Title: Smile

Fandom: Peacemaker Kurogane

Genre: Romance/General

Rating: G (K?)

Pairing: Hijikata/Okita

Summary: Hijikata thinks about Souji's smile. Hiji/Oki fluff.

Warnings: shounen-ai, spoilers

Author's Notes: OMFG. Another fluffy PMK fic! What is wrong with me? This is a VIOLENT anime. WHY CAN'T I WRITE VIOLENT FANFICTION FOR IT? WHY? Need…violence…-drags self off to go find a violent fanfic- 100-word drabble, by the way. I'm very proud of myself for staying inside my 100-word limit—and this is EXACTLY 100 words! W00t!

Souji had a beautiful smile.

Souji had a smile that lit up the world and could brighten the most desolate soul. Souji had a smile that put the sun to shame and could melt the heart of the coldest man. But most of all, Souji had a smile that always reassured Hijikata that all was right in the world.

And Souji always had a smile for Hijikata. Even after the Ikeda-ya incident, when the tensai had been covered in blood and barely conscious, Souji had looked at Hijikata.

And Hijikata knew it would be all right.

Because Souji had smiled.

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