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Goddess of Fire

Chapter Sixteen: Halloween Heaven

Katie, it turned out, got stage nerves. And I mean serious stage nerves. She was literally throwing up into the toilet while Lee soothingly rubbed her back. Callie was fussing over her outfit—a bright turquoise skirt coupled with boots and a white V-neck sleeveless top—while Colin was playing the drums with a large amount of glee, since Lee was distracted enough not to kill him for touching his precious drumsticks.

Harry was milling about with a certain amount of hyperactiveness as well, dragging Draco around and demanding explanations for everything that was new to him—"What's that?!", "An amp, Harry."—and meanwhile Blaise was walking about, directing everyone and everything with so much authority I would've began drooling if it wasn't the fact I was rather busy myself.

With safety pins I might add.

"Stupid—damn—!" I bleated as I struggled to close the stubborn safety pin through a large rip in my white and red t-shirt that was lined with safety pins to keep it closed enough to avoid flashing my tits.

"Here." A pair of hands grabbed the safety pin and closed it for me. I looked up at see Blaise smiling at me. "How are you feeling?"

"Fine. It's weird; Katie seems to have gotten my share of stage fright." I replied with a faint grin. I shifted and grimaced as I felt my waist constricted again. Someone had the insane idea of putting my wide hips into a tight pair of red leather jeans, and boy were they a bitch to walk in. I mean, I was waddling for the first hour—and don't even get me started on going to the toilet!

"Well, you're going on in half hour. Demonic is half way through their set already," Blaise said, patting my perfectly made hair and moving a few strands so that my hair looked even more messy. "I'll be back soon—are you sure you're okay?"

"I'm fine, Blaise!"

My manager grinned before taking off after a roadie, going on about frequencies and the like. I watched him leave before a commotion caught my eye.

"Oh my God, is that—?" some girl squeaked.

"Can I have your autograph?"

"What are you doing here? I didn't know you were into concerts!"

"Of course you can come through—"

The babble of voices grew louder as a herd of girls and a few boys rounded the corner, a familiar face among them, smiling slightly.

"OLIVER, MATE!" Harry bellowed, happily ditching the magical DJ deck he was curiously inspecting and running towards his ex-Captain. Those who hadn't realised that yes, the Harry Potter was around as well, screamed in surprise and happiness. A few fainted.

I laughed. The antics of fans, really…

Oliver and Harry hugged briefly, both grinning and yapping on about the English Quidditch team that Ron was a substitute to for a while before Harry turned and called me and Draco over.

"Little Ginny!" Oliver blinked in surprise, "Haven't you grown?"

I scowled at him. Little what mister?!

"Nice to see you too Oliver." I said, sniffing dramatically and upturning my nose at him. Oliver laughed.

"Haven't seen you since I stopped by and saw you pull off that amazing Porskoff Ploy in the Gryffindor versus Slytherin final."

Ah, Oliver Wood, forever talking about Quidditch.

I finally relented—but I'm still not little, got it?!—and grinned at him. "What can I say, I rock."

"That you do," Oliver smirked, before looking around, "Is Katie around? She's kinda the reason I came."

"OH!" Harry said dramatically, "I see how it is!"

This time it was Harry who sniffed and upturned his nose. Oliver blinked at him, then at me, and then promptly told us, "You two are quite the double act. When you getting married?"

We briefly looked at each other and then simultaneously graced him the evil-eyes that made most people think about going into hiding. Pfft, married my ass! I don't even want to get married—I mean, who the hell would want to spend their life with just one person?! And divorce is just hassle times a gazillion.

Not to mention—hello, it's Harry! Best friend Harry!

However, Oliver only grinned and said, "My point is made."

Harry and I gaped at him. Draco laughed in the background.

"So, Katie?"

"Chucking up in the toilet." Colin informed him, while Harry and I spluttered obscenities and threats and anything else in between.

"What is it with her and nerves…?" Oliver grumbled as he bypassed us and headed for the toilets, bellowing, "BELL, GET YOUR ASS OUT HERE!"

I heard Katie squeak, "Yes Captain!" before a pause, and then, "HANG ON! You can't order me about anymore!"

I had to laugh. Harry only blinked.

As Oliver gave Katie a pep talk reminiscent of his Quidditch pep talks, I looked over at Harry who was grinning at me.

"Why do we always get that?"

"The, when are you two gonna get married comment? Goddess knows, Harry. People are weird. They can't look at male and female best mates and not assume their secretly in love with each other."

We glanced at each other uneasily, as if to say—you're not, right?! And then realised what we were doing and laughed.

"Besides," I chirped, as Blaise called me over from the other end of the backstage, "It looks like you're starting to swing for the home team, right?"

Harry choked and turned red. Draco stared.

I bounced off—because I'm innocent, yeah!

"There you are. Why does Potter look like someone's hit him over the head with Voldemort's mouldy socks?"

I snorted at the analogy. Blaise simply looked back at me and grinned, before slipping back into manager mode. Which is totally not as fun—and yet, he just looks so hot. How could I ever say no to him?

This is probably a bad thing. Cos I once read this muggle book about a girl who was the lead singer of this band, and she signed a contract while drunk, and then ended up getting sued by her manager for breaking it.

I rather enjoyed the book though.

"So, just wanted to run through a couple of choruses, make sure your voice is top-notch." Blaise said to me, leading me aside. He looked at me expectantly.

I cleared my throat, and pulled one of our songs at random.

"Because, you and me,

It ain't natural

It ain't chemistry

It ain't love

It just

It just is."

Blaise nodded. "Another one."

Hmm…not Killer Angels, I've sung that so often that I'm sure Blaise's ears would bleed out if he heard it again. Something more upbeat.

"There once was a girl

She was so pretty

With eyes as blue as the sky

Everyone loved her

Her gentle spirit

Her loving heart

Her pretty blue eyes

There once was a boy

He was so cool

With a grin that melted hearts

Everyone loved him—"

"Okay, brilliant," Blaise cut in, smiling at me in that heart melting way. I never mentioned to him that I had based that boy on him. His Slytherin ego would burst at the seams, and Merlin knows that we can't have that. "Your voice is fine. Drink some water; make sure your guitar is in tune. We're on in ten."

"Aye aye Cap'ain!" I saluted, smirking at him before sauntering off in my red leather jeans. I could practically feel his gaze on my ass.

My stylist came bustling over to me a moment later—yes, I have a freaking stylist! How beyond surreal is that?!—and checked over the pins I had been struggling with earlier. Then she checked my hair, muttering to herself all the while. My hair, super messy and loosely curled, fell around my face, black undertones stark against the paleness of my skin.

My stylist, who had simply introduced herself as Cyane, finally conjured a mirror and allowed me to check out the final product. Eyes lined with thick back eyeliner and a dark, sparkly blue eye shadow that made my eyes seem larger. Lips painted dark red. I looked unreal.

Wait, this isn't a dream, is it? Am I dreaming? I look like a bloody rockstar. I'm standing backstage at Hogsmeade Halloween Festival, waiting for my set to start. My manager is a drop-dead gorgeous ex-Slytherin who has the hots for me—



Okay. Maybe not, since pinching still hurts like a bitch.

Still, wouldn't have surprised me if I had dreamed up the last few months.

"And we're on in five! Roadies, equipment! Band—meeting, now!" Blaise shouted.

I thanked Cyane, picked up my glorious black and red guitar and walked over to my manager. Callie and Colin met me half way there, playfully pushing each other and laughing. Lee, Katie and Oliver soon followed, Katie looking much better, having been pep talked into sanity.

"Come here, my gorgeous best friend," Callie murmured, slinging an arm around my neck, Colin stepping around me and wrapping an arm around my waist, "I never thought our messing about in seventh year would lead us here."

"Neither did I," Colin mused, then grinned at us, "As much as I love photography, nothing beats actually playing in front of a crowd."

"Fuck yeah," Callie smirked, "Let's knock 'em off their feet."

I glanced at both my best mates, these two people I had half-kicked out of my life in favour of keeping the peace at Harry's place, even though, surely, by now, I'm not needed for that. I never realised how much I just missed them than I did at that moment.

"Hell yeah!" I agreed, grinning, and the three of us slapped high fives.

"Right," Blaise started, once we congregated around him and Oliver had wondered off to chat with Harry again, "This is it, guys. Your debut. It's make or break. You guys could be legends if we get through this. So Ginny, sing it loud and proud. Make me feel the lyrics. The rest of you—you're fucking rock stars, act like it! Make those people out there scream!"

"Damn straight!" Lee shouted, punching the air. The rest of us followed, showing our delight and eagerness to get out there and play. Moments later, Blaise was hugging the girls and slapping the boys on the back, and then he went out to introduce us.

I was the only one clutching my guitar. The rest of the equipment had been taken onto stage. I heard Blaise shouting out the rest of the band's names, and Callie squeezed my hand before walking out onto the stage with the others.

I turned to walk up the stairs and onto the balcony over the stage, only to be apprehended by Cyane.

"Wait! There's something not right!" she flapped about for a second, and for a sheer-panic wielding second, I thought be forced to wait while she sorted me out and then the timing for my debut would fuck up. And then she turned around, looking for something, and her blue eyes latched onto Harry.

"Aha!" she cried, lunging at him. Harry stared at her, startled, as she reached out to him—

And yanked on his casual black silk scarf, snatching it off his neck and returning to me with it. She quickly tied it around my waist and it stood out against the red of my leather jeans, the ends swaying at my left side. I barely had time to understand what had just happened when she started shoving me towards the stairs.

"Go, go!" she urged, "You're gonna miss your cue!"

And whose fault would that be?!

I hurried up the stairs, and waited, just out of sight and casting a couple of charms on myself. I heard the band starting up, Blaise already hurrying backstage and looking up at me. Lee's pulsating thump-thump-thump seemed in time with my heart. Katie's slow, melodic rhythm flowed easily—until, barely moments later—Callie and Colin intruded with a crash of noise, loud, fast paced noise, and the song exploded. I took a deep breath, and then ran—vaulted over the railings and landed on the stage with the grace of a cat and the noise of an elephant. I snatched up the microphone, even as my fingers found the guitar stings and started playing.

"We are Silverstar, and we're here to ROCK YOUR FUCKING WORLD!"

The crowd screamed. They screamed so loud that my ears nearly burst. They jumped and surged and I sang—sang so hard, so loud, my body throwing itself into poses and walking up and down the stage as we rocked through the first song. The crowd lapped us up, screaming and screaming and jumping and hands waving—

I had never felt anything like it. The exhilaration was so amazing—almost like streaking through the air on a racebroom, and yet somehow, nothing like it—I was so amazed and stunned, that my conscious took a back seat and I did everything on sheer instinct.

And at some point, I realised, that this was what I was made for. This was what I wanted to do for the rest of my life.

Stand in front of a crowd and listen to the applause.

Stand there, and sing.



Hogsmeade Halloween Festival

The Last, Yet The Most Glorious: Silverstar Makes Their Debut!

There's silence. It's a silence of speculation, of wonderment. Blaise Zabini has introduced them, and they troop on stage one by one. Lee (drums) walks on with a grin and wave; Katie (keyboards) following much more demurely with a shy smile. Colin (bass) walks on with the confidence one has to admire, and Callie (lead guitar) saunters on with a smirk and an out-there outfit that has most of us jealous and in awe.

They start playing. It's a hollow, quiet start, marred by the absence of their lead singer Ginny. We watch, still wondering, hoping for more— and then, suddenly, Callie and Colin have crashed in with a hard, fast tune that both Katie and Lee match.

Where's Ginny, you ask? She's here, alright, and she's coming from above. She vaults over the balcony and crashes into the stage with easy grace, grabs the microphone and screams her announcement.

The crowd roars. They storm through their set, hard and fast, energy literally sizzling from the stage. I'm jumping, screaming, getting as excited as I would have as a teenager. By the end of it, we're all exhausted and so entirely exhilarated. Ginny makes screaming sound like singing, and every note is hit perfectly. Her leather-encased hips swing recklessly as she bounces around the stage; Colin matching her energy with moves you'd typically see from a much more seasoned guitarist. Callie is slightly more demure, but her movements are seductive and deliberate. Lee's going wild on his drum set, and Katie, cute, innocent looking Katie, has more than a few solos that show off her prowess.

Killer Angels are last on the list, their finishing song, and the crowd goes wild.

Wizarding World, this is Silverstar, and they're here to rock your world.

Watch this space!

Written by Kyla Abbot, photographs by Michael Smith.


"Oh my God!"

"That was—that was beyond words! Ginny, you rocked!"

I grinned, dazed, at Harry and Hermione, who were fawning over me and hugging me over and over. The after-party was in full swing, and Harry was even more hyperactive than before, literally bouncing off the walls at the positive energy. And best thing was—for him, anyway—it was someone else being fawned over, and not him.

Except I'm too dazed to realise that I was the one being fawned over. People keep talking to me, but nothing was sinking in. I was in my own personal heaven.


Fred and George elbowed their way over to me, both grinning widely and caught me in a twin sandwich—aka, squished me into a hug from the both of them. Blimey, thanks. Not like I'm having enough trouble breathing from these leather jeans!

"Fuckin' brill, sis!" George crowed.

"Son of a bitch, where the hell did you learn to sing like that?" Fred demanded, and I blinked at them. They laughed at me.

"Look at that goofy grin on her face!"

"Hey, Gin, Gin, sure you ain't on drugs there?"

They cracked up again. Eventually I gathered myself enough to reply.

"Shut the fuck up, you retards!"

They laughed harder, George using Fred as a stand as he doubled over. Eventually they calmed down long enough to talk to me properly, but by then Fred had noticed Hermione and completely sobered.

There was a tense moment, and then Harry moved from Hermione's side—to her complete angst—and wrapped an arm around my shoulders. "Let's go find –er—"

Apparently his mind wasn't thinking that far, but it didn't matter as he hauled me and George away, and yet close enough to listen in anyway.

"Er…" Fred said intelligently.

"Um…" Hermione replied eloquently.

They both went red. George, Harry and I all looked at each other and instantly had to stifle laughs.

"Look!" Fred finally grumbled, obviously losing his patience, "We're celebrating Ginny's success, so…let's make nice, already."

And then he hugged her.

She went even redder, but clutched his shirt in her fingers as she returned the embrace—and then we burst out laughing, because it really was just pathetic, and who were they kidding?

But suddenly it wasn't a laughing matter when Ron appeared, shouting my name. "OI! Gin! You genius! That was incredible!"

Hermione and Fred rocketed apart like lightning had crashed in between them. Since they were looking entirely guilty and obvious, I went to greet my brother and distract him.

"RON!" Harry and I shouted simultaneously, leaping on him. We glanced at each other and laughed again; it really was amazing how our minds could just cooperate like that.

"What the fuck?" Ron bleated, shoving us off him, "Christ, Harry—"

"It's been way too long, mate!" Harry announced happily, hugging him briefly. The confused and haggard look in Ron's eyes cleared and he hugged his best friend back, grinning at him.

"Yeah, it has. Hey Gin, I caught your show on WizardingTV—fucking amazing—"

"Ginny!" It was Draco, waving me over and standing next to Blaise, staunchly ignoring the band of girls around them.

"Thanks Ron. Er…be right back! Keep an eye on Harry—he's gone bonkers!"

"WHAT?!" Harry yelped as I skittered off, grinning over my shoulder and waving at an amused Ron and indignant Harry. I pushed past crowds of people, some of which I knew and some of which I didn't, barely glanced at Katie and Oliver making out in the corner before doubling back and checking again—ha! I knew it! I knew it! Oh, Katie, you and me are gonna be having words, yes, siree—before finally reaching Blaise and Draco.

They both kissed me on the cheek as a greeting. I could feel his dark blue molten gaze literally drill into me. Ooooooh, someone's feeling the lurve…

"Well done," Draco said with sincerity, smiling down at me. I grinned back—I couldn't seem to do anything but grin at the moment—and he laughed, "Yeah, I remember the exhilaration of the first time on stage, with the crowd. It's amazing, isn't it?"

"So very," I breathed, "I thought I'd died and gone to heaven!"

"You and me both, Weaslette," He smirked, before looking over at Blaise and then back at me, "Off you go then. Manager wants a word," he paused, and then leaned down, his mouth near my ear. His voice came out in a near whisper, "Have him. You both deserve it."

He pulled away from me, smiling calmly. I stared at him, dumbfounded and yet a little worried. "Draco…?"

"I'm nearly over it. Besides, Harry has been helping me…a lot…"

The smirk gave it away. I smiled at him, a thank you smile—because, fuck it, this guy is bloody amazing. He was actually being selfless and everything, and my new found respect for him went up several notches.

"Now, off you go." He insisted, pushing me towards. Blaise looked up at him surprise, and must've read something in those silver eyes because he suddenly smiled—what is it with these ex-Slytherins smiling instead of smirking today? It's a conspiracy, I tell you!—and turned back to me.

"C'mon," he murmured, taking my hand and glancing at Draco again, who simply looked at us in exasperation, as if to say, get the hell on with it, you sappy prats! And then walked off, presumably to find Harry.

Blaise dragged me out of the crowds and into a narrow corridor that ran under the stage that the roadies used. Since they were back in the common room enjoying the party, the hallway was predictably empty.

"Blaise…?" I started, as he continued to drag me to the middle of the corridor. "Blaise? Blaise!"

And then—I had his attention, because, very suddenly, he turned around and kissed me. Hard.


And when I say whoa, I mean whoa.

Like fireworks and explosions whoa.

His kiss burned with lust and passion, and I returned it feverously, reaching up to bury my hands in his soft black hair. I didn't realise that I was moving until my back was against the wall, and his hands trailed down my body, skimming my breasts lightly and making my back arch when sensitised nipples responded to the slightest of touches. Finally they gripped my thighs and heaved me up, and my legs automatically wrapped around his waist as he held me pinned against the wall.

His kiss was molten fire that made my head spin. Oh—so nice—so…so…

I lost track of what it was so, because his lips left mine and begun leaving a trail of hot, wet kisses along my collarbone. My fingers clenched around locks of ebony hair.

"Blaise…!" I gasped out, as he sucked on a particularly sensitive spot.

"You—have no idea what—those fucking leather jeans—were doing to me—" he murmured between kisses, "And watching you out there—" he finally looked up at me, blazing blue eyes meeting mine, "—I have never been more turned on in my life."



Oh hell yeah!

This day just could not get any better.