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Title: Tie Me to the Future
Author: Tsubasa Kya
Disclaimer: Sorry, I do not own Inuyasha or Yu Yu Hakusho people. I'm just a fan.

Okay, so you all know, this is a crossover (in case you didn't read the disclaimer!).
Okay, so you all know, this is a crossover (in case you didn't read the last sentence!).
Okay, so you all know, this is a crossover (in case you just don't really care to read these!).

Okay, look. This is a crossover. It only makes sense that I have a pairing that CROSSES universes. So, that's why you'll get to watch this be either a Hiei/Kag or a Kur/Kag. I won't tell you who gets Kagome. If you don't like this, push your back button and stop reading. Yes, it's rude, but obviously its the only way to get your attention!

This is the last time I will say it! This is a crossover between Yu Yu Hakusho and Inuyasha! No, I won't say that in the summary because I like the current one which leaves no room for the information that I clearly have left HERE!

Chapter one: The Jewel Shard Hunters

Kagome sighed with quiet relief as she began packing up her things to go home as silently as she could. Her muscles ached, and her entire body was completely bruised from head to toe she was sure, though when she looked at it, it just appeared normal.

Okay, there was that one bruise on her cheek and a part of her chocolate brown eyes, and the bruising on her inner thighs, but that was to be expected from the rigorous training she had to endure while in the Feudal Era. Even her midnight black hair felt like it too had taken a beating.

-flashback…sort of-

Inuyasha had decided to teach her swordsmanship nearly a year previous, just before Kouga had joined their little band of jewel hunters. Inuyasha was a decent enough teacher, but also very impatient which had made learning for her very hard. Kouga was the first of the remaining members to join along with Hakkaku and Ginta, and then it had been the phantom demon Seirra, and finally Sesshoumaru had joined, along with Jaken tagging along everywhere as well as Ah-Uhn and Rin.

As soon as Kouga joined and saw that Inuyasha was teaching her, he too wanted to help her learn to defend herself and so he began to teach her hand to hand combat. He was just as impatient as Inuyasha. Sango had decided to help Kagome at nights away from the group take in the lessons that Inuyasha and Kouga had been trying to teach her, and even with her being overly patient, the lessons still seemed hard to grasp.

Inuyasha had started teaching Kagome nearly twelve months previous, and Kouga had joined and started teaching Kagome nearly ten months previous. Seirra had joined nine months before and Sesshoumaru had joined seven months before.

Shortly after Sesshoumaru had joined, he had begun first by simply sitting and watching Kagome's lessons with Kouga and Inuyasha. At first, he had not really cared if she died or not. He was simply tagging along because of Inuyasha's uncanny ability to attract Naraku. In return for being with the group, he agreed not to fight for Tetsusaiga—which he had never intended to fight for anyway after getting the Tokijin.

It was six months previous when the large band of jewel hunters had met a pair of Naraku's incarnations that had been sent after them. Jaken and Ah-Uhn had been quickly disposed of by one incarnation and the second had gone for Rin. Kagome remembered the painful ripping of flesh that had happened when the incarnation's claws tore into her flesh instead of Rin's, courtesy of Kagome shoving Rin out of the way.

'Kagome, big sister!' Rin had yelled. The pair of incarnations were the strongest they had yet faced. They were able to control wind as Kagura had been before she was killed by Naraku, but also able to control many other elements, including having telepathy. With that telepathy, they were able to predict and counter the moves easily. The first twin was easily able to occupy the rest of their group while the second twin attacked Kagome, Shippou and Rin, the weakest links.

Sesshoumaru had been there to see Kagura die. He had gone to her knowing who she was, and she had been glad to see him one last time. Kagura had fallen in love... but then Naraku had taken her life, just after Kagura betrayed him by saving Kohaku's life. She died smiling, Sesshoumaru had said.

Kagome was bleeding terribly and no one was able to come to her rescue or Shippou or Rin's. Despite the strength of those group members, they were all far too busy with the first of the twins. Kagome had gotten up, pained by the wound in her abdomen. She needed to protect Rin. They were just children!

'Rin, Shippou, run!' Kagome yelled. Despite the odds against her and the pain from the claw wounds, she still raced at the demon incarnation. She held the demon as best as she could and the demon laughed at her pathetic attempts.

'You think you can hold me?' The demon shouted. He merely backhanded her off of him and she went hurdling twelve feet into the air before skidding painfully across uneven ground, tumbling. When she finally stopped, she could feel the cuts, bruises, and lacerations on her body ten fold.

'But I will admit you have some guts there, human.' The demon sneered. He began walked towards her slowly and she sat up, slowly inching away. Out of the corner of her eye, she saw Shippou dragging Rin away. Shippou and Rin wouldn't have been at the fight if it weren't for the surprise attack. Jaken and Ah-Uhn would have taken the two away.

Kagome held her arm to her chest as the demon paced towards her, mocking her fear. She was not stupid enough not to be afraid now that Shippou and Rin were temporarily safe. Once more, Kagome questioned the heavens asking why she couldn't just have a normal teenage life. 'I, I'm not afraid of you!' Kagome told the demon. Her sweat and heavily pounding heart told otherwise.

'Oh? You're not? Kukuku... Could have fooled me.' The demon told her. He reached down and grasped her by the throat, lifting her into the air. 'You are unnecessary baggage. Look at you! You are unable to defend yourself. Without the help of your pathetic companions, you are easy pickings. Time to die, little girl.'

Kagome felt her entire body freeze. Even those parts that were injured felt like ice. She was that afraid. Her fear extended deep into her mind and she couldn't defend herself even minimally. Her mind wouldn't remember anything the impatient Kouga or Inuyasha had taught her. The demon's hand began to crush her throat.

'I can hear your thoughts... you wonder if you'll suffocate, or bleed to death first.' The demon chuckled. At that point, she had thought she would die. The unexpected came then. Her life was saved by Sesshoumaru. The demon incarnations were not able to predict that because it had been completely unpredictable. Sesshoumaru actually chucked Tokijin and lashed out with his poison whip. His whip sliced off the demon's arm and Kagome crumpled to the ground.

She held her broken arm to her after tearing away the arm piece from her neck. Her fear still kept her rooted to the spot, but the branch of unpredictability from Sesshoumaru had confused the twins. They left in as much a swirl of wind as Kagura had always done, probably to regroup.

Unfortunately, Kagome had died. She had lost too much blood and the demon had hit her vital organs. The second surprise also came from Sesshoumaru. Once he had picked up Tokijin and re-sheathed it, he walked over to Kagome, unsheathed Tenseiga, and revived her. He had not knelt down and lifted her up like he had for Rin, but he owed her a favor for her saving Rin.

This had surprised most of the group. After that event and a week and a half worth of rest in her own time, Kagome returned and things returned to normal. Inuyasha would try teaching her, get impatient, and yell at her, same with Kouga. Then, slowly, as the days crawled by, Kagome found Sesshoumaru correcting both her and Inuyasha during their lessons, and both her and Kouga during her lessons with the wolf demon prince.

Soon, without anyone realizing how it came to be, Sesshoumaru was the teacher and all three of Kagome, Inuyasha, and Kouga were the students. These lessons took place during the evening hours or lunch break.

Seirra then began to teach Kagome gymnastics as well. These were to help with flexibility and would pair with Sesshoumaru's lessons in hand to hand and sword fighting, helping things go smoother and allowing her body to pick up on the lessons easier. Since then, they had not seen any sign of Naraku, his dangerous incarnation Mouryoumaru, or anything. There was no sign of Kikyou and Kohaku either.

Kagome had begun to respect Sesshoumaru even greater than before for his strength, power, and knowledge, and she was sure that he did not think of her as a human worthy of nothing more than a gruesome death. To her knowledge, the only things he was smarter at than her were things such as ruling lands since he knew that first hand, fighting and defending himself, and the ever-dreaded math.

-end flashback-

Now, Kagome had to be silent because the entire group was resting in a clearing near the bone eaters well. Her inner thighs were bruised because of the gymnastics and her hands were beginning to get slightly calloused from all three of her lessons, not to mention having to continue practicing using the bow.

Her lessons in sword fighting were doing better than her archery she was sure...which was not a very flattering statement. She was positive she absolutely sucked.

That's just crazy. But sexy crazy. Haha.