This is my first Dark Angel fanfiction, so bear with me. It is Max/Alec pairing, with some Logan clash, but don't worry Logan does get a girl in the end.

Logan sends Max on a routine mission for Eyes Only but something goes horrible wrong. Out of the blue, Alec shows up and helps Max escape but gets captured by the police. Now he's in jail and Max goes to the one person who can get him out, Logan.

"Max?" Logan asked, as she came into his apartment with tears in her eyes. "What are you doing here?"

"I came to ask you for some help," she answered, as she sat down on his couch. "That info you gave me was inaccurate. I almost got caught. Lucky for me, Alec was there."

"What do you mean by "Lucky for me, Alec was there"?"

"I would be in the same place Alec is in right now."

"How does that make you lucky?" He then handed her a glass of water, which she quickly downed. "Really, how does that make you lucky?"

"Well for starters, I'm not in jail." She got to her feet only to sway and she quickly tried to get her balance. Logan grabbed onto her arm for support and she shot a glance down at his hand. "Logan! Let go of me. You'll die."

"No, Max, I won't." He tightened his grip on her and she felt herself get weaker and weaker.

Max fought to get free of Logan's hold, and was terrified that she couldn't. He had done something to her, making her weak. "What did you do to me?"

"I gave you something that turned you as weak as a normal human."

"What! Why?"

"Because I'm getting tired of trying to win your love." He ventured over to his desk, rummaged through the drawers, and pulled out a hand gun. "This way, my heart isn't hurt in the end."

"Logan, you're nuts."

"Really?" He cocked the gun and pointed it at her head. "Because for the first time in my life, I'm thinking clearly." Just then the telephone rang. "I'll get it. You stay there." The moment he turned his back to her, she blurred over to him and took the gun out of his hands. "What are you gonna do? Shoot me?"

"Logan, please don't make me use this," Max cried out, as she pointed the gun at him. "I don't want to hurt you." Her hands then began to shake.

"But I want to hurt you, Maxie." Logan snatched the gun out of her hand and pointed it at her head. "You think you're better than me by being a transgenetic. You're wrong. Humans are always the better of the two."

"What?" Max's eyes filled with fear and anger. "How can you say such a thing?"

"I have come to my senses." He checked his watch again.

"Waiting for your date?"

"No, I'm waiting for White." He then smiled as extreme fear filled his eyes. "I believe he is your date."

"You sold me out to White?"

"Yes, I believe I did. Don't worry, he promised me that you and Alec would be together."

"You're a bastard."

"I know Max. The way I take it, is that if I can't have you, no man can, not even that idiot Alec."

"He's smarter than you'll ever be."

"Sticking up for your love, I see. Not a smart thing to do since I have the gun."

"I'm so going to hurt you when I'm better."

"White will protect me." The door silently opening, caught Max's ears but not Logan's. She kept her eyes on him to see his reaction but he didn't show anything, telling her that he hadn't heard the door.

"White will protect you?" Max's eyebrows went up and she had a small smile on her face. "Why does that sound like a horrible idea?"

"It's not." Logan came up and grabbed her hair, yanking her head back. "It's better than hanging around with your kind."

"It's better than your company." That got Logan to hit her in the face and he smiled at her, for her bottom lip was bleeding.

"No, Maxie, it's not." He hit her again and again. He finally stopped when his knuckles were bloody. "I thought that you were different from them, but I was wrong." He hit her in the stomach before going over to the table and taking a drink of wine. "You're all alike. I don't know what I saw in you in the first place."

"Logan you're not going to get away with this."

"But, Maxie, I already have."

"No, Logie, you haven't," a voice called from behind Logan, and he spun around to face a very angry Alec. "You forgot that we watch our kinds' backs. We don't leave them to be caught."

"Alec? What the hell are you doing here?" Logan asked him, as he pulled the gun on Alec. "I thought the police caught you."

"They did until they realized that I wasn't the five-foot three man they had been chasing. So they let me go. I then came here to tell Max the good news only to find out that you sold her to White."

"I have my reasons." He kept his gun aimed at Alec's chest, while Alec's eyes found Max's. He could easily read the pain in them.

"I'm sure you do. Right now, I'm going to take Max and get the hell out of here. We're going somewhere safe where you can't hurt her anymore. God, Logan, she trusted you with her life, and what do you do in return? You sell her off to White."

That got an evil smile to cross Logan's face. "Alec, I didn't think of you as a smart man. I guess I was wrong." He fired a shot but at the last minute Alec blurred and was on the other side of the room. "That's cheating. Stay put so that I can shoot you dead."

"Like that's every going to happen," Max's voice said coming from behind him. Logan swung around to receive a fist in the face. "You're nothing, Logan Cale." Logan dropped down to his knees and then pointed the gun at Max.

"Dodge this." The moment he was going to pull the trigger, Alec blurred and Max was no where in front of him. "You're not playing fair. You're both going to die. This isn't as painful as how White is going to kill you."

"Like you said Logan, I think I'll stay with my kind." Logan spun around to get a frying pan to the face. He fell down to the floor with a thud. "It just took me a long time to realize how wrong you were for me."

"Way to go, Max," Alec said, as he came to her side and wrapped an arm around her waist. "You then have to wonder how long he had the cure."

"Alec..." Max mouthed before she went limp. Alec barely caught her before she hit the floor and swung her up in his arms. "Take me home." Max put an arm around his neck and laid her head on his shoulder. "Please."

"Sure Maxie. I can do that." He started towards the door when he heard footsteps. "Crap, White. Hang on Maxie." He set her down on the counter and went to stand by the door. It swung open and Alec stopped short of hitting Sketchy and Original Cindy. "What the hell are you two doing here?"

"We came to rescue Max," Sketchy started, as he watched Alec picked up Max. "We heard from Asha that Logan had the cure. He's had it for months. He was going to force Max. We couldn't let that happen." Sketchy than noticed Logan lying on the floor, out cold. "What happened to him?"

"Max introduced him to the frying pan, Sketch." Sketchy then shot him a scared look. "Trust me, you don't want to piss Max off. We should be going."

"Right." Sketchy opened the door for Alec and they headed for the elevator. "How did you guys know she would be here?"

"We tried your place then came here."

They hit main floor and Alec stopped when he saw Max's bike. He had ditched his in the woods to go back for later, and had hopped into a cab to get there. "I'm going to take Max back to her place."

"We'll meet you there." They then took off leaving them alone.

"Okay, Max, where did you put the keys to your bike?"

"My pocket."

"Right. Where else would they be?" He set her down on her bike and she pulled them out of her pocket. "That works, but I'm driving home."

"It's my bike," she whined, as she moved back to give him room, and then wrapped her arms around his waist when he got on. "But you can drive it if you're careful."

"I'll be careful. You just hold on back there." He put it in gear and they were off. Alec quickly felt Max fall asleep with her face pressed against his shoulder. He breath tickled his neck and made his hair stand up. He pulled up in front of Max's apartment only to freeze when he saw a black truck coming towards them. "Hang on, Max. We got trouble."

"What is it, Alec?" Max looked over his shoulder at the black truck. "White's guys. We got to get out of here."

"Yeah." Alec spun the bike around and headed in the opposite direction. "Hang on, Maxie."