but Ron just scratched the back of his head thoughtfully.

"Sorry Ginny, I gave it to you,"

"Really? Well, I'll have another look around!"

Okay, this is the part where my legs start to work right? So I can make a speedy getaway?

Not moving.

"Ginny?" Hermione said with a concerned look.


C'mon leggies…

"Are you okay?"

"Oh I'm fine! Perfectly fine!"

Oh yes, I think we have lift off!

Yes, we're moving, slowly, surely...

"Well, if you're sure," Hermione frowned before Ron managed to tug her back inside the room again.

Goddess! They're not going for another round are they!

This is the point where people should start laughing at my misfortune. Because, since I was concentrating on putting one foot forward and thus walking, I completely forgot the fact I was on a narrow landing with nice narrow stairways.

Hence the big bump on my forehead and twisted ankle.

I always knew someone had it in for me.

"…with her hand down his pants and faces practically sucking each other!"

Colin Creevey, one of my best friends, snorted with laughter.

"Not funny!" I wailed, "I've been scarred for life!"

"Scarred for two seconds maybe," my other best friend Calyx Leona laughed, clapping Colin's back as he began to choke on a piece of bacon.

Jeez, you'd reckon I'd get a LITTLE more sympathy from my best friends. But nooooooo, all they do is LAUGH at me.

What is it with these people?

"Aww, c'mon Gin," Colin grinned, "Its not as if you have to live with them,"

"No," I agreed, pulling a face, "I have to live with you two,"

The response was slow. The black-haired girl and sandy haired boy turned and stared blankly at each other before simultaneously letting out squeals of disgust.

I found this quite humorous.

And I let it be known quite loudly too.

"GROSS!" Calyx yelled.

"Yeah! I'd never EVER go out with that thing!"

On the contrary. Calyx is not a THING in any sort of way. It's amazing how she can walk down the street and all these heads immediately turn like clockwork and just stare. In some cases drool.

If Calyx Leona wasn't my friend, I'd hate her very much.

"Kidding guys," I chortled, as the two scooted away from each other while throwing glares.

"You better be!"

We were getting odd looks. Although I'm not surprised, as we happen to be sitting in our favourite café in Diagon Alley like we do every morning for breakfast before heading off to work. Anyway, I'm not surprised about the odd looks because the three of us always get odd looks, which might have something to do with the fact we get hyper a lot.

Yeah, that's it.

"Anyway, how's it going with Dean?" I asked Calyx.

Dean Thomas was a Gryffindor in Harry, Ron and Hermione's year and happens to be dating Calyx. Well, they were last time I checked. Sometimes I can't keep up with Callie's track record. That girl changes boyfriend more often then I go shopping. That's like, once a week.

"Oh, we broke up," she said calmly as if it was nothing. Which to her it is.

"Why?" I asked as Colin rolled his eyes and continued to eat his bacon and eggs.

"He dumped me,"

Not a reason. But it sent me into shock and Colin, once again, choked on his bacon. Maybe he should just give up and stay away from the bacon?

"Colin, honestly!" Callie laughed, smacking him on the back again.

"He…you…" our sandy haired friend stammered.

"Ginny, what is he trying to say?" Calyx demanded exasperatedly.


Quite honestly, I know exactly what he's trying to say. Only you must remember that my best friend, the one that changes boyfriend every week (extreme player syndrome), has just told me she was dumped.

This, my friends, is a cause for major concern.

Seriously, someone call the Witch Weekly.



No, that was not me.

That was Colin.

"Huh?" Calyx blinked and turned to Colin, looking rather taken back. "Well, yeah, so? Look guys, not to spoil the weird stupor you're currently in or anything, but it's nearly nine thirty,"

It had the desired effect. I yelped and jumped up, nearly spilling over the half empty cup of coffee sitting in front of me in the process, and hurriedly pulled on my bottle green robes. Colin almost fell over in his hurry to grab his own robe, at the time dropping a couple of galleons onto the table. Even Calyx had been affected by her own words as she jumped up, swinging her shoulder bag onto her shoulder and frantically pinning her hair back up with a couple of chopsticks. And as one, we rushed out of the door.

Yes, this does happen often.

"See you at lunch!" Colin yelled over his shoulder as he took off down Diagon Alley towards the Daily Prophet building, since he had finally followed his dream and had become a photographer.

"Laters!" Calyx took off in the opposite direction, heading towards the café she worked in as the head waitress. Which is quite fortunate since then we get free food. Plus she happens to be the only one of us that can cook. Which is also useful considering we're flatmates.


Okay Weasley, get your ass to that building in two minutes because remember what happened the last time you were late?

Oh yeah, only NEARLY got fired. Calyx saved my butt by waltzing in with a mini-skirt and delivering the snacks for the meeting later that day. My boss was drooling for three hours afterwards. Gross.

Anyway, keep it moving Ginny; Calyx isn't planning on waltzing in today. Thank Goddess my legs are co-operating with me, we definitely do NOT want a repeat of yesterday.


Damnit, butts that size should not be allowed on the street! In fact, they shouldn't even exist!

Oh boy, thirty seconds left.

Keep it moving, keep it moving…no, no, NO! Don't run into any goddamn trees! Sheesh!


I ran around the corner and hurtled up the front steps.


Crash through the double doors, glance vaguely towards the lifts before rushing up the steps.


First floor, second floor, and THANK GODDESS! Third floor!


Down the corridor…c'mon Ginny just a little further…YES!


"Hey Ginny!" several of my colleagues called.

"Cutting it fine as always Weasley?"

"You know me!" I grinned at Seamus Finnegan.


Uh oh, boss calling.

I sighed as I walked to his office, dumping my bag in my cubicle on the way and checking that I was presentable enough before pushing the door open that held the label 'Alexander Bones'.

"Yes sir?"

"Weasley, you're late,"

"Actually, sir, I'm on time," I replied as coolly as I could without losing my rag on him. And to think, I'm actually his secretary!

"Hn," Bones grunted, glaring at the clock that said exactly nine thirty, "Do you have the reports?"

"Yes sir,"

"Well, where are they?" he snapped.

I rolled my eyes. "On my desk sir,"

"Get them, and then I want you to go over the Gunderson file and review it,"

"I'm on it, anything else?"

"Yeah, get me a coffee,"

Sheesh! Asshole!

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