I'm only writting this to gross out a friend since no one has donr it yet.

It was christams once again and Remus was all alone as always. He was sitting in front of the fire at Grimward place, Sirius had left it to him after he fell into the veil, when all of a sudden he heard osmeone drop out of the floo in the hall.

As he turned to look at the door way he saw Albus Dumbledore standing there in a bright pink robe. Suddenly "Hit me baby one more time" floted trough his brain. He had known he had a crush on the man but he though he had gotten over that, well if the tightness in his trousers was anything to go by he hadn't gotten over it.

Suddenly Albus was right in front of him and as he looked up slightly to look into the older man's eyes he saw Albus's face desending towards his own and felt his soft lips presed against his own and know nothing but that feeling.

When they brock for air remus started to tug him towards the stairs and Albus followed with out question.