If Andromeda's Crew Were Stoned

By: Thought

A/N: Tis a companion/sequel thingy to Caliga's "If Moya's Crew Were Stoned". Go. Read it.

Disclaimer: No, they're not mine. I promise, they're not.


"We shall save the Commonwealth! It is broken!"


"Are you even listening to me, Beka?"




"Are you listening to me?"


"Well…you should be!"


"Are you listening to me?"



"Hi, Dylan! Hi, Beka!"

"Hi, Harper."

"Harper, Beka's not listening to me!"

"Her hair is pink, you know?"

"She's not listening to me, though!"

"Well…um, what do you expect me to do about it?"

"Tell her to listen to me!"

"Don't whine, Dylan, it's unbecoming."

"But my Commonwealth!"


"Yes, Beka?"

"I'm going to kill Dylan."


"Hello, Trance."

"Want an apple!"


"You know, an apple! They're red and green and round and hard and…"

"Ok, Trance, I'll have one."

"K! Yay! Beka took one of the apples! She's my friend!"

"Oh crap…"

"What, Seamus?"


"OOPS, did that apple hit your head, Dylan?"

"Yes! OOUUCCHH! You're such a mean person, Beka!"

"Oh. Um, I'm…sorry."

"She's really not, you know."

"She's just a mean person in general."

"Yes, I'd noticed. My head!"

"Here Dylan, I'll go get Rommie so she can kiss it better."

"OOOOO! Yay!"

"Um, why is there a piece of cheese on Dylan's chair?"

"Do we want to know?"


"K. Go ask him, then."


"No. The Boogieman."

"Oh! I know where he lives!"

"Of course you do, Trance."

"Hey! Look! It's shiny!"








"Go away, Trance."


"What do you want, Harper?"

"I'll kill you if you touch Beka."


"EWWWWW! Incest!"

"Not really."

"Go away, Tyr."

"Thank you."


"I love you too, Harper."


"Go away, both of you. I don't need to know what you do in private."

"We love you too, Beka."


"I love you too."

"Ouch…brain meltation…"


That is all. I'll update if Caliga does. She won't, I'd bet you.