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Summery: +Sequel to 'The Tale of a Dragon'+ Harry and Draco go to teach in 1977, and their adopted son joins them. Can they protect the students and prepare them for war? Slash. Time-Travel.

Author's Note: Enjoy. /parseltongue/

The Tales of Werewolves
Live And Forget

"We are here to morn the loss of Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore. Order of Merlin, first class, Grand Sorc., Chf. Warlock, Supreme Mugwump, International Confed. Of Wizards, Headmaster of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, Founder of The Order of the Phoenix, close friend and mentor."

Harry Potter took out his hair tie and let his long hair fall around his face to hide his tears. He slowly rested his head on his fiancé's shoulder, who wrapped his arm around him protectively.

Draco Malfoy had tuned out of the man's mindless drabble, he knew it was rude to do something like that at a funeral, but he was much more interested in his life mate/fiancé, who seemed to be taking the death of their late headmaster to heart and was radiating sadness.

The rest of the surviving order members were there too, as well as many ministry officials and teachers from several schools.

Nymph (short for Nymphadora), Harry and Draco's pet taipan, was coiled comfortingly around Draco's arm.

/Isss massster Harry ok/ Nymph whispered in Draco's ear.

He pulled his head away as her tongue tickled his ear.

/He's a bit distraught at the moment. After the ceremony give him a bit of space./

/Yesss, sssir/

Draco looked the snake in her eyes. He still found them creepy, because they reminded him of Voldemort.

After Harry and Draco had bonded through the art of Werewolf mating, they had shared all their abilities and magical power. Harry had made Draco into a Parselmouth and Draco had made Harry into an Animagus. Draco was a Ferret, while Harry was a panther.

Harry gave a choked sob and Draco lifted his free arm so Nymph could slither off into the branches of a young Whomping Willow, which had a golden plaque on it saying, 'Dedicated to the Memory of Sirius Black, who's body was unable to be buried in this cemetery.'

The willow protected the Hogsmeade Cemetery from those who had the intent to steal or damage anything in it. Today it didn't dare move even a leaf. As it always did when a funeral was going on. It was a very respectful tree.

Now Draco had both arms around Harry, who was now crying freely on Draco's shoulder. Draco ran one of his hands through Harry's elbow length hair and gently lifted the green-eyed boy's head up. He removed the new stylish glasses and slipped them in his pocket before letting his head fall back onto his shoulder.

"T-Thanks" sniffled Harry.

"Shhh. Don't mention it. Are you ok?" Draco asked softly.


Kingsley Shacklebolt finished his sermon and was followed by two short speeches by Remus Lupin and Alastor Moody before everyone walked back to the castle. Draco had his arm firmly around Harry waist as they walked. Draco could feel the sun beating down on the back of his neck and he ran a hand through his hair, messing up the carefully jelled spikes.

Harry had decided two years before that he liked his life mate's hair better spiked, so Draco had complied and used his hair products for something different from just slicking it back.

Draco also had a small diamond stud in his ear. Harry had a piercing too, but was definitely not on his ear. But, of course, the only person who knew about it was Draco.

Inside the castle everyone gathered in the Room or Requirement, which had supplied them with a number of cosy chairs and couches arranged in circles that fitted seven each group, a table in the middle of the circles of chairs, each with cakes and sandwiches on them and a tissue box in the middle of each.

Harry and Draco sat on a couch and Ron joined them, with his five-year-old son sitting on his lap, Hermione, Arthur and Molly Weasley took a chair each, as did Severus Snape, while his wife Katherine sat on his lap. She had lost some weight over the years, so Severus didn't complain. He decided to just sulk instead.

Everyone sat in silence. Harry still had his hair covering his face, but Molly and Hermione were crying freely. Draco would have joined them, but had to be strong, for Harry's sake.

Five-year-old Andrew Weasley got up and went over to the table in the middle, he grabbed the box of tissues and offered it to his mother, grandmother and godfather. Harry blew his nose as a thankyou.

'This is stupid.' Thought Draco 'Someone needs to break the ice. Someone else needs to break the ice. I don't want anyone thinking I'm insensitive.' That same thought was running through almost everyone else's heads too, except for one.

"Well… What do we do now?" Asked Severus.

"Eat." Kath replied emotionlessly

"That's not what I meant Kathy."

She sighed, "At the moment there's nothing we can do, except remember. Dumbledore said 'there are things worse then death'. We should be thankful he went out fast, and he didn't have to suffer. He died with pride. And we should remember him like he was on the battlefield. Mysterious. Every move made you think, while he radiated power, strength, responsibility, but still with that childish, all-knowing twinkle in his eye."

By now everyone in the group, as well as a large number of other people, were listening intently.

"We should continue this fight without him, but not for revenge. We should fight it so that future generations won't have to suffer what we have. They won't have to change the way they act or think, or change what they believe in, in order to survive. When we were children we were different to the way we are now. War changes people, for better or worse, but even if all this," she gestured around the room, "will strengthen our children, I wouldn't wish it upon them. The grief of losing another. The fear of a person's name. The disappointment of seeing the ones we trust, turn to the opposite side. No one deserves that."

Every single person was listening now.

"What we will do now," she continued, "is be safe in knowing that even with our dear old Dumbledore gone, most of us should still find it in our hearts to continue. His death has been a terrible, terrible loss. But we must continue, to finish, what those who died, have done to put us on the path of victory. We must continue, for our children, and our children's children, and our children's children's children, and our children's children's children's children, and our…"

"I thi-think they get the point." Butted in Severus. Kath turned around and saw that he had tears streaming down his face, despite his best efforts to stop them. He was leaning his head on her back. She pushed him back slightly so she could cuddle into his chest and hide her blushing face.

Harry felt how much the words had an impact on Draco, and Draco could feel how much they had on Harry, so they decided to go for a walk, to get away from the depressing atmosphere.

Several hours later, in the Chamber of Secrets, Draco helped Harry lye down on a bed, took a silk handkerchief out of one of the draws and offered it to Harry. He didn't even acknowledge it was there.

He brushed some hair out of the way and held the handkerchief to Harry's nose. "Blow." He gently commanded. There was a wet, honking noise then Draco took the hankie away and dropped it on the ground like a fussy maid who had to hold something sticky.

Dumbledore had made the chamber suitable for humans to live in. With the huge entrance with the snake columns and two shallow rectangle puddles on either sides of the walkway. The statue of Salazar Slytherin had been taken down and replaced by one of a dragon.

Inside the mouth was a proper house with two floors, two main bedrooms, each with private bathroom and a study leading off them.

Resting his head on the pillow Draco took Harry in his arms.

"Say something Harry. You're so quiet. I'm worried."

"I didn't think Kath had it in her to say something so deep."

Draco chuckled lightly. "She looked embarrassed when she finished though."

Harry looked up at his lover. "What she said got to you too. I could feel it."

"Yeah. Just about changing the way we think and act and what we believe in. It just got me thinking. That's all." His hand unconsciously went to his arm, where his silver Dark Mark was burnt into his skin.

Harry noticed but decided not to comment about it.


"Sleep well, love."

"Where were you? It was a funeral! What could you possible have been doing?"

"Calm down. I was there. Just, at the back, with Bill. I don't like crowds, you know that, it's why I skipped the whole 'let's cry together' thing afterwards."

"Dominic, I know you don't like crowds, really, I know. But you can't isolate yourself forever."

"But people stare at me!"

Harry put a plate of bacon and eggs in front of his adopted son, who rolled his eyes behind his stylish, yet extremely dark, sunglasses. Harry didn't see, of course, because not much could be seen behind Dom's glasses.

"How'd you go afterwards? I know you took it to heart, even though it wasn't your fault."

"… I'm..." He sighed. "I didn't do to well, actually."

"How'd Draco take it?"

"He seemed to take it alright, but he didn't sleep afterwards. He was looking at his Dark Mark a lot."

The air seemed to grow colder. Dom didn't like hearing about Death Eaters, or anything to do with them.

Lord Voldemort had raped his mother, Katherine, and Dominic was the result of it. His mother used to be a spy for the light side, and didn't want to be reminded constantly of what happened. His mother's husband, Severus, was still a spy, and couldn't afford to have his 'master' find out about him.

Draco and Harry were his guardians, since they were both very powerful wizards and were the only ones that could deal with the loose magic he had when he was younger.

No one knew that Dominic knew who his mother was. She rarely saw him and always made up an excuse not to go somewhere where she knew he'd be. Dom would sneak around in the corridors, or 'borrow' Harry's invisibility cloak just to get a look at her.

Dom wolfed his food down and grabbed his black jacket off the back of the chair.

"I'm going to go see if he's ok. Don't work too hard, ok?"

"Yes Mother." Harry said mockingly.

Harry done Auror training, and passed with top grades (even in potions), but decided that he would stay at the school and take the vacant Librarian position, so he could read up on different spells and strategies for when it came to the final fight.

Draco was in the middle of becoming a healer, and was doing work experience as the school's nurse, and was Madam Pomfrey's apprentice. He'd played the biggest part in raising Dom, so he started healing school later then he would have liked to.

Dom threw the doors of the Hospital wing open and stalked in. He had the ability to silence a room with his presence when he wanted to, as well being able to blend into the shadows so he was almost completely invisible.

Pomfrey was cleaning the floor and looked up only to cast a disapproving glance at the teenager before going back to work.

"Ah, Poppy, how lovely to see you this morning. Have you taken an anti-aging potion this morning?" He grinned cheekily.

"He's in the back room." She snapped.

Draco was stooped over a large cauldron that was filled to the brim with a disgusting looking grey potion.

"Pepper-up?" Dom asked.


Dom looked at the blonde with a raised eyebrow. "Are you alright?"

Draco looked up. "Yeah, fine, why?"

"I was just wondering, what with last night and all."

"I think Harry was more upset then I was." Dominic looked at him sceptically. "Alright. Maybe I was a little upset. About my past and… stuff."

"I thought so. Harry said that you were up most of the night looking at your Dark Mark." He spat the words 'Dark Mark' in a way that would make anyone think that the words weren't worthy enough to be spoken by him.

Another hidden talent of Dom's was that he had perfect control over his voice and could make one word have over a million ways of saying it, and with each way, getting his meaning across perfectly.

It was great for interrogating and being interrogated.

"They're reading his will later today." Draco added in a seemingly indifferent way. "Are you coming? There won't be many people there."

"Yeah. May as well. Will Kath be there? I haven't seen her in ages."

"I don't think so."

"Ok." Dom hid his disappointment perfectly, but Draco knew him too well, and was an expert at reading body language.

"I'll ask Severus if she is, 'cause I'm not sure."

Dom shrugged "If you want."

"Hey, Severus." Draco broke into a run to catch up to his former professor. "Are you and Kath going to the reading tonight?"

"Me, yes. Kathy, no. She's still embarrassed about what she said yesterday. Why?"

"Dom wants to see her again. It has been a while, and what she said was beautiful, she shouldn't be embarrassed about it."

"True, but still." Severus shrugged. "I'll try and talk her into it."


"Why couldn't he ask me himself?"

"Oh, you know how he is."

They arrived outside the dungeons. And they said their goodbyes. Then Severus looked at Draco's hair.

"You shouldn't spend so much time over a cauldron, or the fumes will end up making your hair as greasy as mine." He said.

"Duly noted."

Author's Note: As you may have guessed from the summery, this is time travel, and I've been looking up seventies slang and fashion… IT IS SO FUNNY! I'm sorry if I don't get it right, but I'll try to make it as realistic as I can.
You may also have noticed that there's a bit of a time jump from 'Tale of a Dragon' to this. I'll explain how old everyone is in the next chapter and I'll describe Dom a bit more.