The Darkened Sanctum

A Dragon Quarter Fanfiction – The Author's First Notes

I have not finished this game.

Therefore many things from the original storyline will be incorrect.

This story is not meant to be perfect, every detail saved. This story is about my interpretation of the original storyline, with many things changed or added. Therefore this story may not be to a purist's taste, but I hope that it will appeal to some. The ending will most likely be completely different from the in-game one since I have never gotten that far.

However I have done a lot of research on the storyline from other, short fanfictions, others comments, translations from the art book, and other personal opinions and interpretations. This is a pooled piece of work, and my thanks goes out to those unlisted for the help and information.

The beginning of my story is slightly extended, as to tell the base story to those who do not know it. The places in my story may also have changed from the originals slightly. I hope the reader never considers this a fault as he/she follows along through the pages.

There are a few additions character-wise, but they have been painstakingly designed to blend in with the storyline. Apologies to those who feel they should not have been added, but it's a tradition of mine along fanfiction writing.

I do not own Breath of Fire V: Dragon Quarter, any of its characters, its storyline, nor am I affiliated with Capcom or any other company that distributes this game.

For once, this story has no dedication to someone personal…

But to anyone out there who has a dream.