Well, I decided to start the next chapter of Topsy-Turvey since I had an idea for it. Enjoy!

Topsy-Turvey: Part 3

Chapter 1: Debating

After Shandra spoke there was a long silence.

"Well, it has been thirty years since we've been home," Tarion said.

"Yes, we could leave tomorrow I suppose," Shandra said.

"We'll leave early tomorrow then," Tarion said.

"Have a nice trip," Drizzt said.

"What do you mean?" Shandra asked,"you and Kylia can come with us."

"We had this discussion once before. If we dare show our faces in your village we're likely to be shot on sight," Drizzt said.

"I told you that I'll protect you," Shandra said,

"They might decide to shoot you too or lock you up because you're insane," Drizzt grumbled.

Kylia laughed.

Drizzt scowled at her. "This isn't funny, you know as well as I do what could happen," he said.

"We'll be fine as long as we watch each other's backs. Right Tarion?" Kylia said.

"Right, Shandra and I won't allow anyone to harm you. Surely you trust us, Drizzt," Tarion said.

"I trust you, it's your kin that I'm not to sure about," Drizzt muttered.

Shandra heard him, but decided to ignore it for now. "Then we'll leave first thing in the morning," she said.


A servant entered the audience chamber and bowed. "Lady Alustriel, he has returned," he said.

"Send him in," Alustriel ordered.

The servant bowed his way from the room. A tall, blonde man entered the room and the doors closed behind him. He bowed. "Greetings, Lady of Silverymoon," he said.

"Welcome back, Turin, have you found anything for me?" Alustriel asked.

"I fear not, my Lady, Ranger Do'Urden has proven himself to be very skilled at disappearing," Turin said. "I have listened and asked with the utmost discretion, but no one seems to know his where abouts and he has not been seen in the usual places. I'm sorry, my Lady." Turin bowed a final time. "With your permission I will take my leave and continue the search."

Alustriel frowned then nodded and Turin left.. She was growing frustrated and worried. Many of her best men were out searching yet none of them had turned up a hint of where Drizzt had went. It worried her more then a little since she felt Drizzt was not quite himself. She rose with a new found strength and left the audience chamber. It was time to try a more drastic approach. Pausing in her chamber to fetch an item that she would need for what she planned to do she entered a huge chamber. A well-drawn map covered the floor and a brazier sat near the edge of the map.

Alustriel spoke a single word of command and the brazier lit with an eerie green flame. She moved to stand next to it and took out a braided lock of hair. She had gotten it from Drizzt when he was deep in sleep after his drinking binge and used magic to regrow the lock. He'd never noticed. She hadn't liked doing so without his permission, but she was glad she had now. She began to chant a spell of location, she had to find him!

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