Sam bounded toward the dressing room where Janet and Cassie were getting ready with agility that was evident despite her very pregnant stomach. She reached her destination and knocked five times on the door in the code that the three had set up so no one who wasn't supposed to be in there didn't come in.

The door opened and Samantha O'Neill was admitted into the bride's dressing chamber at the Air Force Academy. It had been Janet's idea to get married at the academy, and Daniel went along with everything she had asked for this day - even if it included him going to the academy.

The scene before Sam was very similar to the one she had left the room in. Cassie was dressed in her forest green halter top dress, it's low back coming to just below her waist, and it's long folds covering her feet. Her hair was down and kept out of her face by a very intricate gold hair net that had been a gift from one of the planets SG1 had visited.

Janet's father was sitting in the sole rocking chair in the room, talking non-stop about anything and everything, trying to keep his daughter's mind occupied with something other than her upcoming marriage. Her mother was occupied with fixing the long sheer white veil that Janet would wear down the isle into Janet's hair.

Janet was currently kneeling and being as still as possible while her mother put the veil into place. Her dress had a bodice like top that was covered in intricate beadwork that formed vines. The full skirt of the gown was pure white and covered Janet's feet even with her one-inch heels on. Janet was occupying her hands with crushing the sheet of paper her wedding vows were written on.

Sam just stood there, watching as Janet pulverized the paper. She was so grateful that Janet had already memorized her vows. Sam was dressed the same as Cassie, her dress beautifully accenting the bulge that was the twins she was carrying.

"I've got it," she said after a short silence. She walked over to Janet and handed her the item that had been requested – the ring Daniel had given her on their first date with the SGC emblem on it.

Janet smiled gratefully and put the ring on her right forefinger, "Thank you, Sam. I have no idea how I left it on my dresser this morning."

Sam laughed, "I do. You're getting married, Janet! I was a bigger wreck on my wedding day than you are now."

There was a knock on the door and Jack O'Neill and co-best man entered to announce, "It's time."

Janet took a deep breath and nodded, "I'm coming."

By all accounts the ceremony was beautiful and memorable. There were no interruptions and that in itself was a blessing for the couple. First down the isle came Janet's mother linked in arm with General Hammond, followed by Sam and Jack, next came Cassie walking with Teal'c. Then the flower girl sauntered down the isle, setting the scene for Janet and her father to walk down the isle.

The reception after the ceremony was as lovely as the ceremony itself. Jack and Teal'c both gave speeches, as both were the best men. Daniel's side consisted of some of the top minds in the archeological world, Janet's of some of her friends from before the SGC and family that still talked to her, the good deal of members from the SGC that were there refused to pick whose side they were on.

Jack was up first for the toast; he got up, picked up the microphone and ordered everyone to quiet down, "As most of you know, I'm Jack O'Neill, one of Daniel's best friends. Well, as I am the best man, I am required to give a speech. I'm also a man of few words – as everyone who works with me can testify to." A wave of laughter went through the SGC personnel. Most of them remembered the incident at Sam's promotion ceremony to major. "I've known Danny-boy here for going on eleven years. I've seen him go from a geeky archeologist to a battle wary soldier in that time. We've seen a lot of stuff that has scarred us for the rest of our lives. There are many times when we have gone to work and not expected to come home, but every time we did. The good doctor over there has seen to it that Daniel has had medication for his allergies on hand every time we come home or go away. I've seen the way the two of them act around each other when Daniel's bed ridden and has no one else to talk to. Janet's actually the one that finally got my wife, Samantha, and me to stop acting like idiots. I will always be grateful for that. So now, all I have to say is one thing, which by the way Daniel said at my wedding: It's about damn time!"

Laughter and applause erupted and they all toasted to the life of Janet and Daniel.

Next, it was Teal'c turn to embarrass the couple.

He stood up and retrieved the microphone from Jack. "I have known Daniel Jackson and Janet Fraiser for almost nine years now. I have worked beside both of them for most of that time. I must say that I am very pleased that both doctors have finally come to their senses and admitted their feelings for one another." He raised his glass, "To Janet and Daniel Jackson."

"To Janet and Daniel," everyone repeated.

"You know, Jack, you didn't have to mention my promotion ceremony," Sam complained when they were dancing a short time later.

"I didn't mention it exactly," Jack countered.

"But everyone from the SGC knew what you were talking about!"


"This day is supposed to be about Janet and Daniel, not us."

"I know." They were silent as they gently swayed back and forth to the beat of the song, "Hey, did I tell you today that I love you?"

Sam laughed, "Yes, Jack you did – about five times already."

"So? I do love you. And you know what, I'm in love with you."

"I'm in love with you too, Jack," Sam said as she pulled him in for a kiss.

Approximately at that same time, Cassie and Alex were wrapped in each other's arms dancing to the same song.

"You know," Alex started, "I don't want to wait to get married to you."

Cassie pulled back so she could see his face, "What are saying?"

"I want to elope – tonight."

Cassie smiled mischievously, "Why wait? There's a minister and witnesses already here."

"Good point. Let's go."


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